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[ A beautiful sunny day meant not only were the birds circling overhead with song, but that the good people of this world were out and about just the same. The markets were busy with merchants and shoppers alike! The streets are full of energetic children playing with a ball between their ankles. And the sky! From up above there's a girl flailing wildly while closing in on someone pretty quick? That seems just as normal as the rest, huh? ]

Watch out! [ C R A S H ] Uwohhhhhh I didn't mean-!! Oh no. [ Her head jerks back and forth as she tries to make sense of the situation. ] Oh no!

      ➥ 2. DELIVERY TIME
[ So maybe you're one of the lucky folks who didn't have to deal with a girl flying right into your face on random. Instead, there's a crowded street and this girl is actually gliding smoothly through the air until she lands right by the door. ]

Special delivery coming through! [ The red glider wings are retracted and folded neatly to tuck under her arm while the other holds out a satchel. ] You did order this, didn't you?

[ Her face scrunches up a bit. ] Pee-hew, it stinks! You sure this is what you wanted?

      ➥ 3. CAKE IN THE RAIN
[ Congratulations, there's now an eager new hire trying to entertain herself while she waits. Pacing back and forth, slipping her arms through her shawl, and humming out loud. Sometimes the strange mammal on her shoulder will even join in with a series of loud chirps. ]
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➥ I.

[ Incoming dynamic entrance! While she isn't as flashy as a [personal profile] certain idiot, her body more than makes up for the lack of explosions, sparkles, and spectacular shounen shouting voice. Seriously, how does she keep those things contained? With a smile that contrasts the dangerous guns in her hands, she'll spare a quick wink. ]

Don't worry, I'm here now. [ That's comforting because have you seen the size of those guns? ] Why don't you take a breather and allow me to take care of these meanies?
➥ II.

[ In between battles and after school hours, Yoko can be found tucked away in her apartment in the Grand Library district. While she's not dressed appropriately for a teacher when she's all by herself, her door is open for any visitors, welcomed or not. She may be working on a study guide for her students or studying some concept for the current world she's found herself in. Regardless of whatever material is propped up against her knees, she'll have enough manners to look away from it to greet visitors. ]
➥ III.

[ It's not very often that the "good guys" lose the battle, but they are still ahead in the war. Enough so that they don't have to wholly retreat, but spirits are low. Yoko's managed to climb up high enough in a building that's practically about to topple over just for a bit of privacy. Have the guts to bother a potentially brooding violent female? ]
➥ IV.

Children, stand back please! [ While out on a field trip (yes, she's crazy enough to take a bunch of children out in this war-torn country), danger presents itself to a bunch of young children and their teacher, Yomako. ] And please, cover your eyes for just a moment.

[ So she can strip. Indeed, she did just rip her clothes off to reveal a very tiny top and pair of shorts. And just where did that jacket come from? Regardless of any questions one might have on her attire, she's ready to fight in just that. Well, that and a couple of hand pistols she's procured from her skirt. Guess lunch wasn't the only thing she packed... ]
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➥ I.

[ For whatever reason, Saber has a pact with you. Since she's been summoned here, it might be a good idea to talk to her regarding whatever plans there are in store. Yet, she doesn't seem too thrilled with the idea of communicating with anyone, much less her chosen Master. She'll plop down lazily, the heavy armor making more of a thud than her tiny body usually would make, and keep her gaze level with the floor. Her sword isn't with her today; a good sign usually, but it may have been used earlier in the day. Regardless, there's surely something for a Master and Servant to discuss... right? ]
➥ II.

Mm. [ Was that a noise to show content? ] This meal is halfway decent.

[ No matter if she's in a restaurant or the dining room of an ally, Saber's comment still stands. That's honestly the best compliment she'll ever give. With a handful of whatever is being served, she'll eye the chef carefully. ]

You can do better. [ Munch. ] Much better. Ensure that the next meal is anything but a waste of my time or else.
➥ III.

