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Bryanne Eriksen ([personal profile] duetsavvy) wrote in [community profile] testrun_box2015-07-18 11:30 pm

And Cubey's final SRWU OC is...

Hmm hmm. What's this? I swear that store wasn't there yesterday!

[Brye's on a shopping trip, and you're either there as company/bad habit enabling, or as a pack mule. In latter's case, you get slowly weighted down as she keeps buying things...]

Come on, let's check it out!

Okay, how to put it so there's no misunderstanding. Let me try, here goes.

[Bryanne is talking to a jerk - some kind of horrible person, high profile or not, doesn't matter. Maybe you're the jerk.]

You're a jerk, you know that.

You're just throwing your weight around like some kind of sandbox bully. But it's not preschool anymore, even if you mentally belong in one.

[Consequences or apparent threat level of the other person make no difference here.]

Come on... just a little bit closer... just a little more...

[It's a battle, and Brye's Gespenst TT is currently running away from the enemies, juking and dodging wildly to evade their attacks.]


There! I have you now!

[But as it passes over a suspicious patch of ground, and the enemies follow - suddenly smoke bombs hidden underneath explode! And they fire more than just smoke... the enemies find their sensors blocked by sticky blobs of tar. Here comes the T-Link Rippers to finish them off!


And some of the foes still survive, and fire back quite furiously.]

A, haha... help?

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