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1.) *There's major stuff going on right now, but it's pretty obvious at this point there are certain people who are at the center of it, and you and this guy are more at the periphery. All you can really do is wait for a conclusion. Still.*

Hey, cheer up! I'm sure they'll do fine. I know it's a little unsatisfying, but sometimes you just have to play the part of the NPC. Er, that's "non-player character." Sorry, I keep forgetting I'm talking to real people, not game sprites.


*You have all been assigned an epic quest! Go slay the demon lord! ...aaaaaand that's about all you get.*

Great. He could've at least explained where the guy is, or what our motivations are, or... This is another poorly written quest, I can just feel it.


*Something's just happened that's pretty dramatic in your life, and this dumbass is about to put his foot in his mouth in three... two... one...*

Well hey, at least you still have your health, right? Hahaha!


Man, how long is this battle going to go? Feels like it's been going on forever. Well, at least the bad guy seems to have finally gotten knocked dow -- wait, no, he's getting up again.

How much more can this guy TAKE?! Even WITHOUT hit points, this is getting ridiculous!
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Am I the only one who finds the emptiness of this place kind of creepy? I mean, this place is HUGE. Maybe not as big as LA, mind, but it's really big. But there's absolutely nobody around. So why do you suppose everybody left? And more importantly, why did it pick people like us to reinhabit it? It's just... I don't know. It feels wrong. Or weird, or something.

I'd ask "why a pocketwatch" too, but I think I'm already asking enough unanswerable questions right now as IS.

A-anyway, don't mind me. I'm just wondering aloud, I guess.


Phoenix didn't get a lot of things in life. Like tax forms. Or certain jokes. Or the designs of a universe that decided that a pointy-haired lawyer would be an ideal candidate for interdimensional shanghaing.

But mysteries? He got those. In spades.

The situation overall was a little muddy. But the final result had been concrete: someone was comotose, another person was missing, and either that missing person was the culprit, or she wasn't. Most folks, naturally, were leaning towards the former. After all, if she hadn't been responsible, why would she have disappeared?

Phoenix wasn't so sure about that. There were too many incongruities, too many things that didn't fit into what he knew of her. Which was why he was currently looking around the scene where the unconscious victim had been found. Maybe the course would go to court, as small as the population was. Maybe it wouldn't. He was especially worried about that considering some of the residents of the city weren't exactly hesitant about vigilante justice. Either way, he felt it his duty to get to the truth no matter what, for her sake.

Although really, getting to the truth in THIS mess is going to be tough. Did they have to knock over EVERYTHING in here?

He continued looking. No stone left unturned. Nothing written off as insignificant. You never knew what would be vital -- or what could save a person's life.
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*The big, barbarian looking guy's been watching some of the other heroes drinking and having fun. He's never really joined in a lot of stuff himself, and doesn't talk a lot. So you're sort of surprised to hear him say something now.*

Must be nice, having something to go back to. Kinda miss it sometimes.


*Is he... tending a garden? The guy that looks like he eats raw pigs for breakfast, and here he is delicately tending to a small flower garden on his apartment deck.*

...What? Never seen a guy watering his plants before?


*As time's gone on, you've managed to massage a bit of warmth back into that numb heart of his. He's become fond of you -- as a friend, or maybe as someone to protect. Which might be why he's currently standing there, blocking a sneak attack by a yaoguai that had your name on it.*

You wanna fight?! Fight fair and properly, you bastard!

*He pushes the blade away and, with an agile slash, takes the monster down.*

Gotta watch your back there. Never know what's gonna sneak up on you.
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*She's been TRYING to explain something to you, but for some reason you find yourself distracted. Either way, it's obviously getting on her nerves, if the fact a few sparks are flitting about wasn't a dead giveaway.*

Damn it all, are you paying attention to me?! This is important stuff! Don't just ignore me!


*You were trying to lock her out for whatever reason. But she's just floated right through the door.*

...What exactly was that supposed to accomplish again?


*Busted. You've just spotted her petting a stray dog she's found.*

Oooh, who's a good puppy? Yes you are! Yes you are! Aren't you just the sweetest little thing!