[ It's the obligatory 'we are in a fight and you are more than likely losing' scenario. There always has to be one of these and Saber's much more impressive than one might think. With blackened armor that covers her from jaw to toe and trails of prana leaking out along the ground, she's quite the formidable foe. Whatever her fight, whether it's to defend the righteous or to destroy it, she hardly seems as though she'll back down. Armed with her trusted blade, she waits with a minimal amount of patience for the next attack. ]
➥ IV.

[ While one might think a king from the twelfth century would face great difficulty settling in a modern setting, Saber seems to be doing just alright. In this world, she can be found doing a number of various tasks: riding a motorcycle, secretly fawning over a cute plushie on display in the mall, working at a maid cafe (what, it pays the bills), or walking around at the local zoo. Now is as good as a time as any to approach her! ]
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➥ I.

Hello everyone. My name is Illyasviel von Einzbern and this is--[ Suddenly there's a tiny jeweled circle with wings flying up between the girl and the camera. ] H-hey! I'm trying to give a good impression!

Then you should have allowed me to be the one to give the initial introduction. [ There's a deeper voice, presumably from the object that's flitting about. ] Honestly, I could have really made it quite the explosive entrance.

Whaaaat!? No, you're not allowed to blow up anything on our first day! [ Ignoring the fact they were on display for all to see, Illya focuses more on the conversation with the sentient object. ] We're going to get in so much trouble if you do that... Besides, isn't it the duty of a magical girl to prevent that sort of thing?

This is a world designated of heroes pulled from several other parallel worlds, Illya. [ Bouncing about, the wings of this object flutter seemingly to keep it afloat. ] Don't you think imperative we test the strength of their hearts from the start?

No! That's a bad idea! [ Now the younger girl is flailing around to try to catch it. ] That's not our job and besides, we'll end up as an enemy to all of the heroes if we do something so destructive! Now come on! Let me introduce myself before you get us into even more trouble.
➥ II.

[ It's another typical battle, except this time there's girl who looks as though she doesn't belong here in the slightest. In fact, she seems to be arguing otherwise with another person, who's trying to shove her off towards safety. ]

--but you don't understand! I'm a hero too!
➥ III.

[ Funny, what's Illya doing in the Palace? She doesn't live there and she's not the type to be interested in machinery. Even more interesting to note is that she's giving the impression that she's sneaking around, the girl peeking around corners before diving towards the next obstacle she can hide behind. There's nothing sinister about this in the slightest. Nope. Not one bit. ]
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➥ I.

What a strange device. It's too modern for my tastes, but subtle enough to draw out those who prefer things a little old-fashioned.

[ The image on the screen hardly matches with the well-spoken tone; the girl addressing the strange PDA can't be no older than a teen. In actuality, she knows just how important a first impression is, so she'll give quite the flattering one of herself. ]

War is my expertise, but I suppose if it wasn't, I would not be amongst the rest of you. So tell me of your tales, great heroes, so that I know just how to properly use it. After all, are we not all tools to be used in same form in this world of clashed opinions?
➥ II.

[ It's one of those rare days where there's no struggle to be found, so instead of preparing for some battle that's on the horizon, this young woman is off to find some enjoyment. While there's a distinct lack of social activities in the area, Misaya's taken the initiative to start a party amongst the poorer residents of this world. For the rest of the night, she can be found doing a number of things in this part of town. Anything from doing a fast-paced dance that might resemble a tango or relaxing with a bowl of something that resembles food in her hands. Even if she was brought here as a hero, she understands one thing: people need morale and so she'll give it. ]
➥ III.

Ugh... [ That pained groan comes from a bed in the hospital that's been occupied for the past couple days. It seems louder than usual, as the inhabitant of the covers makes her presence known by sitting up abruptly. ] What the hell?

[ Her gaze darts around the hospital before the realization sinks in. She was brought here due to her sickness, right? Which means... ]

Where is that worthless mutt of mine!?
➥ IV.

[ As expected of a user of magic, Misaya's already set up her own public workshop to "assist" with the battle. Surprisingly, she doesn't question as to which side her customers take, so it's a fairly popular shop to buy items of magical power. Plus, her hound is really good at digging up artifacts that she can sell for a profit, making this small shop the number one place to go to.

Besides, we all know she has Lancer wreck any competitors before they can start.

