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1. [Daniel is a mercenary. He takes jobs for a living. He doesn't do anything morally objectionable, but silly or strange tasks are a different matter entirely. Even if they make him blink an eye. Figuratively speaking.]

You want me to do... what, exactly?

2. [Shooting range. The very tall cyborg is focused, his hand hovering over his holstered gun while the other one is about to press the near console's GO button and start the course... But suddenly, his head turns towards you.]

Do you want to practice with me?

[There's something suspicious about this course. The targets aren't even visible yet.]

3. [Everyone needs to relax after a day of hard work. Daniel sits down in a comfy chair (which creaks in protest, considering how big and heavy he is), opens a bag of potato chips (how is he going to eat them?) and turns on the TV. What appears on the screen is a cheesy, ancient black and white western - one of those where the protagonist and villain actually wear white and black hats respectively. Only after a moment Daniel notices your presence.]


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[It's early morning.  The period of the day that Ana likes to sleep through until at least 10 AM when she's not on-duty.  And unfortunately, something loud just... isn't letting that be how things are today.]

How... how can anyone put up with this?!?  You'd think there'd be some kind of 'quiet hours' in place here!


... Alright!  Some red there, a streak of green there and-

[Later in the day though, Ana's in much brighter spirits.  She has some classical music playing from a speaker outside as the cold, metallic fingers on her right hand running across a canvas.  She's fingerpainting.  Fingerpainting with her cybernetics, and enjoying it greatly.  And finally she adds one upturned curvey line to the bottom of it and then turns around and shows it to you.]

What do you think?  Does it remind you of anything?


[Not long ago, bad things happened during a mission.  Things that wouldn't sit well with many people, Ana included.  She tried to power through it and continue her dexterity training by playing a melancholy little song on her guitar, but one mis-strummed string too many and she has to stop.]

... Why...

[She puts the instrument aside, hands balled up into fists on her lap.]

Why would anyone or anything think that what happened out there would benefit anyone in the long run?  Maybe I don't see it, I'm still new at this combat piloting thing, but... I'm just not seeing it.


Jul. 21st, 2014 10:41 pm
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1.[In the middle of the night, you get up for some reason-maybe you're really hungry, or you've been sick, or you're a really light sleeper and catch the noise-noise, because when you wake up, you'll notice a girl standing in the room, and some of your stuff's been moved about.]


2. [For whatever reason, you've ended up at Eva's apartment for the night-probably, someone wanted to check it out, and she just didn't bother to say no. Whatever the reason, it's sparse. No art, no furniture other than a single pillow and lamp, and nothing in the kitchen to eat but stocks of frozen dinners and canned food. No TV, no internet, no phone.]

Um...if you want the pillow, you can take it...I have a second...


[Or, your introduction to Eva may come during the daylight hours; she can often be seen working out, doing crunches while dangling from a pull-up bar upside down. The girl is ripped, and has two small scars on her abdomen. There's a tattoo of something on the back of her neck, but it's hard to make out with how fast she's going.]

4. [Combat! And Eva's getting her ass kicked by the gleaming white robot that some Vultures brought along to play with. In an instant of melee combat, it uses a wrist-mounted blade to slice an arm off her F-15 and kicks the TSF away.]

[Still, she stands to fight; the sub-arms dutifully whip out their guns, and she's firing at the white robot with three rifles in short order.]
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 1.) [New guy's wandering around base. No military insignia of any kind, but he's got an ID badge clipped to his chest that reads "JOHNATHAN VALE-PRESS".]

So this is the unity group, huh...
[He can be seen taking pictures as he wanders around.]

2.) [Later, the same guy can be found wandering around the hangar, though he's got an escort as he takes more of his pictures.]
Quite the variety, isn't it...

[He's probably even taking pictures of your robot.]

[If you're going out to the bar in town, who should you happen to see there but-Johnathan Vale, Freelance Reporter. He's got a laptop, a notebook, and dozens of sheets of paper arrayed in front of him on the table. The ashtray's got plenty of cigarette butts in it, so he's probably been here a while.]

Heh, I'll probably be doing this until the day I die...
[He takes a drink of his scotch.]
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1. Hangar, night
It's pretty late to have business in the hangar, isn't it? Things have been quiet, the maintenance crews aren't working double shifts in the aftermath of a battle, and whatever brings you here, you probably expected to be the only one around. However, there's light and signs of movement, from a room near one red mobile suit. And when you're nearby, a cry of distress!

