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[Your dramatic revelation was interrupted by the sound of ironic clapping. It's coming from a man standing on a rooftop/telephone pole/other suitably dramatic high ground. He's saying something to you, but...]

Well done, wel[clap]ne! So aft[clap]o long yo[clap] finally d[clap]vered the full t[clap]. Now the only qu[clap]on is how [clap] you use th[clap]ew knowledge? [clap] you hide from [clap]truth, or will y[clap].heh...

Embrac[clap]e light?

[Yeah it's kind of hard to hear him when he's clapping and talking at the same time.]


[It's been an exciting evening, what with that dangerous psychic mission you've undertaken, at Spender's request. Fortunately there's been a lull in the action and everyone has had a chance to catch their breath.

At this moment, Spender suddenly remembered something.]

Oh right I forgot to mention, if we don't get our shadows back by sunrise, we'll all disintigrate. Heh, totally forgot about that.

So, uh, we should probably hurry.


I forgot.


[More catch-all prompt. Rick Spender, middle-school math teacher and secret powerful psychic is sitting in his office grading tests. He glances up when you come in.]

Ah, hello. Did you need help with something?


[Obligatory action sequence. It's night time, but it's still easy to see from the light like a magnesium flare glaring from Spender's fingertips.]

To think that after all that I'd have to resort to force.

Heh. Don't blink.
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[Talking about random crap over drinks.]

So what about you? I saw you eyeing that little blond number over there in the corner. Personally I like someone with a bit more meat on their bones, but everyone's got their own weird desires am I right?

You should totally go over there. Say hi. Worst you'll get is beer in your hair. Best you'll get is a little hmm hmm hmm hey hey.

Eh? Eh?


[Just as you were trying to escape (From getting arrested, or paying your share of the bill, or whatever other situation you might not want to deal with), Elka shouted something in the First Tongue that switched the solidity of an iron stove with the flexibility of your pants. All of the sudden, your trousers are stiff as metal, while the stove collapses into a limp heap.]

You're not going anywhere! We've still got things to discuss.


[Duane Adelier: Well known scribe and spellwright. Whether you need a document transcribed in a language you don't know, or an item enchanted, rumor has it he is very skilled. However, for some reason, he doesn't have much repeat business. People who talk about him always look slightly uneasy, though they can't exactly explain why. But fuck it. You're not gonna let some nervous rumors stop you from going to see him.

His shop is decorated in a green and gold theme, and the man himself greets you warmly enough when you enter. But there IS something slightly...OFF, about his face, and it certainly is odd that he wears a hood even indoors on a cloudy day.]

Welcome. What can I do for you?


[Your recent exploits with Duane have left you both stained with more than a little bit of human blood. Duane is staring at his befouled gloves, his face a sickening mix of disgust and hunger.]

God damn you. But for you we never would have been in such a compromising situation in the first place. I'm going to have to throw out all of these clothes. The smell never truly leaves them.

[Is this accusation fair? Possibly. Possibly not. Either way, Duane isn't at his most rational right now.
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[The sound of roaring, rushing water fills the air. Before you within the verdant greenery lies a rocky path as well as a very violent river. Not only that of course but a very steep drop as well not too far away. However that is probably not what would be drawing your attention. Rather what happens to be sitting on a rock not too far from the river would be a far more curious sight.]

Hmmm...... hmmmm.... hmm....

[There upon a moss covered stone was a rather rotund figure. Whether the man was actually rather weighty or it was merely the shape of his armor it was hard to tell, but whatever the case he still resembles... an onion. The man was some kind of onion knight. A large two handed sword lay next to him as well as a small, spiked shield as he stared at the rapids, apparently lost in thought.]

[Whether it be deep in some wild, overgrown jungle, a horrifically poisonous swamp, a constantly burning wasteland or some other forsaken deathscape you come across Siegmeyer. He doesn't seem to notice you. In fact he doesn't seem to notice anything around him really. Not the temperature, nor the beasts that roam the area nor whatever else would torment anyone here. You wonder how he is able to take such horrific climes and just not budge an inch. Moving closer however you discover something even more shocking.]

Zzzzzzz.... zzz....

[Siegmeyer was asleep. Somehow despite every horrific thing about the area he somehow managed to fall asleep whilst standing upright in the very middle of a danger ridden landscape without even drawing attention of the locals to himself!]

