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[1] [Standard Combat Prompt]

Cut for size )
[2] [Not so standard interaction post]

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[3] [Standard interaction prompt]

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[Adam's sitting at the top of a building, just watching the city stretch into the distance. The rushing headlights of cars, the shimmering buildings.]

I've never had a chance to see something like this before... are cities always this impressive when night falls?

[He seems to be hypnotized by the view, though its hard to tell with the faceplate he has on.]

I always thought humans were amazing for surviving everything they did in their history... I think I have another reason to think so after seeing this.


[Its a fight! There's enemies everywhere and Adam's backing you up. His machine takes  bad hit to the side - staggering it. For a moment you hear a hiss of pain over the comms, but it seems to be stifled as the Halcyon charged at the enemy, letting loose an acrobatic leap at the last second - hooking its legs around the offending enemy and swinging it in a spinning arc into the ground - delivering several rapid kicks at any foes close by.]

They are ... quite numerous it seems...

[The machine - and its pilot unconciously brush at where the hit landed.]

How do you fare?


I don't understand the point of this...

[Adam is watching you cluelessly during your leisure time. Like a 'slow' puppy watching his owner relax and watch the game on the TV, he's trying to figure out what exactly are your reasons for doing this.]

[Whether it be Pinata building, just getting sloshed, watching a cheesy movie or playing video games or anything else - he will have absolutely no idea what's going on - despite your best efforts to get him involved.]

[Will you try to enlighten him?]

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[As the Chalice has stopped at port to resuppy, there's a particularly odd scene happening.]

[There was a rumbling of an engine in the air as a man on a motorbike comes riding in to what is clearly a restricted area for civilians... then again, given his attire of what seems to be a mechanical exoskeleton, and a sword at his side - he might not be as such..]

This is the White Chalice yes?

[He gets off his bike with a well practiced motion, lazily resting one hand on his weapon's sheath as he tugs his biker goggles off.]

Looks like an interesting ship. Where do I sign in?

[Its battle time and Sam's on foot... in a battlefield with giant robots. This doesn't seem to bother him much. He's flipping and running and dodging out of the way of gunfire and footfalls. At one point you swear something hit him - only for Sam to get back up, shake it off and brush as the massive scorch mark on the chest of his suit.]

Mh.. that was a good shot. Lets see if your reflexes are as good as your aim.

[Sam's now charging the mech that nailed him, dodging across the ground wildly before leaping through the air and slicing the mech cleanly in HALF right through the cockpit - its attempt to stop him barely even coming close as his feet hit it right on the head - parting the halves as he rode it to the ground.]

Now.... who else wants to dance?

[He spreads his arms, almost shrugging nonchalantly - inviting any and all comers to take him on. Its massively arrogant, but considering he just carved a mech in half... maybe he knows what he's doing.]

3) (Yes he's humming his own theme)
[Its after the fight and everyone's getting things patched up. Including Sam. Clad in a plain T-shirt and pants, along with several visible bandages and dressings, he's repairing his Exoskeleton.... however...]

Hmm..mmhm..hmmmm~....Hmmmm.. mmm.. hmmmm~

[He's humming while fixing his Exoskeleton. Not that much of a surprise. What he's doing to fix it is. You can see what looks to be a cross between containers and human spines resting on a table next to the exoskeleton. And Sam is casually impaling one with his Murasama - cutting it open over his suit - tossing the now drained thing away and spreading its contents over the Exoskeleton with his sword like a butterknife.]

[If that wasn't an extremely odd way to repair one's gear...]

4) [Omake Prompt]

[Its a day at the beach. All is peaceful.... except Sam seems to have his sword with him - and its drawn. The red blade gleaming in the sun.]

So... we meet again... my... long time enemy.

[He takes a deep breath, both hands on the blade. He lashes out! Once! Twice! Three times! His blade is a blur in the air!]

[Red liquid drips to the sand from the blade of the HF blade - Sam swings it once to clean the sword - triggering the Oscilator to heat off any remaining residue... the air is sweet with a fruity tang-... wait what?]

So... who has the salt?

[He grins as the watermelons he did a number on come apart in several perfect pieces.]

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[Another day on the Chalice and another arrival. You can see a Britannian Transport dropping off several suits of powered armor along with some tough looking people that were clearly their operators.]

Alright boys and girls! Hustle up! We're here to get some work done so you better be on your best behavior or I'll put you on your rears! Got it?

[There were grins and laughs all around, but none of them showed any disrespect, it was more of an ease of familiarity with the brash woman. She turns to see you looking at them, she grins and walks over.]

You could always take a picture you know. It'll last longer.

[She's certainly... bigger... up close.]

Major Cora Anderson. The boys call me Ursa.

[There's a hand offered to you to shake.]


[Cora's at the mess hall, reading a letter while sipping some tea. Yes. A tough woman like her is fond of her Tea. She's Britannian, what do you expect?]

Oi, think I got some left to share. You up for a little?

[She's offering you a drink, raising a battered tin mug at your direction and then motioning to the seat opposite her.]


[The battle seems to have come inside the Chalice! Corridors have become firing lanes and enemy troops are rushing throughout!]

