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*You're on your way... somewhere, when you see a girl waving at you from the beach.*

Wow, look at the ocean here! It's so nice, isn't it? ♥


*Maybe you've walked in on Lucia -- in her room, in the shower, whatever. Maybe she's walked in on you. Maybe you tripped and fell on her. In any case, it's probably a huge misunderstanding, but...*


*...that doesn't save you from the slap, broom, or flung bucket coming your way.*


Blah, blah, blah. I know I got my homework in late! Isn't it more important to be fighting Shadows and getting home, anyway? I shouldn't even have to do this!


No matter what I do or how powerful I'm supposed to be... I can't do a thing to get us out of here. This is wrong, isn't it?
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*You come into Sara's room, where she's staring into a book with another stack of books behind her. Her eyes look a bit too glazed over for her to actually be studying, though.*


*Maybe you're at a party, maybe you're just standing around minding your own business, but Sara is suddenly there getting into said business.*

Hello! What are you doing?


*Obligatory combat prompt! Whatever you've done, you did it in front of Sara and she's not letting you run. She goes for her two swords and begins to glow pink.*

What kind of person are you!? I can't let you do this!


*You were talking with Sara. You're not quite sure how you got to this point, but...*

It doesn't matter what you say. Brother is the greatest ruler who ever lived, and everybody here believes in him, too. So there.

*So mature.*