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For SRW Uni if all goes well


[A battle has ended and there's a new face/faces at one of the bases... a former enemy who changed sides mid-battle, and in fact it's you!  Some may view you with suspicion, but there's one girl anxiously waiting for you with this huge grin on her face and a few bits of rice on her cheek from her hastily-consumed lunch.  No way was she going to let even food get in the way of greeting you!]

Hello!  It's great to see you off of the battlefield... I always knew whatever differences we had we'd be able to work through them!

If you never caught my name when we fought, it's Hibiki!  Hibiki Tachibana!


[It's music time!  Hibiki's got a huge stack of CDs she's just purchased, trying through each one of them and humming along with them.  There's some familiar tunes amongst them, including ones by Lynn Minmei and Tsubasa Kazanari too.  And when she notices you close by, off go the headphones and she offers them to you.]

Would you like to listen?   There's so many different styles being sung I'm sure you'd like one of them!


[Hibiki's far from being just a cute, friendly girl though.  In the midst of battle, she's right in the thick of it, smashing her way through machines that dwarf her and singing all the while.  Although...]


[There's a clear trend in how she's going about it though.  Limbs, cameras, weapons... even when a kick smashes into a Lion's midsection, it doesn't smash it concave and instead smacks it through a wall to disable it instead.  Yes, Hibiki is seeing to it that she spares the enemy pilots.]
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...Do you have something with guitar in it?
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You like music a lot, to spend so much money on it like that.

[He puts the earphones on. Somehow they fit over that armored helmet.]

...That's different from what I expected. More... cute.
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When you talk about guitars, I think of something like this.

[He raises a finger, possibly pointing at the speech bubble from which the music comes out. Don't question the logistics of that, assume chibi OVA rules.]
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It's okay.

[Awkward pause.]

...This one's not bad either.
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You can call me... The Cyborg With No Name.

[He stands proud, as if waiting for dramatic gust of wind to flap his coat, Unfortunately it's indoors, and that obviously doesn't happen.]
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...Daniel will do too.
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I wouldn't go with such an obvious nickname.

[Because the one he picked is totally original.]
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[Chris was looking at the stack curiously, but as soon as she's asked...]

So that's why you brought all this stuff here? Don't you have enough music at your job anyway?

Besides you know I don't like this kind of thing.
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Maybe, but you know what? Forget it. I don't want to.

[Tsun tsun tsun.]
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Aah! Are you too simple to even get angry or disappointed?

[Frustrated, Chris puts a CD into a player.]

I'm only doing this so it's not a waste, okay?
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Oy! What do you think you're doing?

[Chris quickly hides the disc behind her back.]

This is for private hearing, you're being too nosy.

I'm gonna listen on headphones, too.
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Right, right. Anyway! Don't look!

[Chris pushes Hibiki... well, not out of the room, but she pushes her away from the player. Which she proceeds to use to listen to the song on headphones.]
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[The song ends a few minutes later. Chris stands there with a conflicted feeling on her face.]
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[Not leaving. Pressing reply.

Then, a few minutes later, again.

And again.]
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Motto! Motto!

[Look, she forgot you're there and is singing along to the song. How embarassing.]

Motto, motto!
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Skill mai he... wh-wh-wh-whaaaat are you doing?!

I told you not to look!
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[Peni was trying to do her homework while the noisy other girl was rummaging aorund the pile of CDs. She looks up from her notebooks when addressed, though]

Um. Thanks, but, I already brough my own music. [The girl waves her own pair of headphones as proof of this] I'm not sure you'd like what I listen to very much...
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[Peni is a bit taken aback at that. It's a bit embarrassing to share her music. But it'd be impolite to refuse. So in the end she hands the headphones to the other girl, hesitantly.

The music in Peni's MP3's player is... probably not what one would expect of a polite, quiet wallflower like Peni, and definitely not very much like the cute Japanese pop of Hibiki. Very aggressive teenage grunge stuff with lyrics that speak of taking on the world armed and dangerous.]
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[Peni looks at Hibiki in mild surprise at that]

Really? I didn't think she'd be the type to enjoy Chemical Weapon.

I... guess if she wants any music I can share a bit.
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[Peni nods. She knows the type]

I don't want to impose, then.

[She takes back her headphones, silently, not knowing what else to say and not minding entirely too much. Young Parker is not the most socially adept of people, wellknown genemod idol or not]
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Watch your four o' clock!

[A long blue beam of energy passes overhead - hitting an enemy unit in the shoulder and ripping off its arm, which happens to be holding a weapon. This is immediately followed by a similar colored energy bolt that strikes the enemy's remaining arm and knocks the entire unit on its back.]

Geez, you make this look easier than it really is.

[The white Temjin that fired the shots shakes its head. The pilot is definitely not used to this disabling stuff.]
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With the enemies I usually fight, I've never had to be this precise before...

But I'm not out of tricks just yet. Heads up!

[The Virtuaroid lobs a spiked ball the size of its hand into the air, where it detonates in a wide, almost completely circular explosion!

Instead of shockwaves and flames however, this explosion is comprised entirely of some kind of blue energy that even engulfs Hibiki, because she's nearby.

Funny enough, it doesn't do any damage to the Symphogear user, and for a brief moment, actually stuns the enemies surrounding her!]

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[Though the turncoat seems wary at first, not sure of Hibiki's course of actions - once the hug actually happens she just stands there and takes it. It feels awkward, actually.]

I do not see why are you so happy.

Corrupt they may be, I swore allegiance with my former allies. And now that oath is broken.

I am truly without honor.
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You will find them more stubborn than I.

[Sielje tries to retreat from the embrace.]

Your efforts may be noble but I am afraid they are futile. Acting in concert between my and your people is... impossible.

[What a downer.]
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Hibiki Tachibana...

[From all kinds of behaviours Sielje did not expect this one.]

Do your spirits remain uncrushed, soaring no matter the gravity of situation?
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So you insist on accepting everyone? Regardless of strength, regardless of honor, regardless of what they did?