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[Billy wasn't really paying attention in this potion brewing today. No surprise there. But now he's starting to mix things he thinks are right. They're not. What are they going to do - fail him? He's not really scared of that. Really, things like party class are more his speed. Would you like to stop him? Encourage him to continue?]

[Billy's stopped in a hallway of the academy with a small dog, who he's having a one-sided conversation with.]

You got the paw thing down. Come on, you can do this. I know you can! Play dead. PLAY. DEAD.

[There's some accompanying hand gestures, but the dog just sits there calmly. Care in interrupt?]

[You're Billy's roommate! Aren't you lucky. And today, he's tearing the place apart, your things included. Seems like he's lost something. He seems to be finding random things in the mess, one of them being a handgun, which he's now holding like it's nothing as he turns to you.]

Have you seen my journal?

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[It is after class, and Ichijo is standing at her desk, a cake sits below her, strawberries resplendent in their beds of cream, tempting and shiny in the classroom light. As you approach, Icjijo turns and smiles pleasantly.]

"Oh hello, I just wanted to thank you for selecting me as your class representative. Please have a slice of this cake, I spent quite a while making sure is was extra tasty."

[She thrusts a piece of cake on a plate in your direction and waits, patiently.]

[It's a few hours after class, and Ichijo is standing at her locker, it is open, and she is talking into it, as if someone was listening on the other side.]

...I don't think that would be very wise. [Ichijo looks over at you and stares for a second before turning back.] I don't think they would be much of a challenge. I'm sure you could find a better specimen.

Oh dear that sounds uncomfortable...