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[So siege against the Fae Lords ended and the Fae were forced to retreat. Everyone's celebrating... except this kid]

... Why are you planning a party already? You're not done defending this place - so don't let your guard down.


[A fight! that strange creature that's been following Mitsunari suddenly leaps into action, slashing a spectral enemy to ribbons as the boy springs back, avoiding the attack]

Pawniard, keep a cool head and we'll win like always! Keep pressuring them and don't give them an opening!


[You might've notice him watching you for the last while, trying to puzzle out whatever passtime you're engaging in. It looks fun... but it seems so undignified to him. For once he doesn't seem aware that you noticed that he's watching]

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[You, Kuja and perhaps someone else was sent to investigate a strange Qin factory producing much more powerful versions of their Terra Cotta soldiers at an alarming rate]

I see... the process is not different from what I've... seen at home. If we destroy it now, The Qin will simply rebuild in a more secure location. I suggest we instead sabotage the formula and to allow them to think this project is a failure.


[So for some strange, bizarre reason, you have been trying to be nice to this man for a while, receiving only annoyance and confusion in return until:]

What do you want from me?!


[The silver-haired narcissist is in an unusual mood, having taken to watching the rolling of clouds at some pretty but remote place late at night, and discovers this time he's not alone]

Hmm...? I did not expect to find another person here at the witching hour. I shall leave you be, since one does not go to these places for company.

[he turns to head off]


[The Monkey King's at it again! The city's overrun with weak, but horribly tenacious super-vermin, and Kuja discovered that these super-vermin in his room and ate his treasured collection of Lord Avon's Completed Works]

I. am. going. to. kill. that. monkey!
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[Event! Somehow the entire city is flooded, while it is highly distressing to most of the city, Hector is getting along swimmingly - literally. He's diving and surfacing freely, collecting anemoi that washed in from the sea]

come on, the water's fine, and there's only nurse sharks here.


[Hector had suddenly run off on his own during an expedition, and gotten himself into trouble, trouble you had to bail him out from. He glances to the side - muttering]

I wasn't in real danger, I mean, it's not like things really mattered...


[This guy is your room mate, he seems fairly rational - until today, where you walk in on him painting the room and doing a haphazard job of it!]

Oh hey! You're here! What do you think of this color? Soothing isn't it!

[Hector suddenly slung an arm over your shoulder, paintbrush hitting your shirt]

I just looked at the room and thought 'we need something less boring' so I figured a paintjob would do the trick.
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[From a crystal, Georik grins competitively]

So I hear that Amestris prides themselves on having the best Alchemists in Dagaria. That is a very bold claim to make in the wake of my Father's legacy. Well, I am only an amateur myself, but I wish to see how good the Amestrian Alchemists are compare to Wolfgang Zaberisk... it should be educational.

[Wait... isn't Wolfgang Zaberisk the Author of that really well-known Alchemy tome?]


[A busy bar in Zeon, full of friends. Georik raises a glass, already somewhat tipsy]

Let us celebrate before the next messenger comes with bad news! Come on, it'd be an insult to this fine establishment if you refuse to drink.

[He's practically shoving a goblet towards you]


[Good job, you managed to injure yourself! Doctor Zaberisk is currently checking on your bandages, frowning a little.]

What on earth possessed you to do something so ridiculous? You are fortunate that someone was around to drag you in to get some treatment.


[On a dark night, when you thought yourself alone - perhaps brooding - Perhaps wanting something you know you can't have - this black-haired demon appears. He has one wing of lush black feathers and one of bleached-white bone]

Darkness calls Darkness, and I am here by thy soul's cry. Thou... art an intriguing soul to catch my attention.

[His inhuman eyes glitter with cruel mischief]

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[(Insert Random Holiday) has come around and Lillith had volunteer to cook for the dinner later that day. She's making herself very busy, examining the honey and rosemary glazed duck in the oven before rushing over to turn over the sugared fruits and nuts, and on the stove top - the french onion soup is simmering. Finally she notices your presence and glances back as she turns over the sugared fruits so they'd dry evenly]

Excuse me, could you get the heavy cream from the fridge?


