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[In the hangar of one of UG's bases, there is a bewildering selection of mechs from across time and space, and Musashi looks fucking thrilled at the prospect of getting to pilot one!]

Eeeeeheehehee I can't wait! I hope a mechasaurus attacks soon! I'll get in Getter Robo and we'll beat it back to the stone age with teamwork and guts and punching!

Hey, do you think "Daisetsuzanoroshi!" sounds cooler, or "Wind blowing down mount Daisetsu!"?


[After eating a staggering twelve plates of food, Musashi finally sits back a bit, contentedly. You've seen him eat lots of food before, but this display was truly one of a kind. He could just be hungry, or it could just be that the cook is a cute girl who seems to like that someone REALLY likes her cooking.]

Phew! I don't normally eat so much but I just can't help it when the food is so good!


[The enemy has bulled through all kinds of trickery and skill with just plain raw strength.]

It's 'bout time I get a turn. Now I'll show you that Getter Robo shouldn't be underestimated in power either! CHANGE, GETTER THREE!
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[Your enemy has sent one of his slaves to stop you from chasing him down. You'd be unimpressed with the tiny slave girl as an opponent, were it not for the cracks in the ground radiating outwards from where she just stepped.]

I'm sorry but I'm afraid I can't let you go any further.


[Remember that enormous, herculean task you asked Morgiana to get started on while you ran some errands? You got back just in time to watch her finishing up.]

Oh, you're back. I don't think I'll need any help at this point.


[You've got problems. They're kind of problems you don't want to have spread to your friends, so you thought it might be best for a clean break. Leave them all behind. It sucks, but you can apologize later if you manage to solve this, right?

Morgiana apparently disagreed, which is why she's in your room at 11pm and looking annoyed.]

You are better at running away from your problems then you are at running away from your friends.


[Everyone else has pokemon as their friends and comrades, so Morgiana decided to try and bond with one herself. In this case, a Sewaddle. She carefully held out her hand to try and make friends.]


[At which point it bit her finger. She winces.]

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[You were looking so forwards to your lunch, so it's something of a disappointment to find out that your lunch has gone missing from the countertop you had it on just a minute ago.

That window wasn't open a minute ago, was it? Even if it was, it DEFINITELY didn't have a monferno tail hanging down from above it.]


[The other day, you got in a fight with Wukong. Not like an argument, a proper fight with punching and hurting. Whatever the cause of it, he seems to have gotten over it, and is all smiles once more.]

Hey you were pretty strong! I think we could be friends! What was that move where you were like:

[Elaborate fighting gestures and noises.]

It was crazy and I want to learn how to do it!


[The last hour or two has been spent trying to teach Wukong manners for some important purpose. Possibly to avoid a diplomatic incident, possibly because he asked for help. Either way...
Bless him, he's trying, but this isn't an experience that either of you are enjoying. Eventually he flops on his back and grabs his head in frustration.]

Everything was so much simpler in the jungle! Why you gotta make everything so complicated?
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[OOC: Trying to decide between apping Vimes or Angua. Help me decide here. These are both AUs that I'm making up as I go along.]

-Vimes, Action-

Something went wrong. Your house was robbed, you were mugged, your friend was taken hostage in a diner, your house got set fire to. Whatever the reason, the police have arrived to help. Lieutenant Vimes steps out of his car and pulls a cigarette from his pocket as he surveys the situation. "Someone get me up to speed here."

Dare you trust the police? They're supposed to be working for the bad guys, but by reputation Lieutenant Vimes is straight as an arrow.

-Vimes, Network-

The boss man said not to touch ThunderCorp since they hadn't committed any crimes.

Bullshit. There's always a crime. It might not look like one, but it's in there somewhere. I just need to peck away at them until I can figure out what it is.

Unfortunately the police can't go near them right now. So I need to delegate. That's where all of YOU come in.

-Angua, Action-

Ahhhh, nothing like an early morning jog through the park. When you were passing a large mass of pushes, though, you heard someone whisper "PSST!"

She's hidden enough that you can't see clearly but it looks like Angua is crouching naked behind a bush and looking very upset and confused. "Can I borrow your jacket?"

Now that you think about it, wasn't last night a full moon?

