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[So siege against the Fae Lords ended and the Fae were forced to retreat. Everyone's celebrating... except this kid]

... Why are you planning a party already? You're not done defending this place - so don't let your guard down.


[A fight! that strange creature that's been following Mitsunari suddenly leaps into action, slashing a spectral enemy to ribbons as the boy springs back, avoiding the attack]

Pawniard, keep a cool head and we'll win like always! Keep pressuring them and don't give them an opening!


[You might've notice him watching you for the last while, trying to puzzle out whatever passtime you're engaging in. It looks fun... but it seems so undignified to him. For once he doesn't seem aware that you noticed that he's watching]

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Apr. 6th, 2012 02:01 pm
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[A] Roaming Around! | Action

[A shiny Ditto is just idly sliding around unawares.

The blue blob might be scavenging for food.]

[B] Surprise! | Action

[The shiny Ditto pops out of the bushes, right infront of you!

What do you do?]

[C] Following You! | Action

[There's something in the bushes following you.

If you stop to check, you see that whoever it is looks just like you.

They look a little confused and currently they have a dumb smile on their face.]