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[Perhaps you're the well-to-do sort. Or, you might just be famous. While there could be a lot of reasons; those do not matter. You're here at the Phantomhive Manor, as you knew you couldn't refuse the invitation. While Celia was the sort to invite for tea, Ciel was inviting you for lunch, but perhaps a small game first, yes? Or, you might not have a taste for them. No matter. You can always observe Ciel playing a solitary game while lunch is prepared, and if you're lucky he'll cut to the chase about why you might be here in the first place.]


[Maybe you've been wronged? Well, the underground is a harsh place, and the games there have tough rules. Were you tricked into doing a little dirty work and payed the price? You could have instead been the problem the entire time, and Ciel was merely sent to clean up. There's no time like revenge while the young boy is taking his tea at a public, outside place. Beware though; he is famous as the Evil Nobleman for a reason.]


[The idea occurs. You might actually not be a person on the outside of things, but perhaps one of Ciel's closest allies, or family, in a sense. Is it time to beg a favor, or could you be coming with a new job that you've been ordered to accomplish together?

Or, you might simply be one hell of a butler that's here with the tea. There'd better be a tasty sweet as well if you are.
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1) You're invited to tea~!

Or perhaps you requested to have a meeting with the lady of the house. Either way, Celia and you shall meet.

When you arrive a butler promptly leads you through the garden to a large green house. Inside the greenhouse seems to be in bloom with exotic flowers and greenery. In the middle of said room, Celia was already sitting down to a table for two, expensive china put out just for the guest's honor.

"How are you today? I'm sure my butler has treated you respectfully, yes?"

2) Kidnapped!

Kidnapping children, shame on you. Either way the little lady is tied up rather well and not looking too pleased about it either. That, and she's inside of a rather large bird cage. She'll never get the appeal of large cages ever unless they house animals instead of people, even then, she doesn't like to spend much time at places such as zoological gardens. It's filthy and smells funny at times

3) Oh Noes!

On the side of the road near a small village a carriage seems to have broken down. A nice one at that. Around the small village if one is lucky enough Celia is strolling about to pass the time.