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Raniiya Arian ([personal profile] duetmoxie) wrote in [community profile] testrun_box2015-07-21 05:16 am

Final OC Swarm gooooo


[On what should have been a quiet day in Fort Alhambra, a swarm of small pets has somehow been unleashed upon the unsuspecting base and are now running wild all over it. Somehow you've been hired to help her recapture them.]

I'm really sorry about this...I don't even know how they all escaped.


[After a particularly disastrous deployment Rani is studying combat logs from prior Unity Group missions, from the bags underneath her eyes it's clear that she's been at this for several hours now.]

There are so many enemies....how are we supposed to be prepared for all of them...


[Something bad has just happened in the middle of a battle and Rani has charged into the middle of a massive swarm of enemies in response. ]

Y...you...I'll kill all of you!

[Her T-Link Rippers whirl out with a green glow and then fly through the enemies, ripping apart anything that stood in front of it. Rani herself has pulled out every weapon she could and began to unload every last bullet she had left. She does not seem to have any regard for her own safety and is recklessly continuing to push forward and soon enough she's completely surrounded. ]

I'm not going down until I take you all with me!

[She points her machinegun at the enemies again and then -click- she was out of ammo.]

Not like this...

[This looks pretty bad...]

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