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Spaghetti Western

1.(In a discrete alley somewhere in town, a girl spreads open her leather duster and shows some merchandises to you. It might be weapons, gold coins, or trading cards, whatever it is, she whispers in a conspiratory tone to you.)

Hey. Wanna buy some merchandises? 100% legit, I guarantee.


It's totally sad. I met this guy in the street. He has 10 kids and 15 cats. And he hasn't eaten in 3 days! Hey, may I borrow some money? We really should help him.

(Combat! It might be on foot, or on mech, but some unscrupolous people are chasing after Grace! Grace is running away, obviously)

Why me? Hey you, don't just stand there! Help me, please!
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You're kidding, right?
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Nobody has that many kids AND cats.
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It's too impossible to be true!


What if it actually is? It's irresponsible and stupid to adopt so many cats if you already have a small army of kids, but that means no one will believe his story now... and won't help him.
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Just... a little. See if he really needs it and spends it on cats, and kids.

I just have to make sure he's saying the truth, that's all. I don't care much, I just don't like being cheated and lied to, alright?
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Alright, good!

[She seems really serious about this for some reason.]
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[Calvin is busy trying to fight off a guy with muscles bigger than his head who was currently putting him in a painful hold. The inspector was struggling to reach for a weapon.]
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Not a cop! UN Inspector! Big difference!

[To which he finally reaches his gun and manages to get a round off in his attacker's foot. Not the best thing because this gets him thrown into a bunch of garbage cans before the man mountain collapses into pain... but HEY! Progress. Calvin lets out a groan of pain as he gets to his feet.]