[There was a battle. Emphasis on was as it was winding down. You may wonder why.]



[While it wasn't all thanks to Siegmeyer, his enthusiasm and drive definitely counted for quite a bit in seeing off quite a number of the attackers. A large number of them believed him to be a fool given the comical appearance of his armor and found quite a large amount of their blood slowly trailing down the rounded curves of the armor with every swing of his mighty blade. The last of which he was chasing off before he slowed down to a halt, panting tiredly as he slammed his blade into the ground.]

Quite the battle.... quite the battle indeed.

[He lets out a heavy exhale as he leans against his blade.]

I am... quite exhausted. A bit too plump to give chase like I used to.

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1) She pulls her book bag higher onto her shoulder as she walks down the hall. She's been assigned a name for this mission and she has the memories that go with it. She was born in Russia, her father was some sort of scientist, and her parents had sent her to America as a foreign exchange student. And she has the biggest crush on this one kid in her science class. She smiles to herself, planning how she can get him to notice her.

2) She holds her guns close to her chest as she runs. She's over half done the training exercise. But she's taken five minutes longer than last time she did this drill. She really needs to beat her time. She's supposed to be getting better, not just staying the same. She eyes the two guards at the end of the hall closely before stepping out and firing at them while sprinting to the next corner.
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[It's early morning.  The period of the day that Ana likes to sleep through until at least 10 AM when she's not on-duty.  And unfortunately, something loud just... isn't letting that be how things are today.]

How... how can anyone put up with this?!?  You'd think there'd be some kind of 'quiet hours' in place here!


... Alright!  Some red there, a streak of green there and-

[Later in the day though, Ana's in much brighter spirits.  She has some classical music playing from a speaker outside as the cold, metallic fingers on her right hand running across a canvas.  She's fingerpainting.  Fingerpainting with her cybernetics, and enjoying it greatly.  And finally she adds one upturned curvey line to the bottom of it and then turns around and shows it to you.]

What do you think?  Does it remind you of anything?


[Not long ago, bad things happened during a mission.  Things that wouldn't sit well with many people, Ana included.  She tried to power through it and continue her dexterity training by playing a melancholy little song on her guitar, but one mis-strummed string too many and she has to stop.]

... Why...

[She puts the instrument aside, hands balled up into fists on her lap.]

Why would anyone or anything think that what happened out there would benefit anyone in the long run?  Maybe I don't see it, I'm still new at this combat piloting thing, but... I'm just not seeing it.

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[Lamia is busy at a terminal looking further into the history of this world and into whatever personnel as she struggles to adapt to maintain her cover. As she pours over the records she isn't paying attention to the entrance which is behind her.]


[Lamia approaches you with a confused expression as things calm down after a rather disruptive display by one of the younger members of the Unity Group.}

Why is everyone more amused by what happened than upset? You must adhere to the discipline or we cannot ensure that orders will be properly followed. [Lamia once more looks embarrassed/annoyed that her verbal tic has re-asserted itself.]


[Lamia has just recently returned from a mission that turned south to a rather severe degree. Angelg is fine but another pilot has been injured during his unit's almost complete destruction. As she sits on a crate near in an alcove near her unit she looks upset as she thinks to herself.]

I have always been taught and seen that soldiers are tools to fight and die as the mission demands. Why am I upset now that they were injured when it ensured that we accomplished the mission?
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1. Spending a fair amount of time out about the stars had given Peter an odd sense of confidence, allowing him to walk up to any and all manner of the fairer sex without a lick of hesitation keeping him at bay. Though the end result was often a cold shoulder, Peter found some bit of entertainment from being able to make at least some conversation with people in the process. When he strikes out hard, he leans in and motions to the woman on his right, cuing in and trying to discuss his woes with the closet ear available.

"She's no Farrah Fawcett. You think she'd be a bit more open about spending some time with a guy that's giving her the time of day. Some people, man."

2. Was he not supposed to do that? That sure was a nice centerpiece sitting on your coffee table. It can't be anything remotely important or valuable, aside from you sentimentality for it. Whatever it might be, it's currently being held over Quill's head by his out-stretched arms. The hunter has a rather dumb-founded look on his face, his eyes darting back and forth now that they are no longer encased by his helmet. There seems to be some bit of confusion here, so perhaps now might be a good time to get some clarification.

