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1. [Daniel is a mercenary. He takes jobs for a living. He doesn't do anything morally objectionable, but silly or strange tasks are a different matter entirely. Even if they make him blink an eye. Figuratively speaking.]

You want me to do... what, exactly?

2. [Shooting range. The very tall cyborg is focused, his hand hovering over his holstered gun while the other one is about to press the near console's GO button and start the course... But suddenly, his head turns towards you.]

Do you want to practice with me?

[There's something suspicious about this course. The targets aren't even visible yet.]

3. [Everyone needs to relax after a day of hard work. Daniel sits down in a comfy chair (which creaks in protest, considering how big and heavy he is), opens a bag of potato chips (how is he going to eat them?) and turns on the TV. What appears on the screen is a cheesy, ancient black and white western - one of those where the protagonist and villain actually wear white and black hats respectively. Only after a moment Daniel notices your presence.]


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1. [You're in the middle of some kind of disagreement, or had one recently. Whether it's a big and important thing or a relatively trivial one, it doesn't look like any kind of compromise can be reached. And then, suddenly this guy shows up.]

I am Roger Smith, Paradigm City's top negotiator. What seems to be the problem?

2. [You got into trouble, and a bunch of armed thugs or other human-sized bad guys have accosted you in a dark street. Looks like this is going to end in a mess... But suddenly a smoke bomb explodes, blocking the vision of most of the bad guys and causing them to cough! A man in a suit swings in on a line, landing a kick to the head of the one that escaped the smoke!]

I suggest we get out of here. Fast.

3. [Roger got waken up by some loud noises before noon, which counts as way too early for him. Now he's going down the corridor like a slightly annoyed zombie, trying to find the source of the noise.]

What is this ruckus...

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1. [Hetepheres encounters some sign of human culture as she passes by. It might be music, a movie, art, a game, even an unusual building - doesn't matter. It also doesn't matter if it's something very snobby and high-brow, or low-brow and plebian - her reaction is the same! As for you, either you're passing by as well, or are actively engaged with the thing in question.]

Ah, how interesting. I see that the advancements of Earthling culture continue to amaze.

2. [Now she's watching some people at work. Construction workers building something, engineers working on mecha in the hangar, something else - your pick. And now she turns to you.]

If I may ask - are those free laborers? Did Earth abolish the institution of slavery yet?

3. [Late evening kitchen raid! The huge bug-alien is consuming a pile of biscuits with... sugar and mayo. What. Only now she noticed you. Staring, probably.]

Hmm? May I help you...?

4. [A mecha fight! Or rather, the aftermath of one. It was a flawless victory, not one of those Generic Bad Ends!]

An amazing victory! Everyone, engrave this battle in your minds and cherish it, for it is something to be proud of. As for now...

[Well, mostly flawless. Hetepheres' machine is lying on its back, struggling to get up. Have you ever seen a beetle in the same situation? It's kinda like that, only with desperate attempts to keep her dignity added.]

...A little help, if you don't mind?

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1. [It's a calm, beautiful day. Asagi makes sure his bonsai trees are okay, stretches, and leaves his room. This music might as well be playing in the background. Everything is going alright! Maybe for once the day will be relaxing and not full of stress!

And then he steps right into some kind of pandemonium. The music reached the 2:38 part. Calm is replaced by shenanigans. And you're right in the middle of it.]

What is this...

2. [Asagi messed up. Why, exactly? It doesn't matter if it was something big, or something that's irrelevant in the long run, he's beating himself up over it.]

Damnit... Am I going to be one of the Fail Five forever? Urgh...
[He grabs his stomach from stress.]

3. [This time, it's you who looks like you're in trouble! Be it a tough situation in a mecha battle, a personal crisis, or something small, Asagi's big brother instinct flares up and he rushes in.]

Hey! Are you okay?
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1. [Hey look, there's a red robot nearby, looking very similar to a knight in a heavy suit of armor. The robot is kneeling down, the cockpit in its chest open and revealing its pilot, also wearing armor. He inserts an old-looking tome into a slot in the cockpit and proceeds to run diagnostics.]

Hmm... All green, it seems. Good.

[He takes the book out of one slot and puts it into another, and proceeds with his work as if nothing happened. The process also makes the robot's armor slowly change color to blue. Weird.]

2. [Raynor is walking down, the corridor, carrying a huge and a bit wobbly stack of books that obscures most of his vision.]

In hindsight... Taking them all at once wasn't the best idea...

[Surely nothing bad can happen, right?]

3. [Battle time! You're facing a giant monster, and a pretty damn tough one on top of that. Raynor's robot takes a step back after disengaging from melee with the creature, but despite suffering some damage he's not letting his morale drop.]

Tough guy, aren't you...? Don't worry, my friends. I promise that we'll see the end of this together!

Paragon of Compassion! Change, Bard form!

[Paragon's armor changes color into bright gold! The robot's speakers start to blast power metal loudly, the special properties of the soundwaves bringing extra speed and toughness to Raynor's allies!]