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For Imperial Saga

¤ número uno ¤

[Anise is undercover today, scoping out her location and getting friendly with all of the locals. Her cover? She's a flower girl of course! Her flowers are a bit outrageous in price though...]

Flowers~! Come buy some beautiful flowers from a beautiful lady♥

Hey you!

[Yes, you.]

Come buy a red rose for someone you're fond of~ They're only a Crown each♪

¤ número dos ¤

[Well....this is somewhat surprising. You come back to your room to find a certain pig-tailed girl riffling through your documents. Of course, being caught doesn't stop her as she riffles a bit more.]

Geez, you sure are careful with your paperwork, I guess it was right of me to suspect you~♪ Ah! here it is!

[Yeaaah, you were trying to keep that paper a secret right? Well she's pocketing it now.]

So do you think you can explain to the church why you're conspiring against it~?

¤ número tres ¤

[It's a quiet night and for once the Puppet Master looks deep in thought as she looks out into the moonlit garden. It's been a long day for both of you, maybe a little conversation could help lighten this somewhat dreary mood?]

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Since I'm applying there too.... Three please~

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[The day had worn on, and on. A little too tired over things, Sync found himself wandering out into the garden, almost reaching for his bandages and glasses covering his face. Though that's not be best option now apparently as he spotted someone up ahead.

...Talking to someone would be nice. He didn't like to, but this one he'd make an exception for as he walked up quietly.

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I'll try to keep my crying to a minimum ;-;

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[Well, he had a lot on his mind too. Like his next mission, but that wouldn't be for a week. At least she had the option of talking about work, he was just supposed to be a servant. He shrugged finally and moved a bit closer.]

I've had better so far.
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[He felt the beginnings of a blush forming. He wasn't used to such things, but it was...nice. Awkward, but nice. He moved as close as he dared, a couple of feet away, and stood a bit awkwardly now.]

A good thing, I guess.
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[Probably. It was convenient for them to have someone that didn't exist on the payroll. At her question, he closed the distance, moving in so he could speak in a very quiet tone to her.]

Honestly? I hate it.
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..."Not the only one"? Why do you hate The Church?

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...Not everything.

[Like how she felt to hold, just as an example. It was impossible to know everything about someone whom you followed.]

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I'd like to.

[It came out barely above a whisper. He hated saying it. It implied that he allowed himself to hold his being in slightly higher regard than "failure".

Still, he couldn't help that he wanted to know about her. He felt a pull, and whether it was real or imagined, he wanted to see where it led.
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[They really were as vile as he perceived them. As it was all he could think of was to put a hand on her shoulder.

He didn't pity her, it just wasn't in him too. Pity would make things better, and that was why it'd take work for her to reveal his own story.

I would like to help.
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[He smiled, being more cynical than happy, and squeezed her shoulder gently.]

I'm an assassin. I kill people.
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What I mean is...I want to help somehow, but I don't know how. What do you need?
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[He finally smiled at that.]

You don't have to worry, I will.
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Nombre deux

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[Flustered at finding someone riffling through her things in the middle of the night? nah.]

It might be easier to just kill you now.
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Nonsense. This close to the front, people die unexpectedly all the time. It was a terrible tragedy how Anise got caught up in that Dorok night raid. We tried to save her but things are so confusing in the midst of a firefight, you know how it is.

But that seems wasteful. Just between you and me, my intelligence department is staffed mostly by idiots and I could use someone on the inside.
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Naturally, I can't let you report to your superiors until I'm actually convinced you won't sell ME out at the first chance. I'm curious how you knew where to look so fast, though.
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Selling flowers?

Surely you don't want to keep them for yourself, or maybe someone gave them to you?
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I'm sorry to hear that. They seemed to fit you.
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Don't flowers reflect beauty and cuteness?
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Thank you young ma'am. I think I will.
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Oh, you mean that paper?

[Trying to act as nonchalant about it as possible.]

It's a good imitation of the pope's handwriting, is it not?