"Heeeeey there uhh-.. bro. Bro-ess? I can't see too well right now, ya' know, what with it being so dark in here but since you brought a light I can clearly see that this isn't the.. umm.. what is this- thing! Yeah, thing. This isn't the thing I was lookin' for. But you should be honored, man. Seriously. It's an honor for your goods to even be considered worth my time."
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1. Combat! A Large, four-legged machine with a huge gun on its left arm had just blew up an enemy suit.

Some of the enemies are starting to run away. Battle might still rage on somewhere else.

"Those footsoldiers know nothing about proper battlefield conduct. It saddens me that we have to fight them. Just leave them be."

"Agreed! There is no glory in fighting an opponent who has his back turned and is more concerned with fleeing than the heat of battle. Admittedly, allowing them to leave may bring us greater challenges should they return with reinforcements in hopes of avenging their loss!"

2. Apparently, following some surprise battlefield explosion, the large four-legged machine is now stuck upside down between buildings. It moves its limbs uselessly.

"Ahem. This is not what it looks like."

"We most certainly did not have out machine crash and it is most certainly not trapped at all. In fact we merely choose to remain here for the time being simply because we wish to bask in the aftermath of our victory."

3. Post Combat! The machine you saw previously is now helping cleaning the battlefield from rubbles.

"This hardly a task becoming for a gentleman..."

"I was born for the thrill of the hunt and the rush of combat! There are truly no words I can use to describe how I feel at this moment. However if I did have them they would be of tremendous dissapointment and shame."
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"Good morning, Unity Group! I have an important question for you all: Have you seen an arm lying around anywhere?"

Gjerke raises an arm, by way of demonstration. Her other one appears to be missing.

"It looks like this, but it's a lefty instead of a righty."


A direct message from Gjerke's mech AI companion to one of the UG members that he considers more reasonable and practical. Text.

I'm curious about something, if you have a moment.

Do you ever find it strange how quickly and unquestioningly UG accepts new members into their ranks?


Fight time, against something big. Like, really big. Big enough to make ordinary mechs (like the Gervasius) look small. Something that mocks skyscrapers.

When Gjerke looks up at it, there are stars in her eyes.

"Have you ever looked at something and immediately thought, 'I'm gonna climb that'? Because that's me right now. I'm gonna climb it, then I'm gonna punch it right in the face, while standing on top of it. Everybody out of the way."


Jul. 21st, 2014 10:41 pm
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1.[In the middle of the night, you get up for some reason-maybe you're really hungry, or you've been sick, or you're a really light sleeper and catch the noise-noise, because when you wake up, you'll notice a girl standing in the room, and some of your stuff's been moved about.]


2. [For whatever reason, you've ended up at Eva's apartment for the night-probably, someone wanted to check it out, and she just didn't bother to say no. Whatever the reason, it's sparse. No art, no furniture other than a single pillow and lamp, and nothing in the kitchen to eat but stocks of frozen dinners and canned food. No TV, no internet, no phone.]

Um...if you want the pillow, you can take it...I have a second...


[Or, your introduction to Eva may come during the daylight hours; she can often be seen working out, doing crunches while dangling from a pull-up bar upside down. The girl is ripped, and has two small scars on her abdomen. There's a tattoo of something on the back of her neck, but it's hard to make out with how fast she's going.]

4. [Combat! And Eva's getting her ass kicked by the gleaming white robot that some Vultures brought along to play with. In an instant of melee combat, it uses a wrist-mounted blade to slice an arm off her F-15 and kicks the TSF away.]

[Still, she stands to fight; the sub-arms dutifully whip out their guns, and she's firing at the white robot with three rifles in short order.]
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[You're doing something troublesome. Peeling potatoes in the kitchen? Fixing a mecha? Bandaging up wounded before they bleed to death? It makes no difference because suddenly!]

Hello there. My name is Ren Ubuntu. Allow me to lend a hand if you don't mind?

[A weird person appears. Are those horns real? Not waiting for your answer, Ren starts to help with whatever you're doing.]

[Time for a mecha piloting exercise.]

I'm sorry, I wish I could turn it off. It... gets rather embarassing sometimes, really.

