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[You got a new roommate yesterday, a blind woman escorted in by one of the Lab guys. She holed up in her room pretty quick and you haven't seen her since. Until now, that is, where you've just come home to find her in your room, groping her way through your stuff.]


[You just told Aestuosa about something most people would consider highly unusual. Magic, aliens, time travel, whatever. As long as it's not about piloting a giant robot, that's not weird to her.]

Yeah, right! How gullible do you think I am?


[Oh, hey, look, it's Aestuosa over there, hanging out on a park bench. She pulls out a pack of cigarettes and lights one up before she starts... talking to herself?]

Ain't like it really matters to you, right?


[ALTERNATIVELY, if you're the sort of person who can see ghosts and other such otherworldly things, you get a pretty different view of the above situation. Aestuosa is sharing her bench with a deceased fellow, looks to be a young businessman of some sort. When she lights up, he admonishes her about the dangers of smoking.]

Ain't like it really matters to you, right?
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[This argument has been getting more and more ridiculous, largely due to Strider's efforts. Finally, it has come to this.]

Awfully strong words there. If you want to make a bold claim like this, you better put your money where your mouth is and drop some motherfuckin' science in here.


[You had something serious you wanted to talk to Dave about, but when you found him he was lost in thought watching MTV.]

Shouldn't there be music on MTV instead of just shitty reality TV. You'd think if they could keep one thing straight it would be to keep the thing from the name of the station in there.


[Time travel shenanigans! Dave just IMd you out of the blue]
have you fucked everything up yet
dont give me the captchacode for the gravity gun
in fact
dont give me anything today
just to be safe
alright im out
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[Event! Somehow the entire city is flooded, while it is highly distressing to most of the city, Hector is getting along swimmingly - literally. He's diving and surfacing freely, collecting anemoi that washed in from the sea]

come on, the water's fine, and there's only nurse sharks here.


[Hector had suddenly run off on his own during an expedition, and gotten himself into trouble, trouble you had to bail him out from. He glances to the side - muttering]

I wasn't in real danger, I mean, it's not like things really mattered...


[This guy is your room mate, he seems fairly rational - until today, where you walk in on him painting the room and doing a haphazard job of it!]

Oh hey! You're here! What do you think of this color? Soothing isn't it!

[Hector suddenly slung an arm over your shoulder, paintbrush hitting your shirt]

I just looked at the room and thought 'we need something less boring' so I figured a paintjob would do the trick.


May. 5th, 2012 10:34 am
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Hello again, my fellow Sirocco inhabitants! I just remembered something of great personal significance. I am, in fact, a priestess! Indeed, a humble disciple of Bishamonten, the divine guardian and punisher of evildoers, shining brightest among the Seven Gods of Fortune.

Are there any among you who would consider undertaking buddhist training? The trials will put your body and spirit to the test, but if you perservere, you may be able to attain enlightenment...


You know,

[Among friends! That dignified manner from before sure disintegrated fast.]

Did you know that, you know,

[Also she seems to have gotten staggeringly fall-down drunk. Again.]

There's some kinda rule for priests, that you aren't supposed to drink alcohol?

[Loud, drunken laughter.]

I don't know any priestshstshs who follow THAT rule! What kinda life would that be?


[TRAINING MONTAGE TIME. The one training is Shou! She's practicing the art of spear combat, with somebody - possibly you! - as her teacher. Her form, her precision, the grace of her attacks...]

[They're all sloppy, at best. If you didn't know any better, you might think she'd never even held a spear before.]


[Shou throws the spear to the ground in a fit of frustration.]

Lousy pointed stick! Why was I holding you when I arrived if I don't have the first idea how to use you?!
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*Man, there sure were a lot of human enemies you had to deal with to get here! But at least, the anemoi stores are -- hey, who's that woman gathering all of them?*

Ho ho! You're not as incompetant as you look! I suppose it was a bit much to hope they could hold you off long enough. I suppose you want these little baubles, hmm? I'm afraid you're too late for that.


*You managed to beat her to the loot, a neat looking artifact, and she does NOT look happy.*

Ch'. It would seem I was too late to beat you to it. I cannot let you keep that, however. Far too much is at stake.


