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So... what is there to do for fun around this place?
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[Are you a damsel that is in distress? Don't worry, Captain Browning is here to save the day from whatever monsters you're up against. There are two ways of picking up chicks in the endless frontier, and both of them have to do with fighting, apparently. So, have someone step near you in the midst of battle, flashing a smile.]

I always seem to meet the loveliest of women in the strangest of places. Need some backup?

[network, video]
[Now, Haken hasn't been here for too too long, but he's going to make his opinion known to the world on the state of the endless frontier being gone. He's mostly stating the obvious, but he's certainly optimistic. Feel free to shoot him down.]

Rumor is around these parts that our worlds have been destroyed. This cowpoke believes that that's a load of manure. My crew and I saved the world, and I haven't lost a bet yet. Why should I believe that there was some hidden trump card that completely threw off my game? I'm simply misplaced from my world, and my crew, but that's not gonna stop me from tryin'! After all, I've got things to do, and a lovely princess I promised to kidnap back at home. I'm no strangers to places like this. There's always a way out and I intend to find it. Reckon there's some people who share my sentiments, and they're welcome to join my crew.

[Action, cafeteria]
[Haken's finished his meal, and he's got a deck of cards in hand, shuffling them. He's gotten a little board, and what better way to pass some time to invite some people over for a game of poker.]

You look like the gambling type, pardner. How about a few friendly rounds of Texas Hold'Em?
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[ Blazenova has woken up in the tower and she is understandably not happy. Azeroth destroyed? What have those idiots been doing in their world, and more importantly, which bad guy did they piss off? Well, anyway, she's gotten her clothing on and her valuables needed and is...currently stalking you in the shadow, waiting to see if she can strike. She doesn't trust anyone here and the likelihood of any sin'dorei being around is slim. ]

Come on, at least make this challenging.



[ Oatmeal? Whatever happened to a cured ham steak or the various foods around Azeroth? However, she knows it's better to survive and thus is eating her oatmeal with one hand, another on the hilt of her dagger resting at her side. She's still suspicious off everyone, though is slightly calmer than her earlier attempts at making sure she got out of Alliance territory. ]



[ 'sup? If you were doing something important, well - Blazenova's going to interrupt by politely tapping on your shoulder and looking straight at you with her glowing green eyes. ]

What do you know of the Alliance? Are they keeping us here, and if so, are you working for them?

[ Say the right thing and she might not decide to use her poisoned daggers at you. ]
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[A – Wretched Egg upon her arrival at Tower of Animus, and discovering floor seventeen]

Wretched Egg had woken up in yet another prison. Sure it wasn’t the prison known as Deadman Wonderland, but it could have been. Someone had even dared putting some ridiculous colored collar around her neck. Still one thing that was missing. One very important thing as far as the Wretched Egg was concerned: The Mother Goose System. The damn lullaby that kept her trapped inside of Shiro’s body, that prevented her from having fun and destroying whatever she pleased. So this prison definitely had potential.

The first floors of the first block however were rather disappointing… until she reached the seventeenth floor. The room was completely empty and rather dark, except for the many blood prints standing out on the walls. A sick smile quickly formed onto her lips as she first heard the screams of terror and agony. How she relished in those sounds. How she wished she could be the one causing them. Wretched Egg chuckled.

“Ksha~ Maybe I will like it here after all~”

Especially if she could find volunteers to help her add more blood prints onto this wall. But she wasn’t too worried about that. She just had to wait for some oblivious newcomer to come by.

[B – Shiro on flour four, after raiding the cafeteria]

Shiro was sitting on a carpet surrounded by dozens and dozens of boxes of cookies, candies, bubble gums and anything else containing at least fifty percent of sugar that she had been able to find. She was currently in the process of making two perfectly equal piles.

“One for Shiro…” And she added a big cardboard box onto the right pile. “One for Ganta…” An identical box was precariously laid on top of the left pile. “One for Shiro…”

This time Shiro paused after adding a metal box on top of her pile. Where was the second box? The one for Ganta? She needed it. Looking around her she spotted it at the furthest end of the room. And smiled. A wide happy smile.

“Here you are, box! Shiro found you!”

And instead of standing up and walking to it like most people would have done, she arched backward, made two backward somersaults and ended up on her feet, proudly brandishing the box she had picked up mid-move. She walked back to her piles mimicking a robot and genuinely laughing at her own antics.

“One for Ganta…”

She added the box onto the left pile before plopping back down onto the carpet and resuming the fair division of her bounty. Hopefully Ganta would get there soon. Shiro was getting hungrier and hungrier with every box she added to each of the piles. But it would be worth the wait. Sweets were always better when shared with a friend. And Ganta truly was Shiro’s best friend.
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[In the kitchen, Sakura is consulting a book entitled "Culinary Chemistry and YOU!!" as she rifles through the cupboards.]

Six cups... If most of it boils off, that won't be much at all... Perhaps I should make a double batch.