*One word: Drunk.*

But oh my word, you should have seen the one that got away! Ha ha ha! Oh dear, that was quite a battle, donchya think?
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*Oh man, now you've done it. You've done something or other, and now you've gotten challenged by none other than the Lone Wolf of Southtown... to a game of basketball?*

Let's make this real interesting. Ever heard of "Horse?"


*Yeah, Terry's kinda drunk now. Or maybe he isn't. Either way, he's demonstrating one of his little hidden talents whether you like it or not.*

Yeah, an' see that one, the girl over there? Definitely a 38-26-35. An' that one over there? 32-25-33. I'm tellin' you, I'm good at guessin' these things!


*Looks like you're fighting for real now. Say what you will about the guy, but for someone who looks kinda like a bro he sure can fight elegantly. You two seem to have really knocked each other around by now.*

Not half shabby. You're actually giving me a run for my money. Props for that.
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*Man, there sure were a lot of human enemies you had to deal with to get here! But at least, the anemoi stores are -- hey, who's that woman gathering all of them?*

Ho ho! You're not as incompetant as you look! I suppose it was a bit much to hope they could hold you off long enough. I suppose you want these little baubles, hmm? I'm afraid you're too late for that.


*You managed to beat her to the loot, a neat looking artifact, and she does NOT look happy.*

Ch'. It would seem I was too late to beat you to it. I cannot let you keep that, however. Far too much is at stake.


*Yeah, you've had some nasty run-ins with her. Mostly her getting in the way, weird little schemes, and so on, and so on. But lately you've been dealing with someone a lot more dangerous than her. So you might be surprised when her face shows up on your videophone, and...*

Parley, if you will. I wish to form an alliance. Temporarily, of course.
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*The pair of you have been giving the goody-two-shoes in Sirocco a run for their money. Say what you will about Misery, for someone forced to do what she does, she's dedicated to her job.*

My Lord. I've helped throw chaos into their ranks as you have commanded, but a few of them seem determined still to resist. Shall I send our forces to take them out, or shall I handle the situation personally?


*Gee, and you were making such good progress too. Guess who's just shown up. Hint: Bluh bluh.*

And here I thought you were a bunch of bumblers. I must admit you've done better than I expected! Unfortunately, my Lord is already on his way to his goal. Still, I suppose I have some time to play with you all.


*So the fight is over, she'd disappeared for a while with her master -- and then reappeared in the same state as everybody else. Needless to say, she hasn't exactly had a cordial welcome, and she's already pretty defensive when you come to visit her.*

Let me guess. More statements about how you're keeping an eye on me, how little you trust me, etc. etc.? You all must enjoy taunting the amnesiac villain. Make it quick. I was enjoying my brief time alone, and I would like to return to it, if you please.
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*The whole of the grocery store aisle in front of you is currently blocked by extreme fluffiness -- nine fox tails, in fact. And the woman who sports them seems to be stuck in some sort of odd crisis of will.*

O-oh my! This fried tofu -- it looks so delicious! But I only have so much money to go around, it would be such a waste to pick up something like this. Still, it does look good... ah, have some self-control, Ran! There are so many more important things to buy! Oh bother.

*Enable her? If only so you can reach the damn luncheon meat.*


*Ever since she moved in, this strange youkai woman has been acting like a total den mother, cleaning up, cooking, and so on. This morning, that mound of laundry you'd been putting off for a sunny day -- maybe -- has disappeared, and you can't find it anywhere -- until you walk out on the roof and realize apparently she prefers the old fashioned method of washing and drying clothes, including YOURS.*

Ah, good afternoon! A lovely day for laundry, wouldn't you say?


*So the building you guys have been exploring has some sort of puzzle which involves six deep alcoves. You can't see into them far enough to see what's in them, but you know that only one has a switch, and the others have nasty surprises. What to do? Well, apparently this woman has an idea, if the six paper dolls she pulls out have anything to say about it. She holds them up, and they begin to glow and float.*

No need to endanger your limbs. I believe I can handle this situation with much greater ease.


*The life of one so long lived allows for many more memories with each Anemoi, and yet one memory frustratingly remains out of reach...*

I cannot stand it! Hundreds of years, the life of a dedicated servant, and yet I cannot even remember the face of who I served! What sort of servant must I be that I cannot even remember my own master's face? I must have been a true failure.

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