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Welcome to the Haran mansion, where many things are present, as well as your gracious host, Banjou himself. There's a pool, tennis court, gym, shooting range, even a large dining hall.

"Please, make yourself at home. Everything you see is at your disposal, and if you need more, Garrison is also available. Dinner will be at 8pm, with everyone so do try to attend."

How might you react to such a generous offer?

Its 7:30 pm, sharp and there's a chime the good ol' Garrison's voice. "Dinner will be served at 8pm. Please gather in the dining hall."

With everyone invited, and a huge spread of food, what will you have, who will you sit by, and what will you bring up as table conversation.
(This prompt is a free-for-all.)

(1c; still inside the Haran manor.)
You've already been granted access to most anything in the massive estate, but by chance you open up a hidden panel in the study that reveals a massive super-computer. Shortly after an alarm goes off and there's Banjou there to close the room off. "And just what were you doing here?"

You, and your Mecha are facing off against a Megaborg, solo. Banjou hasn't arrived yet, and if you don't do something, the Meganoid menace will surely crush you and the city you're protecting in short order.

Just what will you do until the larger Daitarn 3 arrives.
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[[For MONTHS now... yes, months... Simon has been sulking. It's obvious what he's sulking about; Kamina. However, he has the strangest means of doing so. Every once in a while, he comes out of his little hidey hole off in some odd corner of the ship to get a rock, or a slab of metal. While doing so, he drags his feet and has his goggles pulled down over his eyes, shutting out the rest of the world.]]

[[And this is the result of you stalking him. Dozens upon dozens of statues and busts of Kamina, strewn about. Carved from stone, bent from metal... he's spending a disturbing amount of time just sitting here, moping and making more figurines of his bro.

[[Once in a blue moon, Simon comes out of his funk... FOR A RAMPAGE! Those on-and-off incidents where the Chalice is attacked by many offscreen foes, Simon does his part, by smashing and drilling through everything in a blind rampage.

And typically such rampages come at a disregard for his own well being, and a slightly less concern for the well-being of others... especially those in his way.]]
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[[There's a huge suit of decorated power armor rushing ahead of the pack. The operator doesn't seem to care for orders or teamwork to that big of a degree. But having charged on ahead, she's gone and disrupted what should have been an ambush.

However now, she's stuck in the middle of an enemy cluster, and not really geared to get herself out. Help?]]

[[There's a girl with long crazy-colored hair busy painting on one of the many new power armors. She's actually been caught doing this on a few OTHER mobile suits. Things such as "Shoot this bloke first" or "1000 pts/shot"

This one in particular, she's writing "Distraction" on it. Isn't that someone on her own team?]]

I git why you blokes are always so down and damn mopeh! Yer all stuck in this hunk uvva tin can an' yer not gitten out an gitten essercise in the sun! Ya gotta git ousside erry once inna while or yer all gunna end up sad sacks of pilots. Yer gonna git us all kilt if ya don't start goin ousside wichout yer robits!
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[Combat Prompt]

[[After you've decided to hunt the woman down for her reward, you have her cornered in a large 2 story room; the entryway to a mansion perhaps. But in knowing she's being hunted, she stands at the top of the steps confidently.



[Pretty much aftermath of (1) with NPCs]]

[[Still somewhere in the entryway of this mansion, Allura is kneeling in the middle of a blood-splattered rug. Near her is the mangled corpse of a man, whom still has a massive bear trap clamped onto both of his legs. On the railings upstairs, half a man is slumped over the banister, while his other half is a few feet further down the stairs.]]

I didn't... want to kill them...


[Diplomacy check]]

[[Perhaps a friend, or, some cool guy/gal who's not out for the reward, but you have seen the 'Wanted' and 'Reward' posters for the head of "Princess Alicia". She looks exactly the same as Allura here. Or maybe you know she's the Princess? Or maybe you've simply seen her and those bloody traps in action! Discuss.]]