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[You appear to be struggling with something. Perhaps your guild asked you to do something special, or you're trying to set up for the guild fair. Or perhaps something else. Anyway, all of a sudden, some kid in a purple gi and with spiky black hair descends from the sky above.]

Hey there! Would you like some help?


[The library! It's big, innit? Well, this kid here is able to maneuver well enough to get around quickly. As for directions, though...]

Um, excuse me! Could you tell me where the exit is?


[You and Gohan are good friends. Right now, you're feeling down. Gohan notices, and plops into the empty seat beside you.]

Hey, you look down. Is everything OK?


[Uh-oh. Someone, whether it was you or someone else, has just angered Gohan. For some reason, his normally-black hair has turned gold, his black eyes have turned teal, and a golden aura now surrounds him.

...Or maybe that's just not enough. In which case, Gohan is now at full power.]

You disgusting creep... I'll make sure you can't do that ever again! This is going to end now!

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Jan. 21st, 2012 08:19 pm
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[Ike's world is stuck in the Middle Ages. Thus, he doesn't know about any of this newfangled technology you people have. You're with him somewhere in the city, when he stops and points to something ordinary, like a car or a telephone.]

And what's this?


I just got a memory back, and it explains why I picked up the sword. It was because of my father. His name was Greil, and he started training me in the sword when I was still just a child. But...that's all. I still don't remember anything after I was about seven years old or so.

I wonder how he's doing...


[You've remembered a traumatic or stressful memory! Somehow Ike heard the news, and he's coming into your apartment, concerned for you.]

Hey. Are you going to be all right?


[There's a battle! Considering the nature of the wilderness, you're probably on the same side, but perhaps there's a conflict within the city limits that has pitted the two of you against each other. Either way, Ike has just arrived and taken the lead on the field.]

It's time we turned the tides of this battle! Here I come!