*Yeah, you've had some nasty run-ins with her. Mostly her getting in the way, weird little schemes, and so on, and so on. But lately you've been dealing with someone a lot more dangerous than her. So you might be surprised when her face shows up on your videophone, and...*

Parley, if you will. I wish to form an alliance. Temporarily, of course.
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[Gang violence is up and it's probably that new guy who looks like he eats biker gangs for breakfast. Seems like someone better give him a talking to.]

What the hell do YOU want?


[Kanji dropped a little, knit kitty wearing a raincoat. He's patting down his pockets and looking around awkwardly like he wants to ask someone for help, but also can't quite bring himself to do so.]



[Everyone's getting ready for one of the various expeditions out beyond the city. Checking maps, getting gear, loading weapons.

Kanji has a folding chair slung over his shoulder.]
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[5-sweep-old Aradia is aong with you on this adventure into the wastes! She seems to know her way around an adventure pretty well, in a miniature alien Indiana Jones sort of way.]

[Upon exploration of the monster-lousy ruins, Aradia stops to examine some sort of abandoned artifact. It appears to be... a toaster?]

I've seen one of these before! I remember it from one of my own expeditions, back home.

I think ancient civilizations used these as... some sort of food receptacle?


[Just remember something rough? Specifically, about somebody's death? Aradia seems pretty easy to confide in, in a friendly sort of way. She's a good listener, at least, but, well...]

this just gave me a great idea
we sh0uld have a human c0rpse party t0 cheer you up!
i f0rget what theyre called, maybe y0u can help me 0ut
when s0me0ne dies, and all the surviving pe0ple wh0 knew them get t0gether
and have a party...
d0 y0u kn0w what i mean?
i read ab0ut them a while back and this seems like a g00d 0pp0rtunity t0 try it 0ut!
what d0 y0u think?


[Need a hand with... basically anything? Manual labor? Someone to confide in? A test subject for violent explosion techniques? Robo-Aradia may be a good person to ask!]

What do you need?

Not that it matters. Everything I do here is pointless, so I don't see how this will change things.

I'm OK with it, though.


i think
i will st0p c0llecting anem0i
i c0uld pretend that remembering the past w0uld s0meh0w alter the inevitable events 0f the future
but really i mean
the past cann0t be und0ne
the future cann0t be altered
whats the p0int


[Minding your own business? Good! You are now suddenly being visited out of nowhere by a troll wearing ridiculous magical girl butterfly pajamas.]


Is this a good time?


exciting news, everyone!
you know how there are a few trolls around here, and they can seem kind of
weird and lame?
well, i was remembering some of our old adventures together
and it seemed pretty cool and dramatic at the time, buuuuuuuut
in hindsight we were a bunch of weirdos pretty much from day one.
myself included! i'm not just name calling, its true.
funny how much responsibility a group of random kids can end up with.
anyway thats it! thanks for reading even though it was pointless.
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1. [Jack is sneaking down the street, an armful of various things he's grabbed and disassembled that either looked valuable, or looked like he could use it in his tech. Is some of it yours?


2. [It's a big, elaborate lab. The sound of crackling electricity can be heard, and the hum of computer fans, and all the walls are lined with complex walls of computer panels. Jack, of course, was naturally drawn in.]

Oooh, what's that do? [he asked, pressing a bright red button.]

3. I'm bored. [He says this while lounging around in the ruins, leaning against a statue of a dragon and wondering if monsters were going to pop up or someone was going to find something useful out here or something, when the statue suddenly shifted, revealing a hole. Jack, not expecting the statue to move, lost his balance and fell down the hole, screaming.]
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[Remember when you gave this young lady some help getting started with using a computer? Well, here she is, probably at some inconvenient moment, knocking loudly on your door until you answer it.]

That stupid computer thing doesn't work right! [No, no pleasantries.] You told me I could go on the inter-whatsit to buy things without leaving my room, but now it takes forever to do anything, and pictures keep popping up all over it trying to sell me things I don't even want!

I have no idea how it works, so fix it for me.


[Should she really be drinking this early in the day? Or at all, at her age? Well, she clearly is.]

Ahh... There's nothing like relaxing after a long summer day of work with a nice cold drink, is there?