If one's come to do business, they can find the owner of this establishment sitting on her desk with her Servant beside her, the girl tugging on his tie as though it were a leash. Seems the two might have been in a debate and failed to notice any potential customers come in. Or perhaps she intentionally wished for them to see the scene. ]

You can start wagging your tail in excitement again. [ A cool remark to the man beside her as she releases him. ] Go dig up another bone or two outside, boy.
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➥ I.

[ It's Summer Court (do they even have a court for summer?? THEY NOW DO FOR TESTING PURPOSES...) and every city is decked out in a variety of bonfires of all sizes. Imperial City though? It seems there's a fire elemental imprisoned while the the civilians wait eagerly for the sun to set. She doesn't seem too happy with her confinement though. Tapping on the glass for her attention will fetch a bored expression if anything. ]
➥ II.

[ Thankfully, some Big Hero Type has saved this little fire elemental from being used to fuel the Imperial City bonfires. A good thing too, because she might have thrown a temper tantrum involving lots of baby fires. As a sign of her good faith though, she'll help the fires ignite without it being a big show. One might be able to steal a peek from her around the corner of a building before she skips off. ]
➥ III.

Let us dance! [ Once most of the others have gone to sleep, the celebration going long into the night, this little sprite of energy will pop up out of nowhere. ] Please? Pretty please? I've never been able to dance with anyone before.

[ She doesn't really appear to be the type to dance with easily. Sure hope there's plenty of fire resist gear involved... ]
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➥ I.

[ Good morning Mayfield. Looks like there's a rush of newbies flooding the phone lines and wandering the streets. Amongst them is a girl with red hair in what appears to be a yellow nightgown. While many of them appear disoriented and out of place, this girl's demeanor is anything but. It's almost as though she's used to the town. ]

Waking up in a new place is different. Strange, but different. I'll have words with that foolish man later. [ Also, she's apparently used to just chatting away with herself. ] Abandoning me here while he's off to some other adventure. He could have at least left clothes for me that were a bit more me.

➥ II.

[ Amy Pond is starting to realize that Mayfield is a strange entity all in itself. It's in this not-quite-simple town that fairy tales and heroes from throughout time and other worlds spring to life. In fact, your character just got done telling her something so absurd she brings her finger and thumb to her arm. ]

Ow! [ She felt that pinch pretty good. ] Could you repeat what you just said? I think I misheard you because there's no way I can believe that.

➥ III.

[ It's been a few weeks since this Pond's arrival in Mayfield and she's starting to get the hang of things. Today, she's even bold enough to make a public phone call with the obvious drone filters in place. ]

Hi, Amy here. [ Well, that's one heck of a greeting. ] It feels as though it's been forever since I've been in the same place for more than a month. You see, I traveled a lot before coming to this town and I'm starting to miss it. A lot. So let's talk about the places you've visited.
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➥ I.

[ Prospero, say hello to the latest social link of the Death Arcana. Despite her obvious young age, she doesn't wake up in one of the dorms assigned to school appropriate students. Instead, she finds herself wandering the hotel lobby with an expression torn between complete boredom and shrill excitement over her new surroundings.

Shall you obtain your first rank in this social link? ]

➥ II.

[ Despite it being winter, one can happen upon this young girl skipping through the blue water of the shore, her shoes and stockings in hand. ]

So this is what the ocean really smells like! [ It's almost as though it's Christmas morning and she's had everything she asked for under the tree judging by her joy. ] I always wondered what it would feel like to run through the sand like this!

➥ III.

[ Oh no, a young girl is surrounded by shadows! But wait, she doesn't appear to be frightened in the least. No, in fact she seems to be drawing the attention of as many as she can by shouting gibberish in between shrieks of laughter. As soon as they begin to approach though, she falters back a few steps in a manner identical to a drunken stupor. Throwing out her arm towards them, an intimidating Persona suddenly appears and wipes the entire crowd out with a single attack. ]

Heeheehee, let's get more and more! I don't want a single shadow to remain! [ Does she appear a bit manic or is it simply the imagination of any onlooker? ] Let's kill them all!