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[So siege against the Fae Lords ended and the Fae were forced to retreat. Everyone's celebrating... except this kid]

... Why are you planning a party already? You're not done defending this place - so don't let your guard down.


[A fight! that strange creature that's been following Mitsunari suddenly leaps into action, slashing a spectral enemy to ribbons as the boy springs back, avoiding the attack]

Pawniard, keep a cool head and we'll win like always! Keep pressuring them and don't give them an opening!


[You might've notice him watching you for the last while, trying to puzzle out whatever passtime you're engaging in. It looks fun... but it seems so undignified to him. For once he doesn't seem aware that you noticed that he's watching]

((ooc: no spoilers here))
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[Combat Prompt]

[[After you've decided to hunt the woman down for her reward, you have her cornered in a large 2 story room; the entryway to a mansion perhaps. But in knowing she's being hunted, she stands at the top of the steps confidently.



[Pretty much aftermath of (1) with NPCs]]

[[Still somewhere in the entryway of this mansion, Allura is kneeling in the middle of a blood-splattered rug. Near her is the mangled corpse of a man, whom still has a massive bear trap clamped onto both of his legs. On the railings upstairs, half a man is slumped over the banister, while his other half is a few feet further down the stairs.]]

I didn't... want to kill them...


[Diplomacy check]]

[[Perhaps a friend, or, some cool guy/gal who's not out for the reward, but you have seen the 'Wanted' and 'Reward' posters for the head of "Princess Alicia". She looks exactly the same as Allura here. Or maybe you know she's the Princess? Or maybe you've simply seen her and those bloody traps in action! Discuss.]]
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*The big, barbarian looking guy's been watching some of the other heroes drinking and having fun. He's never really joined in a lot of stuff himself, and doesn't talk a lot. So you're sort of surprised to hear him say something now.*

Must be nice, having something to go back to. Kinda miss it sometimes.


*Is he... tending a garden? The guy that looks like he eats raw pigs for breakfast, and here he is delicately tending to a small flower garden on his apartment deck.*

...What? Never seen a guy watering his plants before?


*As time's gone on, you've managed to massage a bit of warmth back into that numb heart of his. He's become fond of you -- as a friend, or maybe as someone to protect. Which might be why he's currently standing there, blocking a sneak attack by a yaoguai that had your name on it.*

You wanna fight?! Fight fair and properly, you bastard!

*He pushes the blade away and, with an agile slash, takes the monster down.*

Gotta watch your back there. Never know what's gonna sneak up on you.
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1) *So, you're walking around the Foundry district? Well, you might catch sight of a twelve year old boy running the mechanics through their paces on a two story mecha.*

Hey, watch it! That's not just any old A.M.W.S., you know! Mess him up and you'll be sorry!

2) *Someone went and told him about the library. Now he's running around like a kid in a candy store, grabbing books off of just about every shelf in the immediate vicinity and building up a huge pile of them. Try not to trip over does he plan to carry all of them, anyway?*

3) *Ahhh, the battlefield. No matter what he says, he'll always feel somewhat at home here. That's why he doesn't seem worried at all as he dashes from place to place, alternating incredibly flashy dual wielding gun techniques and firing off fireballs or laser beams.*
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➥ I.

[ Incoming dynamic entrance! While she isn't as flashy as a [personal profile] certain idiot, her body more than makes up for the lack of explosions, sparkles, and spectacular shounen shouting voice. Seriously, how does she keep those things contained? With a smile that contrasts the dangerous guns in her hands, she'll spare a quick wink. ]

Don't worry, I'm here now. [ That's comforting because have you seen the size of those guns? ] Why don't you take a breather and allow me to take care of these meanies?
➥ II.

[ In between battles and after school hours, Yoko can be found tucked away in her apartment in the Grand Library district. While she's not dressed appropriately for a teacher when she's all by herself, her door is open for any visitors, welcomed or not. She may be working on a study guide for her students or studying some concept for the current world she's found herself in. Regardless of whatever material is propped up against her knees, she'll have enough manners to look away from it to greet visitors. ]
➥ III.

[ It's not very often that the "good guys" lose the battle, but they are still ahead in the war. Enough so that they don't have to wholly retreat, but spirits are low. Yoko's managed to climb up high enough in a building that's practically about to topple over just for a bit of privacy. Have the guts to bother a potentially brooding violent female? ]
➥ IV.

Children, stand back please! [ While out on a field trip (yes, she's crazy enough to take a bunch of children out in this war-torn country), danger presents itself to a bunch of young children and their teacher, Yomako. ] And please, cover your eyes for just a moment.

