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So... what is there to do for fun around this place?
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A) Phone Call

Hey! This is a public service announcement, so listen up! For anyone who doesn't know-- I mean, if you've been sittin' around with your fingers in your ears or something-- Elvis Presley's gonna be on Ed Sullivan this Sunday! This kid's gonna be big. I mean, really big, I can tell! You're not gonna want to miss it! Everyone's invited to my place if you don't have a TV of your own!

B) Action: Olney's Tavern

[It hadn't taken America long to scope out the town and get a feel for the layout of it-- it was very much one of his, after all. And as such, it hadn't taken him long to find his way to Olney's Tavern. It was nice to kick back with the guys after work and actually, for once, feel like you were truly one of them. For one thing, he finally had a wife to complain about! EVen if she actually seemed pretty swell so far.]

Hey! I'm in a good mood tonight, so drinks are on me! As long as you can tell me what you're drinkin' to.