-Angua, Network-

I did a thorough search of the area where it happened. Judging by the smells, I'd say our guy was a man in his fourties, maybe around six feet, and overweight. He had been eating at Subways that day, and was probably wearing a green jacket.


Jan. 1st, 2013 08:34 pm
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[After all that intense action, it's time for all the working/fighting stiffs to unwinding at the local watering hole. Barney has a pint of beer in front of him as has leans tiredly on the bar.]

I tell ya, this whole place is going to hell in a handbasket. All I can do some days to just get out of bed.

Heh, of course, that was when we still had beds.


[You just knocked over something noisy while sneaking through a war zone. The sound of artillery fire can suddenly be heard, and it's probably your fault.]

Ah hell, that did it. INCOMING!


[You're just doing something totally ordinary with Barney when he freezes and glances behind him in alarm. There's nothing behind him.]

Did you hear a cat just now? I SWEAR that thing is haunting me.
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[Just pointed out that Thief very obviously just cheated you out of huge amount of money, robbed you, or otherwise ruined your life? Bad idea.]

Actually I have some good news about that. You see I represent not just myself but the whole of Thiefco Incorporated. As Thiefco is a corporation that deals in amoral enterprises, pointing out that I robbed you blind actually qualifies within the law as corporate espionage. You will receive the court summons momentarily from my elite squad of law ninjas.

OR we could solve this like gentlemen with an out of court settlement. I could be satisfied with a mere 1000 gil.

Oh right, sorry, that news is only good for ME.


[During that last battle, as far as you can tell, Thief just vanished right as the trouble started. Now that everything is calm, he's appeared again.]

Good job. Now we split the treasure.

-3- (elves are too awesome to have to reply to this)

[Somehow, either through legitimate screwups on your part or because of circumstances beyond your control, you set out to accomplish something and you failed. Thief offers his condolences.]

I don't like to say "I told you so", but this is all the fault of your being born to non-elven parents. Bad move on your fault.

Hey, that a genetic reject like you made it back at all, much less made it back ALIVE is a miracle in and of itself. (And possibly proof that evolution is crock.) You should take your victories where you can find them.

[Well, okay that's LIKE condolences. If you squint hard enough. And don't know what condolences are.]
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[A delicious smell is wafting in from the kitchen. Yes, it looks like that kid knows how to cook, because he's got some heavenly combination of steak, rice, and vegetables simmering along side a big pot of stew.]

I present to you: Dinner d'Ailbert! Who's hungry?


[Yugo just popped out of a shimmering ring of blue light that just appeared out of nowhere, only to land in a heap on the table that no doubt had very important stuff on it.]

Owwww. Sorry about your table.


Hey, uh, I think I've got some bad news, and it'd be best if you heard it from me first.

There was an, uh...

[Just then, off in the distance, the ice cream factory exploded in a light green mushroom cloud, sprinkling the whole town with mint chocolate chip ice cream.]




Nov. 15th, 2012 07:20 pm
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[It's the evening after a mighty battle, or perhaps just after a long day. Thor apparently has PLANS.]

My friends, I have made a deal with the Guild of the Diamonds of Fortune. In exchange for the deeds we have done today, tonight we shall have a mighty feast!


[Video post]

Truly Midgard has many...strange things. In all my travels of the nine realms, never have I encountered such a thing as this "Dub-step".


[The time for words is past. Now is the time for facing down an angry thunder god.]

Come, then! One of us shall know Vallhala tonight!
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[Totally normal place to run into Gray. The library, the guild hall, at a restaurant, wherever. The only odd or memorable thing about this encounter is that he's in his underwear and his clothes are lying in a heap on the floor next to him.]

Oh, hey what's up?


[Gray is walking back towards his tent among the Hounds looking very disgruntled. He's covered in soot, and it looks like his eyebrows have been mostly singed off. He grumbles as he walks by.]

Stupid dirty cheating dragon slayer and is stupid firebreath and rocket boosters, just because he was raised by a dragon he thinks he's so great and can toss people around like...

[And so on and so on and so on.]


[Oh no you did NOT just diss on Gray's friends/guild. The ambient temperature in the room just dropped ten degrees. No it's not just a chill running down your spine, it's actually getting colder.]



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[There's a stranger in town, at the local watering hole, be that a high class cafe or a seedy bar. He orders his drink with an aura of watchful calm.]

