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Test Run for SRWU


[The Noted roboticist, Dr. Thomas Light, has affiliated Light Labs with Unity Group, offering his services and expertise in the field of robotics to help them in their mission to protect the planet. He's also lending them the occasional aid of his lab assistant, the domestic helper robot DLN-001: Rock Light, to help the mechanics with mech repairs part time when he isn't help Dr. Light with his work.

The boy introducing himself to you however, doesn't look much like a mechanic. It looks like a young boy somewhere in the age range of 12-14 and maybe a little short for that. He's dressed in a blue hoodie with the Light Labs insignia on the right side of his chest and and blue shorts with sneakers.

He bows politely in the Japanese fashion and smiles brightly at you.] Hello, I'm Rock Light, Dr. Light's assistant. It's very nice to meet you.


[Post Becoming Megaman, and after a mission, it seems Rock is one of the things that needs repairing this time. This is usually something Dr. Light would handle, but he wasn't the only Lightbot to get damaged, so the good Doctor has his hands full with Cutman. He's not surprised by that since Cutman's not very good about holding still. Either way, one of the other mechanics might have to help, or he could just wait until Dr. Light is done and can attend to him.]

Eheh, I guess I should be more careful...


[Since Rock was originally built to be a lab assistant to a roboticist, ultimately he'd always be at his happiest fiddling with technology. Right now he's helping with post mission repairs like he'd originally assigned to do before the whole Megaman thing happened. Standing on a ladder, reaching inside an open panel to repair the wiring in someone's mech.]

Hmmm.... If I could just... ah, that should do it!
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"Ehh?" Sumika's hair-antenna springs up in surprise, yet she reflexively bows back.

"You're a robot?!"
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"Aren't you young for a robot? It's like forcing an underaged kid to work... is that even legal?"
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"A.. ha ha ha. Don't sweat the details!"

Sumika tries to brush off the question as it is too difficult to answer.

"By the way, I'm Kagami Sumika, nice to meet you!"
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The introductions are over so Sumika can move to important matters at hand.

"Say Rock-kun, what kind of work you're doing as an assistant?"
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"Ohh! You'll be helping us? Great!"

Sumika perks up. All according to her expectations.

"Can you clean up, too?"
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"So much for that... will your friend show up too, then?"
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[You have a spindly, tall and lanky robot poking at you energetically and examining you shamelessly, Rock. With a voice that sounds posh as hell to boot as he exclaims loudly, visibly filled with enthusiasm]

Organic beings creating people?

This is absolutely fascinating! I most certainly must speak with your Dr Light at length, young man!
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Ah, of course! My apologies, young man! I was simply overcome with wonderment!

[Erik takes a step back, but is still clearly most interested in Rock]

Ah, I believe at this point it is customary in this planet to shake hands, is it not? [A hand with delicate-looking fingers is thrust forward decisively] My name is Lord Erik von Wigstone, Gentleman Adventurer! [Wait, the acoustics are all wrong, how did that reverb on the walls?] It is most certainly a pleasure to make your acquaintance, sir Rock.

Say, could I take a few minutes of your time for a few small tests?