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1 - Action

The newest woman in the Gardens isn't outraged or panicking; she's seething as she physically hoists a rabbit away from her corset, her pink gown, and her crown. She flips her white shift over her head without any hesitation and begins dressing herself.

"If my latest kidnapper addresses me as 'the Princess of Aerisland,' then I swear by Hurane and the god of exhausted patience as my witnesses that I shall simply strike him and affect my own rescue," she says as she attempts to tighten her own corset. "At least that way I shall gain some welcome respect from the Fellowship."

2 - Action

The Mother of Monsters latest foray into the Gardens proper has been repulsed, at great cost to the inhabitants of the Garden - yourself included. The vicious claws of the harpies of Arimoi are not diseased or envenomed, thank whatever Gods you favor, but they still cut deep.

The Duchess Elstwhere winces at the results of her cursory examination, then sighs and begins to flex her hands and whisper some appeal to Huraine. Her hands begin to glow with warmth and light and life. "If you will let me tend to your injuries with this Cure Serious Wounds? I will have to touch the wound. It may sting."

3 - one could call her a woman of Action

At some part of the Gardens, there is a bath and there is wine, and her Grace is indulging in both along with you. She drains her cup, and laughs, and rolls her shoulders, simply allowing herself to soak and relieve tension.

"Milady, if you would indulge me, I would like to hear something of your home and your deeds," she says, leaning forward with a subtle kind of smile. "I confess myself curious about you."

Perhaps she is flirting. Perhaps she is not.
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[1 - Action]
[There's a rather disoriented-looking girl in the standard-issue white shift, taking unsteady steps in your general direction. She's looking all around with an uncertain expression, quickly giving way to fear. She is holding a few items and a scroll, and there's a cat apparently leading her. When she gets close, her eyes lock onto you.]

Do... you know where we are? Or how to get out of here?

[She does not sound at all confident, but she's trying hard to keep herself together; that much is obvious from how she's carrying herself.]

[2 - Vine: Video]
[Itsuki's in an outfit you've never seen before that looks like this; the thing you most notice is the sunflower motif. And the yellow. But there's a bright smile on her face, and she looks relieved.]

I'm glad I got everything right... This is the first clothing I made, back home. Tsubomi and Erika helped me get it put together back then, since I hadn't done anything like it before, but... [She shakes her head.] I've missed having it. It reminds me of home.

[3 - Action]
[There's some kind of crisis; seems like a fire, given the smoke rising from the nearby building. In any event, when you notice and arrive, or perhaps when you get out of the building if you were inside, Itsuki is already directing people, and seems pretty well at home.]

Come on, it's safe over here! You three, check this front-most room and see if there's anyone still in there, but don't go any further than that, I want a report on how bad it looks from there! Someone figure out how we'll put a fire like this out; I don't know how much water we have, let alone advanced equipment!

[Perhaps you can offer her some kind of assistance? Information? Maybe you just want to know why she's stepped up?]
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[In the early morning mist a young girl sits alone under a tall tree. As she plays with the grass at her feet as if trying to study the flora from every possible angle Her hair is an odd color and her ears a strange shape, in all she projects an otherworldly aura that fills the viewer with a nagging sense of unease.]

[The cover of night obscures a rather grisly sight, the dead body of a large animal ripped limb from limb and its stomach ripped open spilling blood and intestines upon the green grass surrounding the bloody mess. One would expect a large predator, perhaps a bear, to be responsible for this act, but those with the courage to press on will find a young girl sitting in the center of gore around her. Not knowing that someone maybe watching her, the first quickly shoves large quantities of raw meat into her mouth in a ravenous manner.]

[All night a sound akin to slime running down a clean sheet of class could be heard through out the garden. Though most would think such a noise the work of an overactive imagination or a random interaction of equally random surfaces, pursuing the oddity will produce a rather horrifying truth. The source of the noise was the young girl known as Saya, who could currently be found gasping for breath.]
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Wow, man, it seems that you have basically fucked up; not only did you get friendly/handsy/conversational/in the same area code as Gamma, but, now? Zimmy can't find her.

That makes you public enemy #1.

Yer get one chance, schlub! Where the hell is she?!


Wh Zimmy in a good mood?

All current evidence - which is in direct conflict with previously-gathered evidence that suggests that she is never in a good mood - seems to point to this conclusion! Probably the rain; she always gets better in the rain. Still... this much? It's a rare sight.

With a goofy grin, the Zalgo-faced demon creepy girl kicks off her shoes (literally kicks, sending them flying through a nearby window), and just... spins in a circle, letting the ran wash over her, and clear the gunk from her eyes. After a moment, she takes a couple of steps back, and plops down against a tree, looking basically as content as can be.

Are you scared yet?


Welp. You sure did get pulled into the Fitty Zone Zimmy's waking nightmares.

Remember how, like, a moment ago, there were trees? Gardens? Sunlight? Yeah, not anymore; it's all been replaced by a shadowy cityscape, filled with faceless walking horrors, and caricatures of society's decay.

Zimmy's staring at you intently, and clearly on edge; she looks torn between beating the piss out of you, and running for her life. As it is, she's taken up a defensive posture, and seems to be waiting for you to make the first move, and confirm your true nature.
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You were probably really engrossed in whatever you were doing, weren't you? Maybe even trying to concentrate. Maybe it requires concentration, lest you make a cataclysmic error. That's cool, that's cool...

Except. Well.


WAHAHA~! [Her laugh preceeds her by several moments, but, soon enough, she bounces up to you, and stares at whatever you're doing.]

Ahaha, what's that, what's that~? It looks interesting~!


You happen upon a sunlit meadow, the grass soft and inviting... the perfect place for a nap, really.

Except, someone beat you to it. Snoring softly, and looking terribly content, a pink-haired girl dozes a short way off. If bothered, she'll awaken; if not, she'll probably get up soon on her own, and possibly question why you would stare at a sleeping girl. I mean, that's kind of weird, bro.


You know what's on the second floor of a building?

Awesome shit. Well, probably. I guess it really doesn't matter what's up there. The point is, you're going up there! With Misha in tow, for some reason. You poor fool...

You know what the problem with the second floor of any given building is, though?

You have to climb stairs to get there.

As you reach the top of the stairs, Misha sort of clunks against you, holding your arm for support, and looking a little woozy.

Ahaha~ Sorry, sorry, just give me a moment...