[After some memory regains and you getting her trust]

[Lillith smoothed an imaginary wrinkle out of her skirt, shifting her weight from foot to foot as she avoids her gaze]

Uhm... could you hear me out? I - I need to tell someone, and you're the only one I can think of that won't react badly. But can you promise you won't tell anyone first?


[Welp, there was an adventure to be had, and it ended in disaster - with the whole group barely getting out by the skin of the teeth. Lillith had been very quiet up until now - finally she stomps her foot and glares at the offender]

Honestly - were you trying to get us hurt running ahead of everyone like that? You weren't listening and had to run out like that! How can you be so... so... so selfish!

[Were you the 'offender', or do you want to step in and keep the argument from escalating]


[Window shopping! Lillith stop at the window of a Jewelry store, pointing at an utterly cute silver cat necklace and points it out]

Look at this! Isn't it adorable? I'd like to have something like that... aaaww - but it's so expensive...
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[The magistrate prompt]

[Welp, Eleuseus the Hawk (or the Empress' Dog as some people call him behind his back) just called you to his office about a week after you done something you really shouldn't have in Rome. He smiles disarmingly]

Come in, make yourself comfortable - do have a drink, I believe we got much to discuss.


[Long day at politics, backstabbing, or zaniness? There's nothing better to soothe away the tension then with a nice, steaming hot bath in Rome. Servants are flitting about offering drinks, massages, special massages, food, spare robes for those who find their clothes missing in suspicious circumstances, and can-we-be-more-blatant-by-what-they-mean-massages? He takes a glass of wine and waves the rest off. Slowly he turns to you]

You look embarrassed, is this the first time you took part in a public bath?


[Obligatory battle duel thread. Whether it's personal honor, just for fun, serious business, or a demonstration - you are fighting this guy. Eleuseus undoes his long dark overcoat and tosses it behind him. He has no weapons on him, but he looks confident still as he rolls his weight from one foot to the next, giving you a beckoning gesture]


[Party time! Eleuseus is still neat as a pin, and a remarkable show of restraint compare to the rest of the party as he moves through the crowd, whispering to one person, dancing with another before excusing himself, even he rounds out to you, offering a glass]

Are you enjoying yourself?

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A-ha! Just as I thought! Come here [Lad/Lass]! Take a gander at this photo and the illustration here. Does it look familiar to ye? There's lost gold in a city like this - ripe for the takin' and this is practically a treasure map!


[So you and Scrooge ended up hiding away from dangerous blue monsters, he's whispering as he holds onto a large large emerald the two of you uncovered]

Hard t' believe there's somethin' invincible - but we can't stay here forever...

[He scans the area for something usable.]


[So McDuck somehow manages to talk his way into the adventure party despite his old age. He's still walking a nice clip ahead of the group, talking animatedly six hours later]

Ah yes, There's nothin' like a brisk walk and fresh air to put a spring in yer step. Come on, surely ye're just lettin' me go on ahead due to my age, so don't hold back on my account!


[There's pasteries, cake, and everything flung about, and the food fight continues. Suddenly the Old Duck smashed a wedding cake on you.

What in the heck did you just walk into?]
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[The Drought in Budehuc was so severe that the projected harvest will be smaller then previous years, to a point where it may not last the whole winter. Thomas has been locked away in his office for the last several days as he balances the books. Finally, he opened the door for you]

Please come in, If it's a...a...about the harvest - I'm sorry, I am still finding the best solution possible for the people


[Oh look, Lord Thomas is playing with some dogs... and now several of them are following him around like baby ducklings]

Ah... I don't have anything else, I'm sorry.

[he starts kneeling to pet them]

If I could take you guys home, I would...


Excuse me!

[The young lord from the podunk country burst out, interrupting a heated debate between two bigger factions over how to deal with some threat]

I'm so-so-sorry, but I cannot just continue to listen without speaking up. But... this argument is petty! As we fight... the enemy is gathering it's strength. I... I know we all do not always get along, but we must work together or fall.

[agree, disagree, tell him to stfu?]


[Where is Thomas? You were sent to find him when he didn't come out of the Library, and you discover him clinging for dear life on top of a ladder. Now what?]