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1. [a fight on foot]
[However it happened, you're faced with dangerous enemies while without the protection of a giant robot. However capable you may be of handling yourself, if you're going to get out of this, you could use some help! And fortunately, another member of Unity Group is right around the - oh crap, it's Hayato. And whatever the name for how he's "helping" you may be, you're pretty sure it's not sanctioned by any international sporting body. It looks like kung fu had an angry, angry baby with a slasher movie.]

You need any of these alive?

[He's smiling, too. Apparently entering a fight by clawing out an opponent's eyes with one swipe puts him in a good mood.]

2. [a frank exchange of views]
[A fight's over, and in the course of it, an enemy got away. It wasn't your fault - there were hostages, or bystanders in danger, and you had to choose between saving them and finishing off the enemy! Protecting people is why you're all in this, right? But while others are out trying to chase down the one that got away, Hayato's back at base with you.]

Idiot. What were you thinking?
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1. Hangar, night
It's pretty late to have business in the hangar, isn't it? Things have been quiet, the maintenance crews aren't working double shifts in the aftermath of a battle, and whatever brings you here, you probably expected to be the only one around. However, there's light and signs of movement, from a room near one red mobile suit. And when you're nearby, a cry of distress!

Yet if you investigate, the young woman you heard is nowhere to be seen. Instead the room contains a couple of maintenance drones, wheeled tripods with unusually human-looking arms attached. They're holding something over a workbench - something that looks like it's freshly become two separate somethings. Why would anyone have left these on? But then, one makes a sound.

"Damn it..."

2. Gym
There's a new person in the gym, going through a workout that looks half like a dance routine and half like a martial arts kata. From the looks of her, it's something she does a lot, judging both by her physique and the expression of relaxed concentration she's wearing. Offer to spar, or catch her as she's cooling down?

3. Cafeteria
That woman from the gym obviously worked up an appetite. At least, she's in the queue for food, but she seems strangely reluctant to take it. She's stopped in front of the section for an admittedly... unusual menu item, looking indecisive about whether she wants to risk it. As you get closer, though, you can hear that she seems to be talking to herself.

"No. ...I don't care, it looks disgusting. You don't have to deal with the aftertaste."

4. Action
In the chaos of a large battle, someone's gotten the drop on you! You may be oblivious or you may have caught on just too late to react, but there's an enemy behind you lining up a shot, and they fire before you've a chance to dodge...

"Watch it!"

...and they hit a shield - a red canopy that appears in a split second between you and your assailant, like a parasol unfolding! It takes the shot, though from the looks of it, it won't take many more...

The red mobile suit that deployed the shield is speeding towards you, its pilot back on the comms. "My rifle's drained! Got a plan before the rest get here?"
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1. Action prompt

[It could be a battle, or a disaster. It could be a sneak shot at your back, or a collapsing mess of debris about to bury you. Either way there's a sound and a movement almost too close together to separate -]

Sonic Move!

[- and you're saved - carried to safety, or shielded by a golden magical barrier. Your suddenly-appeared rescuer, a flying woman in a white cloak, spares you a worried look.]

I got here as quickly as I could. Are you hurt?

2. Shenanigans prompt

[Baking a cake. Preparing a surprise party. Gift-wrapping someone's entire office. Whatever the occasion, you've managed - somehow - to persuade Fate to go along with it.]

Are you sure this is a good idea?

3. Sweetness prompt

[You're a child. You have a child. A child just appeared in front of you and started crying inexplicably. Point is, you need the help of someone with vast reserves of patience and a soft, gentle voice.]

It's okay. Whatever's wrong, you can tell me about it.