[It's worth noting that she doesn't seem to have done anything today other than sweeping and loitering around.]


[Some kind of wacky incident is afoot, and you - yes, YOU - are behind it! Or at least, it might look like you are. Whether you're actually responsible or not, an unidentified flying shrine maiden is here to talk to you about it.]

So why don't we do things the easy way for a change? You admit that this is all your fault, stop it, and promise never to cause trouble again. I beat you up a bit and we all go home early.

Or we can do this the hard way, too. I'm not too picky.

For Anemoi

Mar. 28th, 2012 08:00 pm
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1. (Action)

Jack had regained a few of his memories through gathering anemoi, and had started making it a habit to tag along on expeditions going out to find these small but valuable gems, which he’d found fairly useful. He’d taken half to the lab to restore his memories, which is what allowed him to remember what that strange backpack he’d arrived with was really for, and he stashed the other half figuring he’d need funding for things. However, Jack had gotten impatient with this, and decided he wanted all the anemoi. After intentionally falling behind the others, Jack activated his heli-pack, hovering in the air, watching his teammates. Whenever he’d see one closing in on an anemoi, he thought, he’d swoop in and snatch it before they had a chance to.

Looking, Jack saw one of the others approaching one of the anemoi. As planned, Jack made a dive for it, grabbing the anemoi...and crashing as he miscalculated and crashed, tumbling into the ground.


He really needed more practice with his heli-pack, he thought. He’d gotten a bit unused to using it during the time when he didn’t even remember what it was. Looking at the person he’d been trying to snatch the anemoi from, Jack screeched, “You can’t have it, it’s mine!”

2. (Video)

[Jack is sitting in a chair, leaning forward, looking a bit frustrated as he begins whining.] How do people even get stuff around here without ebay? Whatever. [Then he shifts from whining to simply asking, sitting back further in his seat and relaxing a bit.] Does anyone know how to get useful stuff around here? Like...welding guns? Car motors? Bike chains?

3. (Action)

Jack had the monkey staff. Jack was using the monkey staff, giving him a monkey tail and monkey-like facial features, and he was screaming with distinct monkey-like screeching as he swung from street lamps, scrambled up drainage pipes, and generally ran amok. He wondered if there was a tire swing somewhere around here...
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I've been told that usually recent arrivals announce the few details they remember about themselves over the network. It seems like a rather pointless tradition to uphold, seeing as we're all suffering from severe cases of retrograde amnesia. Then there's the anemoi--what exactly do they do, besides function as currency and an exchange for our memories? In fact, how did our memories disappear in the first place? I don't see any reason for the "gods" to knock us unconscious and somehow cause our amnesia.


[Do you happen to be a hero or a law enforcement officer of some sort? Then chances are, you might have dealt with crime scenes before. This one seems particularly gruesome, but what's different about it is the tall man running around the scene, sniffing things and examining the corpse and other items. And he's...definitely taking the time to insult some of your fellow officers/heroes, if they're there.

Care to step in before he messes anything up? You might want to listen to him, though. He looks rather triumphant.]


[So apparently, some time ago, Sherlock remembered that he was a consulting detective. He'd definitely advertised it over the network. Regardless, you're here now--maybe you're a police officer, or a civilian, who badly needs his help.

...unfortunately you're not going to get it without some level of contempt on his part.]

Tell me everything, from the beginning. Don't be boring.


[Oh, jeez. You must've been pretty unlucky to get stuck with Sherlock Holmes for a roommate. So far it's been somewhat safe to come in (but not to open the fridge, since apparently there is an abundance of human parts in it), what with a whirlwind of cases, but now they've all dwindled and he's got nothing to do. As you can tell, he's going out of his mind with boredom.

It's definitely why there's a smiley face peppered with bullet holes on the wall. As for the man himself, he's reclining in an armchair.]

Did you get the milk?
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*The pair of you have been giving the goody-two-shoes in Sirocco a run for their money. Say what you will about Misery, for someone forced to do what she does, she's dedicated to her job.*

My Lord. I've helped throw chaos into their ranks as you have commanded, but a few of them seem determined still to resist. Shall I send our forces to take them out, or shall I handle the situation personally?


