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[In the course of a conversation with Satori, you have discovered that you are talking to a mind reader!]

What's that? "Can she really read my mind?" Yes, I can.

"That's kind of creepy?" Yes, I've heard that as well. Are you going to think of a number between 1 and 1000 next, and try to have me guess it?


[The setting: Arracht Airéine! Satori has wandered out to the magical creature enclosures, and seems to be having a one-sided conversation with a recently-defeated monster.]

It's a shame that you have to live in such distasteful conditions...

...oh, you actually like it?

I suppose that it would be convenient to have all your food and water brought to you every day.

How about your vacation time?


[Danmaku battle! Flying, lasers, and complex dodging patterns! That's what Satori just lost at.

She seems to be pouting.]

Even though I can read your thoughts, I still couldn't win... how unreasonable. Very well, I'll acknowledge my defeat, this time.
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[You are going through a door! A perfectly innocent door... which is what makes it so surprising when, at the moment you open it, a bucket appears out of thin air, falling from above and unloading a bucketful of raw seafood on your head as you step through.]

[Small voices speak quietly from nearby.]

Hahaha, they fell for it!


[The setting: The bar! Everything is going normally, with no suspicious clientele whatsoever trying to do anything suspicious.]

[A tall, mysterious figure in a trenchcoat wobbles into the bar. They appear to be wearing a mask with a smiley face on it.]

[A voice is emitted from somewhere around the mystery figure's neck.]

I would like one...

Er, I mean, three warm sakes.


[Filtered from Luna]

Time for a dramatic revelation: I'm beginning my solo adventures!

No longer will I be just one of the Three Fairies. The time has come to carve out my own legend! Fame and fortune, here I come! By myself!


[Filtered from Sunny]

What do you think would be the best possible way to prank somebody who's already really good at pranks?

They totally, absolutely deserve it, by the way, so it should be a seriously devastating prank.


[Filtered from Sunny and Luna]

Just so you all know, Sunny and Luna are in the middle of a stupid fight over something or other. I recommend that you ignore anything drastic they say, and then they'll quickly forget all about it and go back to normal.
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[You were just trying to walk across a bridge leading to the Hounds guild headquarters, when a strange small person with wings appeared like a random encounter.]

So you think you're strong enough to join the hounds, huh? Well you'd better watch out, since only the strongest of the strong can survive here! Get ready, 'cause I'm not letting you join unless you can defeat me, the strongest fairy!

[Are you even interested in joining the Hounds at all? Are you, in fact, already a member? Has this happened before?]


[In the inevitable aftermath of prompt 1, Cirno is at the pub.]

Just you wait, big jerks! I'm gonna do all the ishe training! I'm gonna learn all the shecret moves! Then I'm gonna get my revenge!

'cause I




[That last point is punctuated by Cirno falling off of her stool. She's had quite a few margaritas.]


[The sauna! Something seems different from usual, though. Why is it so... chilly? And why is the fairy in the corner sweating bullets and hyperventilating?]

I... won't... lose... to... a stupid... sauna!
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[Your business has brought you in contact with the so-called Cult of Yasaka! Whether you're here for answers, revenge, or religious business, you've been granted an audience with the cult's leader. However, something is definitely unusual about this - the leader isn't another cultist, it's the god Yasaka herself!]

[The divine aura she radiates, however, clashes a bit with the unrefined yawn she lets out as you enter. Sounds like she was taking a nap, and looks like she isn't super interested in whatever you're about to say.]

Very well, very well. Who hath summoned me, and for what purpose?


[A newly-built church, hooray! On Kanako's turf? Hmm.]

[The attack came at night, when most of the church staff had already left the premises for the night. Those few who were there were given ample time to flee. While in the end, nobody was killed, the building has been reduced to a pile of rubble, with a number of massive pillars stuck into the ground amidst it like giant javelins.
As you come to the scene of the crime, a god is sitting cross-legged atop one of the pillars, smiling down at the wreckage.]

Are you with the church as well? I don't have anything against the Crystal King, but this is my territory.

I won't allow you to establish a presence greater than mine here!


[The pub! This is the lasat place where a deity should probably be hanging out, but who's gonna tell her she can't?]

[Kanako is very clearly drunk, and making herself a bit of a spotlight, telling (occasionally bawdy) tales of yore. And being very generous with her money, to the profit of the pub.]

Now, I'll buy a round of drinks for anyone who will consider switching to my religion! No, two rounds!
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Attention, alleged magic users!

[Yumemi waves a glittering golden treasure at the camera.]

I have here exactly one authentic jeweled chalice. As simple baubles are of no interest to me, I propose a deal!

This chalice will go to the first person who can conclusively prove to me that magic exists.


[Some time ago, Yumemi harassed you into demonstrating some awesome ability or technique of yours for her at great, exasperating length. And now, in the latest Qin/Fae attack, here she is, using some new trick that looks suspiciously similar to the thing she was taking all those readings on!]

