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[Earlier this morning, you were asked to show the new addition to the group around one of the bases. What you probably didn't expect was a small fourteen year old Asian girl with a distant expression and a tarantula the size of a fist clinging to her shoulder. If you've been following the teen magazines, the face will be undoubtedly familiar - this girl is a famous genmod idol with a lot of often rather creepy fans obsessing over her "aloof charm". The girl herself simply bows respectfully to you though.]

Hello. I'm Peni Parker. My aunt told me you would show me around.


[Peni is sitting down with you for lunch at some secluded place: a rooftop, a bridge, an empty park... She's been gloomy and untalkative all day, and even now she's barely eating, only taking the occasional absentminded bite out of her sandwich while she stares off into space and Sp//dr skitters up and down her arm.]

Hey... do you think people can really be heroes?


[There's some sort of emergency going on. A fire, a flood, the building's coming down... either way, there's a lot of innocent bystanders panicking around and crying for someone to do something.

And, surprisingly, after an instant of panic, notorious wallflower Peni Parker's expression hardens as she raises an arm slightly and her spider skitters to her hand and tenses. She starts shouting at people to follow her, but the panic is too great, so she turns to you]

We have to move quickly. He knows a way to safety. You have to help me get through to all these people, they won't listen!

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