[It's the obligatory violence prompt! On floor six, Sakura's struggling her way back to the staircase, her legs bleeding freely from dozens of rabbit bites. She is hampered in her efforts by one of the carnivorous deer - she's managed to get in into a solid headlock, and letting it go would be terribly unwise at this point. The deer struggles wildly, its body oozing and slipping around as she increases the pressure. This isn't a stalemate. One of them's going to gain the advantage soon. The birdsong in the distance is slowly getting louder.]


[Free time event! You've done it. You've managed to befriend Sakura, you asked her the wrong question, and now she is waxing eloquent on historical wrestling trivia.]

…And women were first granted their own section in Olympic wrestling events when I was a child. I was already set on my goals by then, but that did not make the news any less inspiring. It went beyond mere pride in my sex, naturally. You do know the trait that a great number of female wrestlers share, do you not?

[You do know, right? Right?
>They're Japanese?
>They're lesbians?
>They fight bears?]
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[A. The Cafeteria.]

[Eridan's, of course, making a scene on his first day here. This plain oatmeal is garbage and his tastes are far, far above this pathetic display of food. You can't just give him plain food. He won't allow that.]

You fuckin' call this food? More like a fuckin' culinary disaster if you're askin' me.
I deserve way fuckin' more than a bowl a' plain oatmeal.

[B. Floor 10]

[No doubt about it, this is Eridan's favorite place to be in the tower. He's not one to show fear swimming in the water, and it's never a bad thing to keep his lusus-killing skills sharp... even though nothing in the water could be considered as such and most of the things in the water are much more frightening. As soon as something really big catches glimpse of him, he absconds the fuck out of the water. Feel free to laugh at his cowardice.]

[C. The Network]

so wwhy the fuck arent we givven the convvienece a havvin our owwn husktops or any sort a' computer.
its fuckin stupid not havvin any reliable wway a communicatin' wwith people. Howw am I supposed to be makin' plans an' at least tryin' to get my quadrants all in order wwithout that?
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[At some point, Nathan managed to get his hands on an outrageous amount of condoms. He's already tucked a good portion of it away for his own uses, but as for the rest...

Nathan is sitting on the floor, surrounded by a large pile of things that look like they could've been balloon animals, in a past life. he begins in another one, filling the room with an awfully squeaky and sputtery sound as he blows into the condom.

Oh! He accidentally lets go and the thing goes flying across the room, making such a loud sound that it sounds like an echoing fart. Better hope you're good at dodging, that is a strawberry-flavored lubricated condom flying at mach 3 across the room.]


[That's the eighth time now that an NPC has walked in on him--the eighth time that he thought he found somewhere private only to be intruded on.

Well, that is the last straw! Nathan posts to the network in the midst of this outrage.]

Jesus, can't a man find a decent place to have a wank around here?!


[ that a dead NPC impaled on a shower hook in the bathroom? Yes, it is.

And is that Nathan standing nearby, half-naked and clutching his head in panic, looking a bit like he's on the verge of tears? Why yes. Yes it is.]

Awwww, fuck!

I thought this shit was supposed to be done with already!
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[ Waking up in strange places? Okay, fine, Sertoria can handle it. However, she can't help but feel as if something is amiss once she awakes in a bed not her own. Idly, she wonders if she's been recaptured by her creators, but if that was the case, she'd be in chains and restrained.

How very odd... Well, when she dresses in a simple white tunic, she checks to see if her metal bracelet and necklace are on before setting forth in the hallways.

It was time to investigate. ]


[ Here she was, sat down with a bowl of oatmeal and is...not touching it, oddly. She sees you in the cafeteria and gets up with the bowl in her hands. ]

I... really do not require sustenance. This food would be wasted otherwise. Would you like this instead?


[ During the nighttime, Sertoria can be found wandering the hallways and occasionally one can catch glimpses of light coming from her whenever she's faced with a monster. She found out during her first encounter that reasoning and talking with them wouldn't work, so she had to rely on her old ways again.

Sigh. She really abhorred killing...

At least those metal accessories are still around her neck and wrist. ]

...How many more are there around here?
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[Maybe you've been seeing things, maybe you have not. But, either way, that spine-tingling sensation of someone who might be watching you just doesn't seem to go away, no matter where you go.

Also, why the heck does that cat keep popping up everywhere?


[As you drift off into a deep slumber, everything is dark. But, moments later, there's a tiny, dim light. Further in the distance, there's a small, blue-haired girl staring right at you, her eyes seeming to beckon you to come closer.]


[There's a cat pawing at your leg while you're cooking in the kitchen.

Yeah, that's pretty much it.

What do.
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➥ I.

[ For whatever reason, Saber has a pact with you. Since she's been summoned here, it might be a good idea to talk to her regarding whatever plans there are in store. Yet, she doesn't seem too thrilled with the idea of communicating with anyone, much less her chosen Master. She'll plop down lazily, the heavy armor making more of a thud than her tiny body usually would make, and keep her gaze level with the floor. Her sword isn't with her today; a good sign usually, but it may have been used earlier in the day. Regardless, there's surely something for a Master and Servant to discuss... right? ]
➥ II.

