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[Whether its in a bookshop, out in town or at the public archives you find yourself encountering a man in a white longcoat, rigorously searching through large amounts of information. To say that there were piles of books close by were an understatement, more like a small mountain to which he is still adding to right now.]

So the last recorded incident was twenty years ago... but that doesn't make any sense... the timeframes don't match up...

[He sighs as he adds another book to the pile and pinches the bridge of his nose.]

Damnit. What am I missing...

[Its late at night. Of course for some people this doesn't seem to be a thing. Calvin is at a table surrounded by newspapers, books and several mugs of coffee... well... the remains of them anyway. Almost all the mugs were empty. What's more the investigator's eyes were a little bloodshot and his hands shaky as he dug through the information, head drooping every so often before he forced himself awake again.]

[He doesn't say anything, merely just letting out a miserable groan as he runs into yet another dead end in his investigation.]

[The good news is that there was finally a lead on the investigation that Calvin was handling. The bad news is that it was beyond anything anyone ever expected. There was no telling what it was. Only that it was a) Horrible, b) Possibly beyond human understanding and c)Quite possibly magic.]

[Calvin is currently screaming internally.]

Why does it always end up being magic?

[Said in a tone of ever suffering lament.]

[For one reason or another you find yourself needing to speak to Calvin. Rather than any of his usual haunts he seems to be staying in his room for the time being, so with no other recourse you head there. Opening the door you find him with his legs kicked up on a work table in a room that looked partly like a detective's office, partly like a studio apartment, and partly like either a witch doctor's hut or some kind of crazy paranormal expert's prep room. You could see all sorts of charms, protective doodads and exorcism tools all over the place.]

Hm. Hey. I've got some coffee on the boil over on the left, go ahead and grab some if you want and take a seat. And try not to smear the devil trap I put on the floor. It took a lot of work getting it there.

[Calvin doesn't look at you, his head deep in a book. And if you do look down you would indeed see a devil trap worked into the floor with great effort. Either someone is a little paranoid to the supernatural or he really really has a weird life.]

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