*Gee, and you were making such good progress too. Guess who's just shown up. Hint: Bluh bluh.*

And here I thought you were a bunch of bumblers. I must admit you've done better than I expected! Unfortunately, my Lord is already on his way to his goal. Still, I suppose I have some time to play with you all.


*So the fight is over, she'd disappeared for a while with her master -- and then reappeared in the same state as everybody else. Needless to say, she hasn't exactly had a cordial welcome, and she's already pretty defensive when you come to visit her.*

Let me guess. More statements about how you're keeping an eye on me, how little you trust me, etc. etc.? You all must enjoy taunting the amnesiac villain. Make it quick. I was enjoying my brief time alone, and I would like to return to it, if you please.


Mar. 3rd, 2012 12:23 am
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-1- [Video]


[Why does he have the phone propped up at a distance in order to record his grandiose entrance? It's a goddamn video post. Everybody knows he had to make the call, how does making an entrance even make sen--he enters the video in a puff of smoke, posing elegantly and holding a rose.]

I appear with the grace of a swan and the power of an eagle! I am the Dark Adonis, Vyers!

I am to understand that many of you here were robbed all memory of your past lives? Fear not, for you may now rely upon the guiding brilliance that is moi! True, there are certain gaps in my own recollection of life before Sirocco, but I have not lost hope. Nor shall I refrain from being the light that permits the rest of you to go on in the face of despair!

You need only thank moi daily.

-2- [Action]

[He's stealing a cake. A giant one, Yeah, that's pretty much all there is to this prompt.]

Non non non, my friends! You see, my allies and associates were most cruelly uninvited to these pastry-themed festivities! I am merely righting this injustice and securing our fair share of the confections: all of them!

Perhaps in the future you will know better than to be so stingy.
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[At Iroh's tea house.]

Welcome to the Jade Dragon! Nothing can help you put aside the trouble of the world like a nice, hot, calming cup of tea. We just got a shipment of Darjeeling tea. I had a chance to try some earlier and I can assure you it is exquisite.


[Everything's been going wrong for you, and you know who's fault it is. It SHOULD be time for payback, but some old far is trying to talk to you first.]

You look like you're about to break someone in half. Why don't you take a minute to cool your head before you do something you will regret?


[That one sided fight you were winning just got interrupted by the weird old man from the tea house who just shot a blast of fire from his fist to separate you from your chosen prey. He looks barely recognizable as the same man.]

There's still time to settle this without fighting, you know. I'm not fond of violence, but if you keep insisting on making a fight of this then I will end it.

for [community profile] anemoi

Feb. 21st, 2012 12:57 pm
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[(Insert Random Holiday) has come around and Lillith had volunteer to cook for the dinner later that day. She's making herself very busy, examining the honey and rosemary glazed duck in the oven before rushing over to turn over the sugared fruits and nuts, and on the stove top - the french onion soup is simmering. Finally she notices your presence and glances back as she turns over the sugared fruits so they'd dry evenly]

Excuse me, could you get the heavy cream from the fridge?


[After some memory regains and you getting her trust]

[Lillith smoothed an imaginary wrinkle out of her skirt, shifting her weight from foot to foot as she avoids her gaze]

Uhm... could you hear me out? I - I need to tell someone, and you're the only one I can think of that won't react badly. But can you promise you won't tell anyone first?


[Welp, there was an adventure to be had, and it ended in disaster - with the whole group barely getting out by the skin of the teeth. Lillith had been very quiet up until now - finally she stomps her foot and glares at the offender]

Honestly - were you trying to get us hurt running ahead of everyone like that? You weren't listening and had to run out like that! How can you be so... so... so selfish!

[Were you the 'offender', or do you want to step in and keep the argument from escalating]


[Window shopping! Lillith stop at the window of a Jewelry store, pointing at an utterly cute silver cat necklace and points it out]

Look at this! Isn't it adorable? I'd like to have something like that... aaaww - but it's so expensive...
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[Maybe you just went through deep and personal trauma. Maybe you just woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. Either way the local gun toting priest has come to soothe your soul.]

You have the look of someone who needs to get a load off their mind. Fortunately the Lord is always willing to listen to your troubles!