Keep your heads down!

[There's a mechanical whirr as a large armored figure unleashes a literal hailstorm of metal down corridor.]

You holding up alright over there?!

[Despite being over a speaker the utter concern in her voice was ever-present. The kind of voice of a person who's used to looking out for others.]


What.... what the heck am I looking at?

[It seems that Cora has stumbled upon something beyond her comprehension. Maybe its something you're used to, maybe its just mindbogglingly ridiculous to you as well.... maybe its just plain weird.]

[Whatever it is, Cora just has this expression that she's trying to keep it together but the seams are barely holding. Try to calm her down?]

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1) [Random Street Corner.]

[You're probably going about your business, something or the other. Then as you're about to move on you see someone in his mid-teens rushing past a cornery, looking severely battered and like the hounds of hell were chasing him down. By mere luck - or perhaps your reflexes, he doesn't crash into you when he trips and eats pavement.]

Ugh.. ow.. H.. hey.. not... to sound too needy or anything.. but .. could you help me out...?

[He's struggling with his words as he does his best to get as much air as he could into his lungs and he's got a couple of scratches that are starting to leak blood.]

2) [Somewhere deserted.]

[Maybe you chanced upon this place by accident, maybe you found this kid to be a little suspicious, either way you've found a rather odd scene..]

Oh great... may as well add grand theft bovine onto the list of reasons those guys are trying to kill me...

[Volya's standing in front of a twenty meter-plus thing... . There's no other way to describe the twisted bipedal horror of flesh and metal with far too many fangs and several eyes that were NOT on its head. It was also holding a cow... surprisingly... the thing wasn't tearing the bovine into fountaining gore as one would expect (though the animal in question WAS looking plenty freaked)... rather it was just holding it before the teen.]

That's what I get for thinking I needed a little more milk... I bet you're proud of yourself.

[There was a noise that sounded like gurgling and a blender full of nails.]

3) [City streets.]

[You hear a soft humming as you look towards a garbage can and see this guy digging around from it.]

Rotten.. rotten.. wrapping... junk... empty... dammit why the heck to hobos make this look so easy-

[His musings were interrupted by the crack of thunder and the start of an afternoon rain.]

And now this.... glorious...

[He was grinding his teeth in agitation.]

4) [Inner City - Battle]

[There's utter chaos in the streets as several machines proceed to gang up on a large monster... however that monster doesn't seem to be attacking very much.... in fact it was just countering and struggling before just stopping in place and refusing to move as it was repeatedly pummeled.]

[Blood and metal rained down on the streets with each strike. The beast letting out an agonized howl... in tandem with a young man's scream of pain.]
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[There's a report on the news about a Riot that happened earlier on in the day. Workers at a closing down mining facility refused to leave for various reasons and weaponized their machinery and hunkered down - and were joined by their families. That however was not the story itself. What was - is the fact that a single black and red machine charged right into the mess and  tore a bloody swathe through the rioters. The few people that were still alive were only in the single digits and were bloodied badly. Ryou merely raised his glass towards the TV.]

Here's to those poor sods... I would've never gotten my paycheck if they didn't raise a fuss.

[That sordid implication could mean nothing else. He killed all those people. Say something to this man?]


[Ryou's looking through a holographic screen. Several windows were open - what looked to be an online market, as well as something else. It looked like a job-site - but its contents were pretty vicious. Putting down riots. Industrial sabotage. Testing of weapons and technology. The list of dirty jobs were almost endless.]

You know, if you're going to look over my shoulder you can do it a little more subtly. I can feel you breathing on me.


[Its battle time! Urban combat as well! Mecha, infantry and vehicles of all description are roaming the streets and the skyline trading fire! Dashing amongst them is AC Nevermore, unleashing volleys of missiles and riflefire! However despite the care he shows for his paying allies, he shows absolutely no care at all regarding civilian life and infrastructure! Missiles impact against apartment buildings, cars are sent flying and explode... people are dying and he's just not giving a damn.]

PROMPT 3 1/2

[And in the midst of all the chaos the Enemy Commander has taken a group of civilians hostage. He's demanding the surrender of all opposing forces or he will kill every one of his prisoners. Ryou is lining up a shot at the Commander - however between his angle and his selection of weapons means that if the machine doesn't explode, it will fall over and crush the hostages!]

[What do you do?]


[Its way after the chaos of the fighting. Ryou is walking through the rubble, seemingly looking for something - ignoring several bodies, some of which he was responsible for. There was a corpse, looking to be barely out of his teens - slumped on the ground, holding a gun. From the looks of it he refused to run away and tried to fight - for who it is unknown.]

... What a waste...

[Ryou so far has proven to be merciless on the battlefield, lacking in pity or mercy on and off of it. So why is he showing that here?]


[The Mercenary pilot is sitting on a sofa, arms folded and leaning back into the plush comfort. On the coffee table in front of him are several unopened cans of beer. He looks to you with a calm and easygoing smile.]

Hey. Maybe we've got some differences to work out. There's stuff I don't agree with on your end and probably a lot you don't care for on mine...

But that doesn't mean we can't share a few drinks right?