[ So she can strip. Indeed, she did just rip her clothes off to reveal a very tiny top and pair of shorts. And just where did that jacket come from? Regardless of any questions one might have on her attire, she's ready to fight in just that. Well, that and a couple of hand pistols she's procured from her skirt. Guess lunch wasn't the only thing she packed... ]
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1: Mystic Eyes

[This random girl just started talking to you like she's known you for ages. Eventually she stops, seeing your confusion.]

Don't tell me you forgot about me! We've known each other for a while now.

[Something about the way she's staring at you intently is messing with your head. Oh yeah, it's all coming back to you now...Maybe you DO know her...]

2: Dark Business

[All kinds of shady conflicts have been going on in the night. And so you've found Ciel at the remains of some kind of bloody battle. She's balancing on top of a lamppost, splattered in blood herself, and giving you a cold, measuring stare.]

Stick to the brawls going on outside the gates. This isn't something you want to get involved in.

3: Death

[You definitely definitely killed Ciel the other day. Chopped her head off, burned the body, pulled her heart out...something thorough. Yet here she is, and she looks pissed.]

Honestly, if you think just think killing someone means you can go do whatever you want then you're even stupider than I thought. Let's try this again, but with less bad decision making.
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[You have been fiercely competing with an enemy who you've met several times in battle now. It's been pretty evenly matched so far, but you're worried about your ability to beat him.]

Hey, you keep walking around with that look on your face and you'll run into a wall.


[The monkey king has dosed a bunch of people with de-aging potions. Woolf, rather than turning into a little kid like most everyone else, has instead turned about 20 times more bishounen.]

So why does everyone hate this guy again?


[Qin has attacked with a bunch of what seemed to be stone giants up to the point where they started revealing hidden missile launchers and point defense lasers. Just as they were getting the upper hand, in comes the G-Bouncer, guns blazing.]

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[1: Eye of the Monkey]
[There's a bitty monkey running through town with a (sadly, not size-changing) staff, making poses out of one of those bad kung fu movies and swinging it around. He's seen a few people use these things before and he wants to be just like them because he thinks they are the awesomest things to ever awesome ever.

For a normal kid this would be harmless fun with only a few people being whacked by accident.

Yeeeeah, this is Goku. He has super strength. And though he doesn't mean it he's making cracks in walls when he hits things and shouting 'Sorry Mister!' when people come out to yell at him and then running off isn't going to help matters.]

[2: The Overused Meme]
[Since arriving in Midgard there have been a few missions up on the space station Valhalla. For one reason or another Goku winds up left behind. He has since discovered books about space and it's the latest thing he's latched on to.

Naturally when he discovers there's another mission to Valhalla coming up, he hunts down the first person he knows going on it, blocks their way, gives them the saddest puppy eyes he can manage (Nataku taught him well), and says:]

Can I go to space with you guys? Pleeeeeeeeease? I wanna go to spaaaaace!

[3: Inevitable Food Fight. As In Fighting Over Food]

[So you were at a feast just enjoying a good meal when you try to grab a meatbun.

It doesn't move. There is a child who has latched onto the meatbun and is intent on eating it. He looks like he will fight you for it despite it being part of a pile easily taller than him.

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((I'll try to keep the prompts general, but feel free to specify Last Free City, Imperial Saga, his original universe, or wherever the hell else as a setting))


[The Man With No Shirt just strolled into the scene, looking completely at home as he gives everything an appraising look.]

Tch. Interesting place you've got here. Well, I guess it'll do to settle down for a moment.

You! I am Gilgamesh, King of Heroes! I'm on important business, and I'm not where I expected, so tell me where I am. Make it quick and I might make it worth your while.


[It's a fight scene! Whether it's Riftspawn, Terra Cotta Soldiers, or weird Grail zombie things, Gilgamesh looks to be enjoying himself, jumping up and over the enemy, alighting on buildings or debris occasionally to fire out barrages of glowing magical swords from rifts in the air around him. Whatever he's fighting is getting cut down effortlessly. Looking half-amused and half-frustrated, he makes a "come get some" motion with the twin swords in his hands.]

Ha! Why won't you bastards give me a real challenge, huh? I'm getting bored! At this rate I'll have to switch sides just to work up a sweat...just kidding.



[You have a magic sword or legendary weapon of some kind.]

Hoooo! That's a nice weapon you have there. It's not within Babil, so it must be a unique existence. Tell me where you got it!


[You are a post-pubescent female humanoid of some kind.]

Such a charming face~! Of all the many beautiful women I've seen, I can say I've now found the pinnacle! As soon as I'm done killing whatever it is I'm supposed to be killing here, I'll make you my bride!
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[So, you guys are totally going to wake up in the morning with a headache.

Note. This is a fact, not an opinion.]


[Because seriously if you guys can get through that racket without even a second glance, you'd be wrong as this is some pretty loud shouting coming from near the Bifrost.]