HAH! Once again, hard work and rational thinking have won the day!

Now, simple-minded invaders, surrender to me your secrets or face my wrath!


[At one of those post-victory revelries that Thor is so proud of! Yumemi doesn't seem to be very revelrous, though. She is off in a remote corner of the party, looking grumpy, holding a flagon of something that may or may not be alcoholic, and muttering to herself.]

Fight Qin. Faff around. Fight Fae. Faff around. Fight Qin. Faff around. What's the point? We're just going in circles. Nobody can beat anyone else. Eternal stalemate.

ARGH! At least in grad school, I had a destination!
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*She's been TRYING to explain something to you, but for some reason you find yourself distracted. Either way, it's obviously getting on her nerves, if the fact a few sparks are flitting about wasn't a dead giveaway.*

Damn it all, are you paying attention to me?! This is important stuff! Don't just ignore me!


*You were trying to lock her out for whatever reason. But she's just floated right through the door.*

...What exactly was that supposed to accomplish again?


*Busted. You've just spotted her petting a stray dog she's found.*

Oooh, who's a good puppy? Yes you are! Yes you are! Aren't you just the sweetest little thing!


*One word: Drunk.*

But oh my word, you should have seen the one that got away! Ha ha ha! Oh dear, that was quite a battle, donchya think?


May. 5th, 2012 10:34 am
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Hello again, my fellow Sirocco inhabitants! I just remembered something of great personal significance. I am, in fact, a priestess! Indeed, a humble disciple of Bishamonten, the divine guardian and punisher of evildoers, shining brightest among the Seven Gods of Fortune.

Are there any among you who would consider undertaking buddhist training? The trials will put your body and spirit to the test, but if you perservere, you may be able to attain enlightenment...


You know,

[Among friends! That dignified manner from before sure disintegrated fast.]

Did you know that, you know,

[Also she seems to have gotten staggeringly fall-down drunk. Again.]

There's some kinda rule for priests, that you aren't supposed to drink alcohol?

[Loud, drunken laughter.]

I don't know any priestshstshs who follow THAT rule! What kinda life would that be?


[TRAINING MONTAGE TIME. The one training is Shou! She's practicing the art of spear combat, with somebody - possibly you! - as her teacher. Her form, her precision, the grace of her attacks...]

[They're all sloppy, at best. If you didn't know any better, you might think she'd never even held a spear before.]


[Shou throws the spear to the ground in a fit of frustration.]

Lousy pointed stick! Why was I holding you when I arrived if I don't have the first idea how to use you?!
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[Remember when you gave this young lady some help getting started with using a computer? Well, here she is, probably at some inconvenient moment, knocking loudly on your door until you answer it.]

That stupid computer thing doesn't work right! [No, no pleasantries.] You told me I could go on the inter-whatsit to buy things without leaving my room, but now it takes forever to do anything, and pictures keep popping up all over it trying to sell me things I don't even want!

I have no idea how it works, so fix it for me.


[Should she really be drinking this early in the day? Or at all, at her age? Well, she clearly is.]

Ahh... There's nothing like relaxing after a long summer day of work with a nice cold drink, is there?

[It's worth noting that she doesn't seem to have done anything today other than sweeping and loitering around.]


[Some kind of wacky incident is afoot, and you - yes, YOU - are behind it! Or at least, it might look like you are. Whether you're actually responsible or not, an unidentified flying shrine maiden is here to talk to you about it.]

So why don't we do things the easy way for a change? You admit that this is all your fault, stop it, and promise never to cause trouble again. I beat you up a bit and we all go home early.

Or we can do this the hard way, too. I'm not too picky.
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[You've been putting off some work for ages and today is the day you are finally DEFINITELY going to do it. Nothing is going to distra-oh fuck there's Marisa with a bottle.]

Heeeey, buddy! I'm bored, lets go get plastered!


[Some of your stuff has gone missing, so of course the first place you go to check is Marisa's place.]


[How can you doubt that innocent grin?]



[Need I say more?]
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1 - Cafeteria, afternoon!
[ It's lunchtime, and Nitori has wiggled her way into a corner, sitting at a table no one is using. Sooner or later she looks up from what she's doing to see someone shuffling by. She swallows hard. All the color drains from Nitori's face, but she puts on an odd smile regardless. ]

B-Bwuh - oh, ha ha. If you want to sit here, you can! I don't mind!

[ ... and yes. Her lunch consists of solely cucumbers. Why do you ask? ]

2 - The Pool
[ Nitori has gone out swimming! It's odd, how she swims in the pool fully clothed, but she speeds through the water regardless of the extra weight.

Eventually she'll have to come back up for air, and when she does she sighs, before mumbling under her breath.

It's just not the same...