Yet if you investigate, the young woman you heard is nowhere to be seen. Instead the room contains a couple of maintenance drones, wheeled tripods with unusually human-looking arms attached. They're holding something over a workbench - something that looks like it's freshly become two separate somethings. Why would anyone have left these on? But then, one makes a sound.

"Damn it..."

2. Gym
There's a new person in the gym, going through a workout that looks half like a dance routine and half like a martial arts kata. From the looks of her, it's something she does a lot, judging both by her physique and the expression of relaxed concentration she's wearing. Offer to spar, or catch her as she's cooling down?

3. Cafeteria
That woman from the gym obviously worked up an appetite. At least, she's in the queue for food, but she seems strangely reluctant to take it. She's stopped in front of the section for an admittedly... unusual menu item, looking indecisive about whether she wants to risk it. As you get closer, though, you can hear that she seems to be talking to herself.

"No. ...I don't care, it looks disgusting. You don't have to deal with the aftertaste."

4. Action
In the chaos of a large battle, someone's gotten the drop on you! You may be oblivious or you may have caught on just too late to react, but there's an enemy behind you lining up a shot, and they fire before you've a chance to dodge...

"Watch it!"

...and they hit a shield - a red canopy that appears in a split second between you and your assailant, like a parasol unfolding! It takes the shot, though from the looks of it, it won't take many more...

The red mobile suit that deployed the shield is speeding towards you, its pilot back on the comms. "My rifle's drained! Got a plan before the rest get here?"
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1. [Hetepheres encounters some sign of human culture as she passes by. It might be music, a movie, art, a game, even an unusual building - doesn't matter. It also doesn't matter if it's something very snobby and high-brow, or low-brow and plebian - her reaction is the same! As for you, either you're passing by as well, or are actively engaged with the thing in question.]

Ah, how interesting. I see that the advancements of Earthling culture continue to amaze.

2. [Now she's watching some people at work. Construction workers building something, engineers working on mecha in the hangar, something else - your pick. And now she turns to you.]

If I may ask - are those free laborers? Did Earth abolish the institution of slavery yet?

3. [Late evening kitchen raid! The huge bug-alien is consuming a pile of biscuits with... sugar and mayo. What. Only now she noticed you. Staring, probably.]

Hmm? May I help you...?

4. [A mecha fight! Or rather, the aftermath of one. It was a flawless victory, not one of those Generic Bad Ends!]

An amazing victory! Everyone, engrave this battle in your minds and cherish it, for it is something to be proud of. As for now...

[Well, mostly flawless. Hetepheres' machine is lying on its back, struggling to get up. Have you ever seen a beetle in the same situation? It's kinda like that, only with desperate attempts to keep her dignity added.]

...A little help, if you don't mind?

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1.[For whatever reason you're crashing at Jen's place tonight.]

Well, here we go. I don't take too good care of it-work and all-so it might be kind of messy.

[And she opens the door onto an immaculate, modern high-rise apartment. Windows make up the entire far wall, giving a beautiful view of Taipei at night. It's huge too, taking up most of the floor of the entire building. A newspaper, a pistol, and a submachine gun lie out on the coffee table. Jen hangs up her jacket on the coat rack, and heads on into the kitchen.]

Want me to get you anything? 

2. [Some other time, the messenger lady can be found on base, working out or in the showers near the gym. And there are plenty of things to notice-she certainly does this a lot, she's quite fit, she has a small patch of skin on the back of her neck that looks like it's removable-or it could just be that she's a moderately attractive woman and she's wearing less clothes than normal.]

3. [Combat! This time it's you and Jen, just not too far away from a bunch of mecha all decked out in spikes, black paint, pentagrams, and fake skulls. There's a hell of a lot of them!]

...So someone gave them robots, huh...

[Their leader points at you, and a guitar riff wails across the night sky. The hunt is soon to begin.]

4. [Combat! It's you and Jen's Cethlenn versus a pack of 30 meter crystalline monstrosities. Cethlenn is just under 5 meters tall. And Jen is not dealing with it.]

H-hey, you people are good at dealing with this stuff, right? What the hell do we do?
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1.[Outside. Twilight. The streetlights are just beginning to flicker on, and as you walk around you can hear the sound of a harmonica gently wafting through the air. If you follow the sound long enough, eventually you'll find its source-a woman, standing atop a streetlight like it's the most normal thing in the world, playing away. She is wearing sunglasses.]

2. [As the team comes under attack from a bunch of mysterious knightly robots, you're the guy (or girl) who gets separated from the rest of the group. And instead of a giant super robot, or someone in fancy powered armor, you're up against...a woman in a suit.]