Hey buddy, pal, friend, brother/sister [select appropriate] in the eyes of god! Have I ever mentioned how much I respect you and how much I value you our friendship?

[Guess who's broke again.]


[Ever wonder what's the deal with that giant cross wrapped in cloth and belts that Wolfwood always carries around? Well, things have finally gotten dire enough that he's taken the cloth off to reveal what it is: A giant fucking gun. HOPEFULLY, he's pointing it at someone besides you.]

God may forgive you, but I can't!

[community profile] anemoi :3

Feb. 6th, 2012 07:46 pm
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I have a hypothetical question for or other residents, particularly those who are human. Human psychology has become something of interest for me lately, so please be honest in your answer.

If you could have any wish granted, how much would you be willing to give in return?


[Either you or someone you know has formed a contract with Kyuubey! Maybe it's going great. Maybe it's an endless parade of horror. Who knows, really, I'll let you sort out the details.]

[Whatever the situation, there's somebody at your window.]

Are you free at the moment?


[Well, that could have gone better. You became a magical girl, found out it was a bit more than you had bargained for, and ultimately died under confusing circumstances.]

[Fortunately, you revived as a non-magical human, so the status quo is restored. A few days later, look who's getting in touch again?]

I'd like to offer my congratulations on a remarkably successful contract! I was expecting impressive results from someone of your potential, but you exceeded my expectations by far.

If you ever want to lend your power to the world again, I'd be more than willing to form a second contract.
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[Congratulations, you lucky boy/girl/weird creature thing. There is a stranger approaching you with what looks like a diamond ring in his hand. He also seems very distressed.]

Oh, finally! You've got to help me, please. It's my mother, she's sick and I haven't enough money to pay for her stay. [He pushes the diamond ring towards you. Before you ask, yes, it's real diamond, the glass ring comes in later. He got a jeweler to help out.] All I've got is this ring. I'll give it to you for a part of what I bought it for. Just please, help me!


[So it's...probably some time after the above, or maybe not even related to the above at all. But you're probably pissed off at Moist for something. Trouble is, at this point in time, he's a reformed criminal. Mostly.

...unless it's just for stealing pencils, in which case, he gets bored, okay?]

Right, are you sure we can't talk this out? We're both civilized here, after all. Right?


[Hoo, boy. Something has definitely gone wahoonie-shaped here, otherwise you wouldn't be panicking. Perhaps it's got something to do with what looks like an angry mob forming outside, or maybe there's a pissed-off muscle-bound fellow looking for one of you, or, heck, you could even just be lost! It could be anything, really.

Yet...Moist is grinning. It's the kind of grin he gets only when he's got a trick cooking up his sleeve.]

I've got a plan.

((OOC: Please specify which game you'd like the setting to be in the subject line! That way things will be easier for me.))


Jan. 29th, 2012 08:45 pm
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[This choice is in and of itself multiple choice! A simple ocarina version of one of these songs is playing from somewhere in the Ermis Suites.]


[Let's not overdo the explanations. Something, of some variety, to some degree, is Wrong.]

Are you okay? Maybe I can help.


[Chase scene! Who knows why you're running, it might even just be a game, but--why is Link in front of you. And what's with those ridiculous bunny ears he's wearing?

Heheh... you underestimated me if you thought it would be that easy.

For [community profile] anemoi

Jan. 21st, 2012 08:19 pm
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[Ike's world is stuck in the Middle Ages. Thus, he doesn't know about any of this newfangled technology you people have. You're with him somewhere in the city, when he stops and points to something ordinary, like a car or a telephone.]

And what's this?


I just got a memory back, and it explains why I picked up the sword. It was because of my father. His name was Greil, and he started training me in the sword when I was still just a child. But...that's all. I still don't remember anything after I was about seven years old or so.

I wonder how he's doing...


[You've remembered a traumatic or stressful memory! Somehow Ike heard the news, and he's coming into your apartment, concerned for you.]

Hey. Are you going to be all right?


[There's a battle! Considering the nature of the wilderness, you're probably on the same side, but perhaps there's a conflict within the city limits that has pitted the two of you against each other. Either way, Ike has just arrived and taken the lead on the field.]

It's time we turned the tides of this battle! Here I come!

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