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theodores quotes

non battle ones

1. greetings.
"Hello. My names Theodore, what's yours?"
"hows it going"

2. when answering questions.
"I'm ok, I just got a little, ow."
"It shoots, it cuts, and, and this is the important one. It flies."
"I'm not allowed to tell you how this machine works. apparently it's power supply is a company secret."
"The cat made me do it."
"the evil bird told me to do it."
"just between you, and me. That's my type."

random comments
"Aren't you mean."
"Oh look a big red button, maybe I should push it."
"Oh look a big red button, maybe you should push it."
"So, the first actual job I get, And it's a soldier."
"Bullet, bullet, bullet. tell me again what's the point of this aside from shooting non moving targets."

one word comments, greetings, and sarcasm.

mission/battle quotes

"wolf 1 here"
" so, how much pressure are we t-"

stronger opponent
" This might be an issue."

weaker opponent
"you need more training."

equal opponent
"it's almost as if im fighting myself"

"look a grunt..... no wait it's just some scrap."
"how many more do i need to fight?"

bad situations
" out of energy"
"mech damaged."
"I feel like swiss cheese, right before it got holy."

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