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 I - phone call, let's say after Nukefield/November 2011 event

So does crap like this happen often? Do you guys live in fear, every day, that cannibals might eat your ear while you're sleeping? Tch, what a bad hand to be dealt. Radiation poisoning hurts like hell, though. Never doin' it again, thanks.

II - action prompt, let's say the movie theatre

[Kyouko happens to be sitting on the back hood of a convertible parked in one of the many theatre slots. She's munching on a bag of popcorn, yelling at the screen (much to the irritation of the drone boy who apparently drove her there.]

Oi, can't we get something new? I saw this twice already! Timmy's in the well, we freakin' get it!

III - action prompt, Church of Salvation

[Dancing ain't odd for her. She's a DDR queen, after all. Except she usually doesn't dance in a church. She doesn't ever really want to step foot in a church, for all her friends know. Except she seems to be playing out the steps to some slow-paced yet complicated hopping dance, timing her feet to the flicker of the candles at the alter, a somber expression on her face.]

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Feb. 6th, 2012 07:46 pm
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I have a hypothetical question for or other residents, particularly those who are human. Human psychology has become something of interest for me lately, so please be honest in your answer.

If you could have any wish granted, how much would you be willing to give in return?


[Either you or someone you know has formed a contract with Kyuubey! Maybe it's going great. Maybe it's an endless parade of horror. Who knows, really, I'll let you sort out the details.]

[Whatever the situation, there's somebody at your window.]

Are you free at the moment?


[Well, that could have gone better. You became a magical girl, found out it was a bit more than you had bargained for, and ultimately died under confusing circumstances.]

[Fortunately, you revived as a non-magical human, so the status quo is restored. A few days later, look who's getting in touch again?]

I'd like to offer my congratulations on a remarkably successful contract! I was expecting impressive results from someone of your potential, but you exceeded my expectations by far.

If you ever want to lend your power to the world again, I'd be more than willing to form a second contract.