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Apr. 24th, 2013 01:28 am
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1) [It's the middle of a battle and it seems like the villain du jour's decided to play dirty and haul out a big beam cannon to pulverize everyone! The cannon's fired and it seems like certain death until...]


[Dropping out of nowhere is a mysterious winged robot! Its left hand outstretches as an energy ring is ejected! As the beam hits the now visible barrier, the attack is absorbed by the barrier... and transformed into a star-like shape, throwing it back at the cannon and taking it out!]

Cowards! You think you can take advantage of others' weaknesses without some sort of comeuppance? Come on, I'll show you GaoFighGar's true power!

[Ladies and gentlemen, after a long and painful delay, our hero has finally arrived! He is the Fighting King of Braves, GaoFighGar!]

2) [After the fight, the new robot had arrived on-board, the machine being reverted to its basic forms. On the catwalk is a young man with long red hair. Despite all the yelling, screaming and talks about courage, he... actually looks like a pretty nice, calm, sane man!]

Ah, hello. It's finally nice to meet everyone on-board. My name's Guy Shishioh, of the Gutsy Galaxy Guard. Everyone at 3G's heard about your exploits, but it wasn't until recently that we finally got the chance to join you all. I wish we had done so sooner, but we had our own problems to deal with.

[He extends his ungloved hand out to you.]

I hope we can get along just fine.

3) [It's another battle and things have gone sour and it looks like things might be heading towards defeat! However, Guy refuses to stay down and GaoFighGar staggers to its feet]

You think... you think that just because you have something much more powerful means that you're automatically the victor?! It isn't how powerful your machine is, its how powerful one's will is! Everything's possible with courage and I'll show you... I'll show you the power of courage!

[And everything goes green as Guy's determination juices up his machine. Any more green and you'd think he wanted to be a Getter!]
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1) [The Chalice has a number of new Mobile Suits joining them, including what appears to be a new Gundam-type! Oddly, the mass produced suits look like a Zaku, but they're decidedly not one! At this point, a maroon-haired girl in a ZAFT Red Coat (and pink miniskirt) approaches, giving a brief salute.]

Lunamaria Hawke, joining the White Chalice! Heh, sorry for the sudden addition, but the Chairman insisted I join you guys. The PLANTs are one of the few groups not at war with the Chalice for one reason or another and I think he wants to help with those relations. Frankly? I don't blame him...

2) [It's the middle of a battle and it's absolute chaos! Mobile Suits of all shapes and sizes duking it out for one reason or another. One of them, a brand spanking new Windam unit, slips by and attempts to strike you down... only to be shot down by the Gundam-type unit! Though, when the viewscreen comes up, it's Lunamaria! Wait, wasn't there supposed to be some angst bucket with sister issues piloting it? Does it matter? It just saved your life!]

Are you okay? That was a close one - the Earth Alliance's getting much more brutal in their actions...

3) [It seems that, despite everything, Luna seems just a little... out of it.]

...heh, you guys are lucky. You went out and saved the world from everything like the Invaders and yet we still gotta deal with ourselves. While you guys were saving the world from everything else, we almost lost it all because of nutcases who wanted to eradicate everyone. And we're stuck doing it again...

It's a little heartbraking.