fourth_rider: (Curious)
Fyra ([personal profile] fourth_rider) wrote in [community profile] testrun_box2015-05-17 04:59 pm


1. [Doing some paperwork? Fixing a robot? Maybe paying a visit to the loo?

Whatever it is you are doing, you might (or might not) be surprised that there is someone watching you intently, and she isn't even being sneaky about it. She's also a new addition to the Unity Group.]


[Maybe it's getting uncomfortable for you. But it doesn't look like she's leaving anytime soon.]

2. [This is a moment that requires undivided attention on Fyra's part, and that means trying to eat some ramen with chopsticks.]


[Only, she has each stick held in a different hand and is trying to poke her way through her meal, with little success.

You may have heard that as a machine, she actually does not require food. So why is she even bothering?]

3. [A terrible event has just passed. You're under the weight of it, and you're taking some time to cool down or let it out, when suddenly...]

...How does it feel?

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