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[Everyone is talking about the Rift breach that happened a couple weeks ago! You've requested the help of the organization Shin'i in containing this crisis, but once you start getting into the real swing of the planning...]

...so wait.

What's this Rift breach everyone's talking about?

[Is it possible for anyone to even be this out of the loop?]


[You and Haruna are in a city, either on relaxin' time or on official business. Either way, she suddenly stops dead in her tracks, eyes unfocusing as if she's going into a trance.]

...This feeling...

...the Tower...

[She suddenly snaps out of it, and a look of horror replaces the empty gaze.]

We... We have to get out of here. Something terrible's going to happen to this city!


[Ballroom dancing! Important for some sort of hand-wavy mission nonsense? Important for getting by in upper-class society? Important for having fun? Whatever it is, it's time to learn, and your character is either teaching Haruna, or learning it along with her!]


[Or trying, at least. She's honestly pretty terrible at it.]

Why is this so hard, anyway? If I can handle high-speed aerial combat, I should be able to handle a little--WAUGH!

[Another misstep! It's going to be a long night.]
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[You were sent along to help Takumi with some investigation he's been working on. Problem is, you don't really know what he's doing here, either because HQ didn't tell you, or just because you were too lazy to read the briefing.]

Ah good, you made it. You brought the special gear I asked for, right?


[It's at a bar, or a party or something. Everyone is having a good time, and everyone is looking pretty unsteady on their feet by now because of the open bar.

Except Takumi, who's been sticking to fruit juice the whole time.]

I'm gonna end up carrying someone home again, aren't I?


[Circumstances have put you into conflict with Takumi and his REALLY big sword. His movements are the carefully controlled movements of someone who knows that he's going to wear himself out with wasted motion. The sword is glowing softly.]

Don't hate me for this.

.4. (Hot, older women only)

[During some down time between the endless crises that make up an RP, Takumi just showed up with a pair of drinks. One of them is juice, the other is...your favorite. Looks like someone's been paying attention.]