[This time, there's a guy just walking around town carrying a sword and just. Walking around. Doing nothing ridiculous, at least for the moment. And talking to some people.


You might've seen him walk past you for about a second before you can feel a hand on your shoulders.]


[So, you guys are in dire straight in a fight, and probably could use a cavalry or two due to this.

No worries! Because you certainly can see that a blue-haired male just. Drop-kicked your freaking enemy in the face as a dynamic entry.]

Oi oi, oi, oi! The party doesn't start until I'm here!
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[You, Kuja and perhaps someone else was sent to investigate a strange Qin factory producing much more powerful versions of their Terra Cotta soldiers at an alarming rate]

I see... the process is not different from what I've... seen at home. If we destroy it now, The Qin will simply rebuild in a more secure location. I suggest we instead sabotage the formula and to allow them to think this project is a failure.


[So for some strange, bizarre reason, you have been trying to be nice to this man for a while, receiving only annoyance and confusion in return until:]

What do you want from me?!


[The silver-haired narcissist is in an unusual mood, having taken to watching the rolling of clouds at some pretty but remote place late at night, and discovers this time he's not alone]

Hmm...? I did not expect to find another person here at the witching hour. I shall leave you be, since one does not go to these places for company.

[he turns to head off]


[The Monkey King's at it again! The city's overrun with weak, but horribly tenacious super-vermin, and Kuja discovered that these super-vermin in his room and ate his treasured collection of Lord Avon's Completed Works]

I. am. going. to. kill. that. monkey!
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[ In the middle of the battlefield, a sword sword toting dark skinned girl is making the already established chaos reach new heights; legs and arms -and one head or another- fly as she slides through the enemy hordes. They get bloodthirsty so young...

She stops for a moment to try to shove someone away.

Hey you! Get out of here! You're just getting in my way.


[ The feed starts with Kuro perched somewhere high, all badass like with her cape flowing to the wind. How she's not freezing will forever remain a mystery. ]

So I have a question for you all so called Heroes. Why did you leave your worlds? I'm sure that if people like you exist you could surely be of more use back home than here, where you are pretty much waiting for the moment you get killed for someone else's sake.

[ She grins for a moment. ]

Do try to be honest with yourselves.


[ There's like, a park. A lot of green alright? It might very well be a plain or whatever fancy you can find outside of one of the districts. There you can find Kuro taking a nap, yeah.

She actually looks kinda cute when she's asleep.
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➥ I.

Hello everyone. My name is Illyasviel von Einzbern and this is--[ Suddenly there's a tiny jeweled circle with wings flying up between the girl and the camera. ] H-hey! I'm trying to give a good impression!

Then you should have allowed me to be the one to give the initial introduction. [ There's a deeper voice, presumably from the object that's flitting about. ] Honestly, I could have really made it quite the explosive entrance.

Whaaaat!? No, you're not allowed to blow up anything on our first day! [ Ignoring the fact they were on display for all to see, Illya focuses more on the conversation with the sentient object. ] We're going to get in so much trouble if you do that... Besides, isn't it the duty of a magical girl to prevent that sort of thing?

This is a world designated of heroes pulled from several other parallel worlds, Illya. [ Bouncing about, the wings of this object flutter seemingly to keep it afloat. ] Don't you think imperative we test the strength of their hearts from the start?

No! That's a bad idea! [ Now the younger girl is flailing around to try to catch it. ] That's not our job and besides, we'll end up as an enemy to all of the heroes if we do something so destructive! Now come on! Let me introduce myself before you get us into even more trouble.
➥ II.

[ It's another typical battle, except this time there's girl who looks as though she doesn't belong here in the slightest. In fact, she seems to be arguing otherwise with another person, who's trying to shove her off towards safety. ]

--but you don't understand! I'm a hero too!
➥ III.

[ Funny, what's Illya doing in the Palace? She doesn't live there and she's not the type to be interested in machinery. Even more interesting to note is that she's giving the impression that she's sneaking around, the girl peeking around corners before diving towards the next obstacle she can hide behind. There's nothing sinister about this in the slightest. Nope. Not one bit. ]
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➥ I.

What a strange device. It's too modern for my tastes, but subtle enough to draw out those who prefer things a little old-fashioned.

[ The image on the screen hardly matches with the well-spoken tone; the girl addressing the strange PDA can't be no older than a teen. In actuality, she knows just how important a first impression is, so she'll give quite the flattering one of herself. ]

War is my expertise, but I suppose if it wasn't, I would not be amongst the rest of you. So tell me of your tales, great heroes, so that I know just how to properly use it. After all, are we not all tools to be used in same form in this world of clashed opinions?
➥ II.