Hot water please.

[Apparently he's making tea. Join him for tea? Mock the wussy drink? Just generally feeling chatty?]


[Rumor has it you have access to or at least have heard of a time machine. Whether or not this is actually TRUE, Jack has come to find out.]

Excuse me, I was hoping I might speak with you.


[There he is. The man with the biggest bounty you've ever heard of. The so called most dangerous man in the world, and whether it's by design or pure chance, he has crossed paths with you.

He doesn't look like all that.]

I'm sorry, but I am in something of a hurry. Please let me by.
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[You just met a giant flipping robot. Of course, in this case that doesn't mean skyscraper sized, that just means like seven feet tall and bulky as hell. It's not going to kick over a bus, but it's still a bit on the imposing side.]

Salutations! Might I inquire as to what your name is?

[Good thing it seems friendly.]


[After some kind of disaster, everyone heroically banded together to clean up the city and save lives. Yet at the end of the day, you tiredly collapsed into bed. The next morning, you found Robo already working on continuing rescue efforts. And now that you think about it, you never saw it come back with everyone else to sleep last night. Was it out here all night?]

Good morning! Are you here to continue with rescue operations?


[Robo seems to not have been programmed with the three laws of robotics, and as much as it has any expression, it looks ready to open a serious can of whoopass.]

I would prefer to not resort to aggression, but I will not hesitate to remove you as a threat if you do not surrender peaceably!
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[The legion marches through friendly territory, and so gets cheers from crowds of peasants as they pass. While passing through one such village, a young boy ran up to Gaius and asked him if a soldier's life was the grandest life of all. You didn't catch what Gaius's response was, but it left the kid in tears as he ran away.]

Kids get into this business with all KINDS of stupid ideas.


[Everyone's celebrating coming back from campaign by spending their weeks of back pay and plunder at a tavern. Good drink and good food are everywhere. Just as it seemed like it was going to be an entirely pleasant evening, Gaius decided he was going to sing a popular marching song in the army.]

LIttle bird with a yellow bill
SAT upon my window sill...

[The song has fifty-two verses of varying levels of creativity and dirtyness, and Gaius doesn't hit notes or even scare them as he goes by. Someone better stop him.]


[In the thick of battle, there's one of those weird little lulls in the combat. The push and pull of war has resulted in the enemy line being about twenty feet back from yours, and both sides are taking advantage to crush flies, catch their breath, or grab a quick drink from their canteen. Across from you, Gaius wipes his forehead clear of sweat and blood (from a little cut on his scalp.) and makes brief eye contact.]

You're too much bloody work to fight. Sure you don't want to surrender?
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1: Mystic Eyes

[This random girl just started talking to you like she's known you for ages. Eventually she stops, seeing your confusion.]

Don't tell me you forgot about me! We've known each other for a while now.

[Something about the way she's staring at you intently is messing with your head. Oh yeah, it's all coming back to you now...Maybe you DO know her...]

2: Dark Business

[All kinds of shady conflicts have been going on in the night. And so you've found Ciel at the remains of some kind of bloody battle. She's balancing on top of a lamppost, splattered in blood herself, and giving you a cold, measuring stare.]

Stick to the brawls going on outside the gates. This isn't something you want to get involved in.

3: Death

[You definitely definitely killed Ciel the other day. Chopped her head off, burned the body, pulled her heart out...something thorough. Yet here she is, and she looks pissed.]

Honestly, if you think just think killing someone means you can go do whatever you want then you're even stupider than I thought. Let's try this again, but with less bad decision making.
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[You have been fiercely competing with an enemy who you've met several times in battle now. It's been pretty evenly matched so far, but you're worried about your ability to beat him.]

Hey, you keep walking around with that look on your face and you'll run into a wall.


[The monkey king has dosed a bunch of people with de-aging potions. Woolf, rather than turning into a little kid like most everyone else, has instead turned about 20 times more bishounen.]

So why does everyone hate this guy again?


[Qin has attacked with a bunch of what seemed to be stone giants up to the point where they started revealing hidden missile launchers and point defense lasers. Just as they were getting the upper hand, in comes the G-Bouncer, guns blazing.]