Well. Looks like you stepped out of the frying pan and into the fire. Guess I can't just sit this one out, huh...

3. [As your team is under assault from aliens, demons, or some other form of horrible unreasonable monster, who should show up but the invincible super robot, Maverick Firestorm! Beloved hero of children, world-saving superhero, and star of thousands of cheap knockoff action figures! Though he's missing his partner, the blue Tsunami Desperado. And the voice it speaks with over the comms is familiar.]

Yo. Heard you might need some help.

4.[Still later, after having fought her once or twice, you might stumble across Sarah in the weirdest of all places-a public park, where she's playing with a small blonde boy.]

Oh. Hey.
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[1] [The Usual Combat Prompt]

[Explosions ring through the air as a city is attacked by some strange crystalline beings. In the middle of all of it you see a very weird looking slightly angelic robot fighting against the beings. However, whoever the pilot is - he seems to be a complete amateur.  As the entire machine is wrecked. Very large sections of it are missing and the only weapon it has left is a dinky-looking sword. And he's not using it very well. In fact he struggles against even a single one of these crystal beasts.]

Great, how could this get any worse?

[What he doesn't notice is the much larger group that's about to jump him from behind.]


[You've just helped Willis with something completely trivial that he really shouldn't have needed help with. Despite that, he's already grasping both of your hands and bowing to you repeatedly.]

Thank you thank you thank you. I don't know where I'd be right now without your help.


[For one reason or another Willis is trying to cheer you up in the only way he knows how. By bringing up how terrible he is.]

Hey come on now, don't let it get you down. You just made a mistake. I've made way more, like the time I crashed into my Boss'  personal garden with a mech.


[Something very bad has just happened and Willis was directly involved. When you find him, he's looking at what seems to be a very old photo. Of course, your presence doesn't go unnoticed.]

Yo, sorry you had to see...that.
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[1] [Standard Combat Prompt]

Cut for size )
[2] [Not so standard interaction post]

Cut for MASSIVE Size )
[3] [Standard interaction prompt]

Cut because the above two were massive )
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[Adam's sitting at the top of a building, just watching the city stretch into the distance. The rushing headlights of cars, the shimmering buildings.]

I've never had a chance to see something like this before... are cities always this impressive when night falls?

[He seems to be hypnotized by the view, though its hard to tell with the faceplate he has on.]

I always thought humans were amazing for surviving everything they did in their history... I think I have another reason to think so after seeing this.


[Its a fight! There's enemies everywhere and Adam's backing you up. His machine takes  bad hit to the side - staggering it. For a moment you hear a hiss of pain over the comms, but it seems to be stifled as the Halcyon charged at the enemy, letting loose an acrobatic leap at the last second - hooking its legs around the offending enemy and swinging it in a spinning arc into the ground - delivering several rapid kicks at any foes close by.]

They are ... quite numerous it seems...

[The machine - and its pilot unconciously brush at where the hit landed.]

How do you fare?


I don't understand the point of this...

[Adam is watching you cluelessly during your leisure time. Like a 'slow' puppy watching his owner relax and watch the game on the TV, he's trying to figure out what exactly are your reasons for doing this.]

[Whether it be Pinata building, just getting sloshed, watching a cheesy movie or playing video games or anything else - he will have absolutely no idea what's going on - despite your best efforts to get him involved.]

[Will you try to enlighten him?]

For UG@

May. 28th, 2013 06:37 am
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[After a catastrophe - a battle, perhaps? Someone was helping in an impromptu set up volunteer hospital. That someone just happens to be Coztik. It's late at night and patients don't need help anymore - one way, or another...]

This world... so much everyday tragedy.
I'm sad that you are forced to live in a place like this. If I could, I would make it so much better. For everyone.

[His hands are red with blood - blood of people he tried to save, not kill.]

[Battle prompt! Whatever enemies you face, suddenly one of them is skewered on a long, golden lance-like tendril. No it's not the Festum - Coztic Pilhua to the rescue!]

You have your objective. Go! I will handle these ones in your name.

My opponents - you fought well, but I am afraid this is over!

[You just noticed that his attack deliberately hit away from the cockpit, to disable but not kill. Will he really be alright alone? That's a lot of bad guys...]

[Relaxation time! Maybe you're out for a few drinks. Maybe it's even a date! One way or another, it's time to have some fun together, and you have the awkward alien to accompany you.]

H... ha ha ha. I am not really good at such things, I must warn you in advance...

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