[Ren's training Genoace has a golden halo around its head for some reason. It's like an orthodox icon. If those were mobile suits.]

Oh my. Really?

So we're doing this now?

[Ren wants to use gender-segregated facilities, like a bathroom or a changing room. Despite the choice words, this weird horned person seems amused rather than annoyed. Then they just turn for the room with a shorter waiting line.]

[Combat prompt. And it's not doing well.

Someone just suffered from a deadly hit - beam saber to the cockpit, giant beam, this kind of thing. It could be an ally. It could be you. But as it happens, a flash of light momentarily blinds everyone.]

Ahh... ahh... I made it! Just in time.

[The pilot who was to suffer the killing blow is totally unhurt - even if their ride is still damaged. While Ren stands nearby, looking relieved. And also covered in blood, huge gaping wounds covering their body.]

Thank... goodness...

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1. [You're in the middle of some kind of disagreement, or had one recently. Whether it's a big and important thing or a relatively trivial one, it doesn't look like any kind of compromise can be reached. And then, suddenly this guy shows up.]

I am Roger Smith, Paradigm City's top negotiator. What seems to be the problem?

2. [You got into trouble, and a bunch of armed thugs or other human-sized bad guys have accosted you in a dark street. Looks like this is going to end in a mess... But suddenly a smoke bomb explodes, blocking the vision of most of the bad guys and causing them to cough! A man in a suit swings in on a line, landing a kick to the head of the one that escaped the smoke!]

I suggest we get out of here. Fast.

3. [Roger got waken up by some loud noises before noon, which counts as way too early for him. Now he's going down the corridor like a slightly annoyed zombie, trying to find the source of the noise.]

What is this ruckus...

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[Somebody new has taken over one of the shooting ranges at base. A fairly small girl who looks to be in her mid to late teens wearing her hair in a pair of long braids and observing proper safety protocols by wearing earmuffs to block the sound is practicing shooting with handguns She's pretty clearly a complete beginner, though, not only firing does she have bad accuracy even at the short range she's shooting at, she's observing all proper stances with the kind of uncertain focus common to people who have only just had how to do something explained. Disturb her to give advice, figure out who she is or something else?]


[Using the tv in one of the common rooms, Alex is watching the World Cup. One of the teams just scored and from her reaction, it's pretty clearly not the one she was rooting for.]

What was he thinking? Leaving an opening like that?


[One of the tables in the cafeteria has been taken over for what looks like a major research project including a big, heavy and above all dry scholarly book in German, a notepad for writing down information that's so far conspicuously empty except for various random doodles, a phone, possibly used to look up dictionaries and an empty mug with dried coffee stains at the bottom. Alex is bent over it, starting to look rather tired of the whole thing.]

Why am I even trying?

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A kaiju is approaching the shore! Massively tall, and looking vaguely fishlike, the creature looms out of the sea... but there, on the sidelines, a knight stands to oppose it! Or at least, a knight-shaped mech. It points its rifle at the monster and speaks.

"You there, fiend of the deep! If you're not the cowardly catfish you look to be, then quit your floundering around and face me one-on-one! How about first disarm or submission?"

The kaiju, acting as anyone might expect, ignores the challenge and continues heading towards the coast. Percival chases after it, shouting indignantly. "It's very rude to ignore such a well-stated challenge! Is it because you don't have a weapon and I do? I'll leave it behind and we can wrestle like civilized folk! Come back!"


Percival is watching television! Depite being 30 meters tall, he seems to be able to at least hang out in the base proper by projecting a human-sized hologram of himself. He watches every scene with rapt fascination, up to and including the commercials.

"Everything in this world is so incredible!" During the commercial break, he tends to ask a lot of questions. "Please tell me, what exactly is this apparently-fearsome creature called a Lawyer?"
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[Ashe arrived recently into the Unity bases, and is walking around the place, taking it all in with energetic strides]

*whistle* You guys sure are better equipped than hunters are!

Yep, I think that staying around is going to be a great choice. An outfit like this has to run into ALL kinds of amazing treasure! How's the pay?


[So, during downtime, Ashe invited you to do "something fun" to unwind. And now you're looking at some rather extreme sport or activity or another, and the Legion hunter grinning happily as she goes forward - and most certainly with rather less safety equipment for herself than would probably be recommended]

Come on! It'll be fun!