Mm. [ Was that a noise to show content? ] This meal is halfway decent.

[ No matter if she's in a restaurant or the dining room of an ally, Saber's comment still stands. That's honestly the best compliment she'll ever give. With a handful of whatever is being served, she'll eye the chef carefully. ]

You can do better. [ Munch. ] Much better. Ensure that the next meal is anything but a waste of my time or else.
➥ III.

[ It's the obligatory 'we are in a fight and you are more than likely losing' scenario. There always has to be one of these and Saber's much more impressive than one might think. With blackened armor that covers her from jaw to toe and trails of prana leaking out along the ground, she's quite the formidable foe. Whatever her fight, whether it's to defend the righteous or to destroy it, she hardly seems as though she'll back down. Armed with her trusted blade, she waits with a minimal amount of patience for the next attack. ]
➥ IV.

[ While one might think a king from the twelfth century would face great difficulty settling in a modern setting, Saber seems to be doing just alright. In this world, she can be found doing a number of various tasks: riding a motorcycle, secretly fawning over a cute plushie on display in the mall, working at a maid cafe (what, it pays the bills), or walking around at the local zoo. Now is as good as a time as any to approach her! ]
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1 . [Network Post (s)]


[The first post is nothing but a series of guttural screams, which end abruptly, just in time to catch the tail end of Vanille's actual question.]

-oes this work again?

[Moments later, the following appears.]

Whoops, sorry!

Didn't mean to scare anyone!

[[If you or anyone you know have been affected by the horrifying whims of the network, come complain about it! Or offer some advice. Or whatever ]]

2 . [Floor 11]

It's been a long time since Vanille's seen weather like this. Who'd have thought that in the middle of the tower she'd find a veritable oasis? And it looked like she was alone, too! No monsters, Cie'th, or PSICOM agents in sight. She resists the urge to take a dip in the lake - she's already been warned off the water in the aquarium, and in the Tower, it's always better to err on the side of caution. Vanille doesn't much like the look of the way the water seems to fly right off the edge of the tower - she wouldn't want to get caught in that current!

Still, the rest of the floor is pretty expansive - there's rocks to climb, fresh air to enjoy, and maybe, if Vanille can climb high enough, she could take home a few of those flowers growing on the ceiling?

Well, there's no time like the present!

"Alright!" She says, apparently to herself. "Let's get going!"

[Feel free to drop in! Weather's fine~ (for once)]

3. [Phantoms?!]


[Vanille knows not to explore the tower at night. Still, somehow she's found herself stuck in a study room in the middle of the night with nothing but shadows and a connection to the Network. And who knows how long that's going to last?]


Anyone out there?

[She pauses, and turns to look around. Careful listeners may be able to detect a scritch-scratching noise. Funny thing is, it sounds like it's coming from inside the microphone.]

Can anyone else he-[The sound fades to static. But Vanille looks as though she's hearing something completely different, just over her right shoulder. She turns to look, and stands up from her chair just as the sound kicks back in. Nothing seems to be wrong - in fact, Vanille seems overjoyed!]


I thought you were -

[ The sound cuts to static again. It's hard to make out, but there's a patch of shadow that looks like it's moving in the exact spot Vanille is addressing. It's moving pretty slowly, but it's undeniably coming closer.]

[Looks like Vanille's fallen for the oldest trick in the book. Any potential rescuers out there?]

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'The end of the world, the apocalypse, Armaggedon, Ragnorok, Gotterdamerung, whatever you want to call it. For most people the thought of these turns of phrase conjure to life the image of fire and brimstone, meteors crashing down, epic battles to the death, and the hope that things will have a reset button once all is said and done. Desolate wastelands sparsely populated with the last dregs of humanity are what others expect to see when the world finally begins to close up shop. Further people think of the heat death of the universe, stars winking out one by one as cold sets in and everything, even on the subatomic level, becomes still in an eternal stretch from which no life has a chance to spark ever again.

For me? I've lived under the constant knowledge that if the world ends anytime soon, it would most likely be because a stubborn high school boy didn't get his way.

Imagine my surprise upon waking up in a weird bed unable to move only to find a note about people hoping to be happy here. Is this Haruki's doing, too? Or something else? And just why, if the world has ended, am I the only one saved?'

[And with these thoughts in mind, Kyonko wanders the levels of the tower, cautious, hand constantly running along the collar tight against her neck, hoping against hope to see something or someone familiar in this place.]

[Floor 10]
'Physics decided to screw itself over, didn't it?'

That's all Kyonko could really say as she outright gawked at the orca that swam in the tunnel of water she was walking through. Seriously, how did all the water stay up and in when there was no glass?! Kyonko could reach out and touch the water if she wanted, feel the clownfish nip at her fingers and grab onto some of the coral and pull it out if she wanted to. What was up with this place?

Terminal; Text

Is anyone else feeling queasy lately?

[Someone hasn't been eating her oatmeal in the mornings. Queasy is an understatement to how she feels.]

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