[ It's one of those rare days where there's no struggle to be found, so instead of preparing for some battle that's on the horizon, this young woman is off to find some enjoyment. While there's a distinct lack of social activities in the area, Misaya's taken the initiative to start a party amongst the poorer residents of this world. For the rest of the night, she can be found doing a number of things in this part of town. Anything from doing a fast-paced dance that might resemble a tango or relaxing with a bowl of something that resembles food in her hands. Even if she was brought here as a hero, she understands one thing: people need morale and so she'll give it. ]
➥ III.

Ugh... [ That pained groan comes from a bed in the hospital that's been occupied for the past couple days. It seems louder than usual, as the inhabitant of the covers makes her presence known by sitting up abruptly. ] What the hell?

[ Her gaze darts around the hospital before the realization sinks in. She was brought here due to her sickness, right? Which means... ]

Where is that worthless mutt of mine!?
➥ IV.

[ As expected of a user of magic, Misaya's already set up her own public workshop to "assist" with the battle. Surprisingly, she doesn't question as to which side her customers take, so it's a fairly popular shop to buy items of magical power. Plus, her hound is really good at digging up artifacts that she can sell for a profit, making this small shop the number one place to go to.

Besides, we all know she has Lancer wreck any competitors before they can start.

If one's come to do business, they can find the owner of this establishment sitting on her desk with her Servant beside her, the girl tugging on his tie as though it were a leash. Seems the two might have been in a debate and failed to notice any potential customers come in. Or perhaps she intentionally wished for them to see the scene. ]

You can start wagging your tail in excitement again. [ A cool remark to the man beside her as she releases him. ] Go dig up another bone or two outside, boy.
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Attention, alleged magic users!

[Yumemi waves a glittering golden treasure at the camera.]

I have here exactly one authentic jeweled chalice. As simple baubles are of no interest to me, I propose a deal!

This chalice will go to the first person who can conclusively prove to me that magic exists.


[Some time ago, Yumemi harassed you into demonstrating some awesome ability or technique of yours for her at great, exasperating length. And now, in the latest Qin/Fae attack, here she is, using some new trick that looks suspiciously similar to the thing she was taking all those readings on!]

HAH! Once again, hard work and rational thinking have won the day!

Now, simple-minded invaders, surrender to me your secrets or face my wrath!


[At one of those post-victory revelries that Thor is so proud of! Yumemi doesn't seem to be very revelrous, though. She is off in a remote corner of the party, looking grumpy, holding a flagon of something that may or may not be alcoholic, and muttering to herself.]

Fight Qin. Faff around. Fight Fae. Faff around. Fight Qin. Faff around. What's the point? We're just going in circles. Nobody can beat anyone else. Eternal stalemate.

ARGH! At least in grad school, I had a destination!
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[You've uncovered a sinister plot and were just going to tell someone when Yasha intercepted you.]

Just walk away. I don't want to have to kill you, but this is more important than either one of us.


[Party time! Yasha didn't want to come, but has reluctantly agreed to make an appearance. He's standing in the corner of the room with a cup of tea not talking to anyone. Real life of the party.]


[Yasha's been supporting your sinister plan on the strict understanding that you were working for the greater good, in the long run. However, it seems the jig is up.]

You lied to me! This wasn't ever to save the city, it was just to line your own pocket!
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*She's been TRYING to explain something to you, but for some reason you find yourself distracted. Either way, it's obviously getting on her nerves, if the fact a few sparks are flitting about wasn't a dead giveaway.*

Damn it all, are you paying attention to me?! This is important stuff! Don't just ignore me!


*You were trying to lock her out for whatever reason. But she's just floated right through the door.*

...What exactly was that supposed to accomplish again?


*Busted. You've just spotted her petting a stray dog she's found.*

Oooh, who's a good puppy? Yes you are! Yes you are! Aren't you just the sweetest little thing!


*One word: Drunk.*

But oh my word, you should have seen the one that got away! Ha ha ha! Oh dear, that was quite a battle, donchya think?
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[Some minor piece of modern technology, let's say indoor plumbing, is baffling Shinsuke.]

To think, this city of gods even has magic for something like this.


[Shinsuke was somehow responsible for a great victory, and he seems to have let it go to his head. He's been quietly grinning to himself as flights of fancy float through his head. He's so disconnected from reality, in fact, that he just walked into you.]

Oof! Hey, watch it!


[Shinsuke just made a rather dramatic entrance, literally descending from a clear sky and flattening one of his foes. However, when he stands up he looks a bit unsteady on his feet.

In fact let's not beat around the bush here. He's drunk as hell.]

You're awfully cocky, releasing that much killing intent close enough that I can...

hang on...

[And now he's vomiting into a bush.]


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