[Obligatory battle prompt]

[So you and Ashe are in the thick of it, with the Mega Man (or woman, in this case) dodging fire and shooting the masses of enemies around to try to stave off the pressure, when she notices something and yells, pointing at the sky. An enemy has grabbed the very MacGuffin you were here to recover and is flying away with it, clearly hoping to get away while you two are busy. Clever girl.]

Hey! Those jerks are making off with OUR booty! We have to stop them!
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 1.) [New guy's wandering around base. No military insignia of any kind, but he's got an ID badge clipped to his chest that reads "JOHNATHAN VALE-PRESS".]

So this is the unity group, huh...
[He can be seen taking pictures as he wanders around.]

2.) [Later, the same guy can be found wandering around the hangar, though he's got an escort as he takes more of his pictures.]
Quite the variety, isn't it...

[He's probably even taking pictures of your robot.]

[If you're going out to the bar in town, who should you happen to see there but-Johnathan Vale, Freelance Reporter. He's got a laptop, a notebook, and dozens of sheets of paper arrayed in front of him on the table. The ashtray's got plenty of cigarette butts in it, so he's probably been here a while.]

Heh, I'll probably be doing this until the day I die...
[He takes a drink of his scotch.]
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Alright! [Yuna places her hands on her hips as she faces the stack of boxes. Next thing is to get these into the back of the shop. Yuffie takes the job in order to help her uncle in business but it was tiring working under the hot sun. Summer jobs were the worst.

She watches everyone playing on the beach before she faces the first box. Time to get work done.]


It was to nice of a day to stay inside so Yuffie was jumping through the trees looking for prey. It had been awhile since she has scoped out this road before but it doesn't take long for her to find a well off traveler.

She jumps down landing easily on her feet. "Stop right there!" She shouts at the traveler her stance firm. "I am The Great Ninja Yuffie! Hand me all your materia!"
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[Detritus stands in front of a crowd of people, holding an official proclamation in one hand and a siege crossbow with a 3000 pound draw in the other. As he just pulled it back with one hand, people seem inclined to listen to him. They're having trouble paying TOO much attention, though, as they keep getting distracting by the little creaking noises his weapon makes under stress.]

Now listen here you lot! Dis here is a royal prok-low-mashun. Dat means I gots to read it and youse gots to listen up toot sweet.

[He peers owlishly at the first sentence.]

By or.....der of de...

hey, what's dis word here?

[After being threatened by a rather impressively angry tirade from a man with a sword, Detritus reached out and, with one hand, bent the sword into a pretzel and then pushed the man's head through a wall.]

Don't worry. Dey tol' me all about police brutality, so I choose a very fin wall.

[After getting used to Detritus being dumb as a sack of bricks, fate has thrown both of you into an abandoned, dark, and above all COLD cavern.]

My word...I do feel like I am properly cogitating for once. What an extraordinary experience.
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If there was anything on the overweight pilot's mind upon his first arrival at headquarters, it wasn't meeting his co-workers or even getting settled into his room just yet.

"Let's see what these Unity guys have for chowin' down on!"

Coop is currently "unifying" at least a dozen ingredients to form what is likely the biggest edible heart attack anyone there has ever seen.

After an especially destructive mission, Coop assessed and began repairs on his precious giant metal baby, Megas, in the hangar. His burly arm turned a wrench for what felt like the billionth time. He grumbled under his breath about Megas' important damage sustained like how badly the paint got chipped. "And I swear they're REALLY in for some extra smashing if anything happened to my cup holder..." Coop wiped sweat from his brow and took a long sip from his Big Glug before returning to work.

The full battle capabilities of the advanced MEGAS XLR were being put to splendid use... for body slamming an enemy unit, elbowing another, then clotheslining a third. His allies have probably wondered more than once why Coop normally chooses to lay the smackdown with a mech packed to the brim with incredible technology and a highly sophisticated arsenal of potent weaponry.
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Link yawned turning over to look up at the sky. The sounds of the beach echoed around him. The sea always made Link sleepy. He heard people playing nearby but dismissed them closing his eyes again.

[Link looks over at the grass his hand itching towards his sword. The grass is so long swaying in the breeze, teasing him to proceed.]



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