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1. [a fight on foot]
[However it happened, you're faced with dangerous enemies while without the protection of a giant robot. However capable you may be of handling yourself, if you're going to get out of this, you could use some help! And fortunately, another member of Unity Group is right around the - oh crap, it's Hayato. And whatever the name for how he's "helping" you may be, you're pretty sure it's not sanctioned by any international sporting body. It looks like kung fu had an angry, angry baby with a slasher movie.]

You need any of these alive?

[He's smiling, too. Apparently entering a fight by clawing out an opponent's eyes with one swipe puts him in a good mood.]

2. [a frank exchange of views]
[A fight's over, and in the course of it, an enemy got away. It wasn't your fault - there were hostages, or bystanders in danger, and you had to choose between saving them and finishing off the enemy! Protecting people is why you're all in this, right? But while others are out trying to chase down the one that got away, Hayato's back at base with you.]

Idiot. What were you thinking?
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[In the hangar of one of UG's bases, there is a bewildering selection of mechs from across time and space, and Musashi looks fucking thrilled at the prospect of getting to pilot one!]

Eeeeeheehehee I can't wait! I hope a mechasaurus attacks soon! I'll get in Getter Robo and we'll beat it back to the stone age with teamwork and guts and punching!

Hey, do you think "Daisetsuzanoroshi!" sounds cooler, or "Wind blowing down mount Daisetsu!"?


[After eating a staggering twelve plates of food, Musashi finally sits back a bit, contentedly. You've seen him eat lots of food before, but this display was truly one of a kind. He could just be hungry, or it could just be that the cook is a cute girl who seems to like that someone REALLY likes her cooking.]

Phew! I don't normally eat so much but I just can't help it when the food is so good!


[The enemy has bulled through all kinds of trickery and skill with just plain raw strength.]

It's 'bout time I get a turn. Now I'll show you that Getter Robo shouldn't be underestimated in power either! CHANGE, GETTER THREE!