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Akame ([personal profile] killtheempire) wrote in [community profile] testrun_box2014-12-09 10:55 am

General voice test


[The sounds and smells of food cooking drew you toward the kitchen, where you find Akame preparing dinner. By all appearances, it would seem she's actually a pretty good cook. The main theme of the meal seems to be big slabs of red meat.

She looks up as you come in.]

Oh. Hello. You can't eat it yet, it's not ready.


[While wandering the depths of the wilderness, you stumbled upon a small campsite at about the same time the owner returned to it with a basket of supplies she spent the day scavenging on her back. It's Akame, in the middle of her monthly survival training.]

You're very far from any towns. What are you doing out here?


[You were an awful enough person that the deadly assassination team Night Raid has sent one of their best agents to end you. Akame is not one for excessive chatter. There was no grandstanding or speeches, no dramatic posing or declarations of your crimes. At best, you got the faint sound of fabric rippling in the air before a sword traced a silvery arc through the night at your neck.

According to rumor, even the slightest wound from that sword will kill. Best move quickly.]

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