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[You've uncovered a sinister plot and were just going to tell someone when Yasha intercepted you.]

Just walk away. I don't want to have to kill you, but this is more important than either one of us.


[Party time! Yasha didn't want to come, but has reluctantly agreed to make an appearance. He's standing in the corner of the room with a cup of tea not talking to anyone. Real life of the party.]


[Yasha's been supporting your sinister plan on the strict understanding that you were working for the greater good, in the long run. However, it seems the jig is up.]

You lied to me! This wasn't ever to save the city, it was just to line your own pocket!
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[Some minor piece of modern technology, let's say indoor plumbing, is baffling Shinsuke.]

To think, this city of gods even has magic for something like this.


[Shinsuke was somehow responsible for a great victory, and he seems to have let it go to his head. He's been quietly grinning to himself as flights of fancy float through his head. He's so disconnected from reality, in fact, that he just walked into you.]

Oof! Hey, watch it!


[Shinsuke just made a rather dramatic entrance, literally descending from a clear sky and flattening one of his foes. However, when he stands up he looks a bit unsteady on his feet.

In fact let's not beat around the bush here. He's drunk as hell.]

You're awfully cocky, releasing that much killing intent close enough that I can...

hang on...

[And now he's vomiting into a bush.]

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[This argument has been getting more and more ridiculous, largely due to Strider's efforts. Finally, it has come to this.]

Awfully strong words there. If you want to make a bold claim like this, you better put your money where your mouth is and drop some motherfuckin' science in here.


[You had something serious you wanted to talk to Dave about, but when you found him he was lost in thought watching MTV.]

Shouldn't there be music on MTV instead of just shitty reality TV. You'd think if they could keep one thing straight it would be to keep the thing from the name of the station in there.


[Time travel shenanigans! Dave just IMd you out of the blue]
have you fucked everything up yet
dont give me the captchacode for the gravity gun
in fact
dont give me anything today
just to be safe
alright im out
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[You're a student at the Prestigious Academy for Rich Sons and Daughters of Important People. It's between classes.]

Hey, uh, do you know where the stable is? I'm new, and this place is way bigger than I thought.


[Just as you were starting to wonder why the sentries at your base camp were taking so long to report in, there was a giant explosion. Someone set off the gunpowder in your supply depot. Everyone's running around in panic, when you suddenly happen to glimpse a kid with a strangely designed scythe running through the crowds, on his way out. There's something odd about him that makes him hard to focus on, like he's flickering in and out of visibility. He notices that you saw him and quickly closes in on you.]

Sorry, but I can't leave anyone who's seen me here stay alive.


[The secret's out. You know that Duo's a crazy terrorist who fights to destabilize the corrupt regime and he knows you know. You're confronting him about it, to arrest him, recruit him, moralize at him, or whatever. Up to you.]

Figured you'd show up sooner or later. Let's make this quick, I've got things to be doing.
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[Maybe there's dangerous things at it's end, maybe you're just short on cash and want to mug someone. Whatever the reason, you aren't letting travelers continue down this road. Travelers like this guy.]

Hey. I don't want any trouble. Just passing through.


[There was a huge fight. One during which Pepper accounted for half the enemies slain in a huge, terrifying flurry of violence. It really seems like that took a lot out of him, though. He's bleeding from several nasty looking wounds, dripping with sweat, and looking noticeably more gaunt. Also if you get close to him you can feel that he's shedding a huge amount of body heat.]

You got anything to eat?


[You're in a fort that is under siege with Pepper, and there hasn't been a lot to do. As the days drag on, Pepper's been getting more impatient and antsy. Finally, this night, it's reached the breaking point, and he's sitting at a table coiling some rope and preparing a wide variety of weapons.]

The hell with this. They're gonna have nightmares about the time they trapped me in this tiny box.
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[Gang violence is up and it's probably that new guy who looks like he eats biker gangs for breakfast. Seems like someone better give him a talking to.]

What the hell do YOU want?


[Kanji dropped a little, knit kitty wearing a raincoat. He's patting down his pockets and looking around awkwardly like he wants to ask someone for help, but also can't quite bring himself to do so.]



[Everyone's getting ready for one of the various expeditions out beyond the city. Checking maps, getting gear, loading weapons.

Kanji has a folding chair slung over his shoulder.]

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