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Welcome to testrun_box.

I originally posted this entry with an RP journal that I've since deleted. So I'm reposting it now. NOTHING HAS CHANGED, carry on your testrunning.

Welcome to the Dreamwidth version of [ profile] testrun_box, created with permission from the Livejournal version's mod.

Do you have trouble coming up with sample posts for your applications? Do you shy away from games that don't allow you to simply link to past threads for your samples? Testrun Box is here for you to use for sample posts, for any RPs that allow them.

If you're modding a game and would like to allow Testrun Box samples, say so on your profile or apps page. We won't be keeping track of which games do or don't allow the community for samples; that's up to the players using the comm.

For examples of how to format a testrun post, check out the entries on the LJ version of the community. Also, look here for a quick guide to writing an effective testrun post.

Tags in this community should be in the following format:

  • game: gamename for the RP the prompt is for. For example, a testrun post for [community profile] dear_mun (if it required them) would use the tag game: dear_mun
  • canon: canonname for the canon the character is from. For example, if I was posting with the guy in this icon I would use the tag canon: shitsurakuen
  • player: playername for you to keep track of posts you've made across various journals. For example, this mod would use the tag player: ketsu

    If you have any questions about this community or concerns you'd like to report, ask them here in this post.