Jan. 6th, 2015

spearpunch: (Everything went better than expected!)
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[A battle has ended and there's a new face/faces at one of the bases... a former enemy who changed sides mid-battle, and in fact it's you!  Some may view you with suspicion, but there's one girl anxiously waiting for you with this huge grin on her face and a few bits of rice on her cheek from her hastily-consumed lunch.  No way was she going to let even food get in the way of greeting you!]

Hello!  It's great to see you off of the battlefield... I always knew whatever differences we had we'd be able to work through them!

If you never caught my name when we fought, it's Hibiki!  Hibiki Tachibana!


[It's music time!  Hibiki's got a huge stack of CDs she's just purchased, trying through each one of them and humming along with them.  There's some familiar tunes amongst them, including ones by Lynn Minmei and Tsubasa Kazanari too.  And when she notices you close by, off go the headphones and she offers them to you.]

Would you like to listen?   There's so many different styles being sung I'm sure you'd like one of them!


[Hibiki's far from being just a cute, friendly girl though.  In the midst of battle, she's right in the thick of it, smashing her way through machines that dwarf her and singing all the while.  Although...]


[There's a clear trend in how she's going about it though.  Limbs, cameras, weapons... even when a kick smashes into a Lion's midsection, it doesn't smash it concave and instead smacks it through a wall to disable it instead.  Yes, Hibiki is seeing to it that she spares the enemy pilots.]