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Don't worry, it isn't Senran Kagura - SRWU OC Testrun

1. [As you enter the hangar, there is a young woman staring at the unique machines there. Her expression shifts rapidly from that of excitement to disbelief while she moves around.]


"I've heard of the Unity Group being well armed; but this is..."

[She shakes her head.]

"No...it must be the effect of laying eyes on this for the first time.

"I wonder...which ones are really technological, and which ones are...harder to explain?"


2. [You're walking around in a city when some loud crashes are heard. Investigating it reveals that the source of the commotion are a number of questionable-looking people now sprawled out across a sidewalk in front of a store. They are either unconscious or barely so, and the ones in the latter condition are grunting in pain. The store's windows are broken, and there are even handguns and knives scattered on the ground now.

Moments later, Elys, carrying a parasol, steps out of the store and casually shuts the door behind her. She waves when she spots you.]

"Oh, good evening.

"I didn't expect to see you here. How has your day been?"


3. [Time for a friendly, trivial game, like cards or chess. Or rather, it's supposed to be for fun...and you're even close to winning...but...]

"I would rather die than lose here..."

[Surprisingly, Elys is taking this seriously. Maybe too seriously, because her usual cool is gone. And when you do take the win...]


[Well, she goes silent, and looks like she's going to cry.]

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