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General voice test


[The rule was laid down very firmly: "Under no circumstances, no matter what, even if it's a matter of life and death, are you ever, EVER to look into the maintenance closet after midnight. You'll probably get cursed or something."

As soon as all authority figures were out of earshot, however...]

So who's going to help me get into that closet tonight?


[Dipper always seems to have that book with him. The kind of beaten up old one with a hand on the cover. Heck he's reading it right now while everyone else is having fun.

Rather loud fun.]

Can you guys keep it down a bit? I'm trying to research something important but it's hard with everyone yelling in my ear!


[After a lot of ominous noises, Dipper comes bursting in through the door and slams it shut behind him, panting for breath.]

Hah...hah...Hi everyone. Nothing to worry about today! Just need some heavy objects to put in front of this door.

[There was the sound of some kind of animal roaring.]

Also don't look outside.
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Important? Kid, what's more important than the Wrestling with Ferrets semi-final?

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Whaaaaaat? But this is Crimson Fur's big chance to finally make a go at the title! This is a real cultural milestone here!
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That's because you can't just WATCH Wrestling with Ferrets! You gotta FEEL it! In your BONES!
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Well yeah, why do you think I gotta turn the volume to max?
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Great idea, kid! Start saving.
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First said, first serve! Now quiet, things are getting good.


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[one does not ASK where Mabel pops out of.

one can only try and survive the encounter.

Mabel, airborne from her leap from god knows where, latches onto the back of Dipper's head like a bug on a tree.]

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[she carefully climbs down to the ground and lowers her voice to a stage whisper, as if that will somehow cancel out all the screaming they just did.]

So how are we getting in? I've got a grappling hook and I'm not afraid to use it!
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Got it. I'll get the after-dark camouflage ready.
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I will by tonight!
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Ohhhh...you'll see.
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They are both wearing sweaters--more accurately, turtlenecks with collars that roll all the way up the face with holes for the eyes and mouth, ski mask style.]

See? What did I tell you?
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See? What did I tell you, bro-bro?

Mwop! [She grabs Dipper's sweater collar and pulls it all the way up his face so now they have matching ski-mask faces.]
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[Mabel slowly reaches out for the door knob of the maintenance closet, turns it carefully...

...and then THROWS IT WIDE OPEN, practically splintering the door in the process.


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[First, Mabel punches it. A good, solid knuckle sandwich right in the pupil.

And THEN she closes it, throwing herself against the shut door as a barricade.]
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Let's never speak of this again.

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Hey, you wanna go dig up that spot marked with a red X behind the Shack?
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Awww, but come on Dipper, who knows what's buried under there! It could be candy! Or glitter.


Or glittery candy! Like sprinkles, but better.
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[For all response, Ashe grins and holds up a pair of fence pliers that definitely look strong enough to break the chains locking said closet]

Way ahead of you, Dip!
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I'm a ruin explorer, remember? I'm good at getting into places people don't want me to!

[The older girl winks]

Now all we have to do is wait for midnight and get in there to check it out!
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Are you sure you can trust her? If she blabs you'll be in all sorts of trouble, you know.
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Well, I guess you'd know her better than I do.

[Because honestly she seemed to be ditzy and not the kind of person you'd tell anything secret to, but hey. Ashe is nothing if not optimistic about people. Bring on that Mabel]

So what do you think will be there? I hope it's evidence of some secret conspiracy. Or a monster!
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I'll take that bet. That way, if we find something, awesome, and if we find nothing, well, at least I'll have a dollar!