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  1.*You're doing your day-to-day chores, when suddenly..."

All clues... lead this way! You're the key witness to solve this case now!

Have you heard or seen anything about the missing crates? Quick, before the culprit escapes! You're our only hope of solving this...

Case of the Disappearing Desserts!

This is it, we're making it or breaking it now, The fate of Unity Group's monthly pudding allowance is in our hand!


*You see Hikari is queuing in a bus stop when suddenly someone cut the line.*

Hey, don't cut the line! Just because you're an adult that doesn't mean you can do that!


A swarm of harpy-looking creatures blot the sky, and in front of you is a towering half-man half-bull giant, as big as a hill, wielding a hammer as big as most mech.

"I am Lacujiurina, Beast of the Starmind" It introduces itself.

The massive giant tank standing opposite of it responds in kind.

"I am Bahamut Metalia, Bolo of the Line."

And as the massive beasts charges forward, the giant land battleship revs its engines and advances, its hellbore cannons light up with plasma charge.

"AND NOW YOU DIE" They both say together.

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