3 - Open~
[ Eventually, eventually, you may find yourself a victim of Nitori's quests for knowledge. By that, she has actually taken apart something of yours without your permission. She's quite a compulsive little bugger, and you've just caught her red handed!

At best, she's only taken apart something small. At worst, it's everything in your house! She's very thirsty for knowledge! And no matter what, she will be unusually upbeat and positive about the situation!

I-I don't see why you're so upset! I was only looking to make things more efficient! That's all!

I'm quite good with my hands, I'll have you know! I was planning on putting it back together once I was done!
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A Flower shop

[It’s closing time at the flower shop, but on such a warm evening Yuyuko’s taking her time. While she’s finishing up the preparations on the store front she forgot to display the ‘closed sign’. The door is still wide open to let the air in but the sound of approaching footsteps is audible within the small shop]

I’m sorry, we’re closing. It seems such a shame now that you’ve come all this way though. Would you perhaps like some tea instead?

B Event

[Living in a place like Gensoukyou it isn’t unusual to occasionally be thrust into danger. So dangerous situations in Mayfield make it feel a little more like home. Of course it’s a little different which is slightly alarming, but Yuyuko knows that death is nothing to fear. Instead she focuses on protecting people who don’t quite realise this or can’t defend themselves]

This really is troublesome, isn’t it? You shouldn’t be so worried though, I’m sure someone’s already sorting out the incident. Someone normally is.

[As their attacker approaches she fires a short burst of bullets with the flick of a wrist. Things would be much more convenient if she had her spell cards but this would have to do for now]

Trust me, we’ll be fine.

C Post-event

[Even though it seems like the worst is over most people would be wise to stay inside. Yuyuko isn’t most people though, and she walks through the park at dusk with a covered basket in one hand and a lantern in the other. It seems as if she’s looking for someone, or perhaps something]
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[Doing something of questionable loyalty? Questionable legality? What about something plain old embarassing?]

[Take your pick! It doesn't matter, you just got your picture taken regardless.]

Tsk tsk tsk! What would your boss say if they knew about this?


[Aya's newspaper has been stirring things up in the capital! Most of note at the moment is the stuff with you in it.]

[She's hard to pin down with how much she moves around, but you've found the journalist responsible for your reputational woes! She's in a pub, surrounded by a ludicrous amount of empty glasses. Sobriety is not what is appening here.]

Oh, that? What about it? It was a good article.

You aren't suggesting I should stop reporting on the truth, are you?


[FIGHT PROMPT. There are lots of reasons someone might want to beat up Aya; she's not very popular.]

[Aya's not really thinking hard about the fight ahead - she's thinking one step past it. What does she have to gain by winning? What about losing? Victory might not be the only path to getting what she wants...]

[Then again, there's no reason not to have a bit of fun before seeing which way this is going to unfold.]

Fine! If it's a fight you want, then it's a fight you'll get.

Do you think you can keep up with my speed?

For Rakuen

Jan. 12th, 2012 01:35 am
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[Cirno got to be a player this round! Getting extremely excited, she decided to post a seeking post to see who would get to be her weapon]

Hey! I'm a player this round so if you want to be with the Strongest there is, let me know okay!


[Sitting under a tree, Cirno sits with a book upside down. She looks very intent on the text for a moment before throwing the book in your direction before shouting loudly and jumping to her feet.]

"This makes no sense! How is this supposed to be learning?!?!"
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*The whole of the grocery store aisle in front of you is currently blocked by extreme fluffiness -- nine fox tails, in fact. And the woman who sports them seems to be stuck in some sort of odd crisis of will.*

O-oh my! This fried tofu -- it looks so delicious! But I only have so much money to go around, it would be such a waste to pick up something like this. Still, it does look good... ah, have some self-control, Ran! There are so many more important things to buy! Oh bother.

*Enable her? If only so you can reach the damn luncheon meat.*


*Ever since she moved in, this strange youkai woman has been acting like a total den mother, cleaning up, cooking, and so on. This morning, that mound of laundry you'd been putting off for a sunny day -- maybe -- has disappeared, and you can't find it anywhere -- until you walk out on the roof and realize apparently she prefers the old fashioned method of washing and drying clothes, including YOURS.*

Ah, good afternoon! A lovely day for laundry, wouldn't you say?


*So the building you guys have been exploring has some sort of puzzle which involves six deep alcoves. You can't see into them far enough to see what's in them, but you know that only one has a switch, and the others have nasty surprises. What to do? Well, apparently this woman has an idea, if the six paper dolls she pulls out have anything to say about it. She holds them up, and they begin to glow and float.*

No need to endanger your limbs. I believe I can handle this situation with much greater ease.


*The life of one so long lived allows for many more memories with each Anemoi, and yet one memory frustratingly remains out of reach...*

I cannot stand it! Hundreds of years, the life of a dedicated servant, and yet I cannot even remember the face of who I served! What sort of servant must I be that I cannot even remember my own master's face? I must have been a true failure.

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