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[You might've been relaxing in town and doing nothing in particular. Well, at the very least, before you're approached by a man in his mid-20s, complete with hair fanning and all, leaning onto whatever surface that's around you and saying.]

Pardon me, lovely lady, but I have a question for you.

Do you happen to know what manner of place I am standing upon right now?

[So he was not really familiar with how this very strange device turns, but it doesn't really matter, he got it to work, and it is pretty impressive to him! Oh, right. You're going to see a male looking giddily into the feed before sobering up into a very cool look.]

Ah, so it works. Prospero, isn't it? I have a question for you?

[There's a small gesture, before he continues speaking.]

Have you seen a young lady with a very lustrous hair colored just the same as the beautiful sun during sunset, green eyes that reflects a forest more beautiful than any man has ever known, and the stature of a child?

[That seems to be all, before he blinked and realized something.]

Ah, right. She answers to Wart, completely forgot about that.

[And with that, the feed cuts!]
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Arthur! Get back here!

[Suzaku is currently running through the halls of the hotel, chasing after a small gray cat. He's doing his best to avoid hitting people, but he may have just barreled into you accidentally, or he may have followed that cat through the open door to your room. Or perhaps you caught the cat for him.

Either way, he feels bad for troubling you.]

Sorry about that!


[Hey, look who got a job at one of the local auto shops. Maybe you've come in because there's a problem with your car. Or maybe you just have a question. Either way, the newest grease monkey is there to cheerfully help you out.]

Hi! How can I help you?
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[There's an eleven-year-old girl here in the park. Since it's a weekday, it looks like she's skipping school. You need not accost her to lecture her about her irresponsibility, however - she'll bother you instead.]

Hey, are you one of those Persona users? I've seen you on the 'phones', right?

[There's a giant chocolate bar at the store, right before Emilia's nose. Then there's Emilia, who is frantically emptying her pockets of everything and finding only assorted coins and a few jumping jacks - not enough to buy it. Help her?]

[You come across a girl savagely beating on a Shadow with an axe until it disappears. She makes a frustrated sound.]

That's the last one... I want to fight more! If I can fight, I'll still be useful, so give me more enemies to kill!
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[So you're suddenly his roommate! And it's morning, about the time to go to school.

However, Ichika is still on his bed, snoring peacefully. Hey, you cannot blame him for this! Blame Dark Hour that keeps him busy at midnight!

Wake him up so you both are not late for school. Y/N?]

[Today marks the first day Ichika get his part time job. Post school, Ichika quickly head over to his workplace: Drugstore. Unfortunately, he's totally a n00b about medicines and related things. High chances are he'll give you the wrong medicine.

Come, let's get the hilarity start.]

Welcome, what can I help you with?

[Sparring thread is a go! Wielding a big, steel two handed sword with one hand, Ichika is heading your way. Apparently, his strikes might not be very accurate, but damn does he moves very fast. Yup, he might even find his beeline to your defenseless back in a flash.]

I got you now!
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A. Around Prospero, early in the day.

To say Popola stood out was an understatement; she wasn't only redhead, she was also wearing clothes that looked like nothing somebody would use on present times. The confused look on her face as she walked around, eyes drifting from one building to a person, to a car and to another building made her look like somebody...escaping. Or just incredibly suspicious, which she was of course. Things didn't make any bit of sense at all, and she was probably in a greater mess than she could imagine. Where did all this technology come from? The last thing she had been aware of was that she and Devola had decided to take the Nier matter into her own hands, but suddenly she had woken up in this place, in what she could only assume to be a representation of the past on Earth.

She had to find a way out. She had to find a way out. Her sister, God help her if she tried to do it on her own. Popola started to walk a bit faster.

B. Down at the beach, sunset.

Well, it had certainly been a very exciting day, she had to accept that much.

Sitting quietly on the warm sand, Popola stared longingly at the orange form slowly sink on the ocean. While she was perfectly capable of understanding what had happened to her so far, it was hard to properly process all of it in few hours and carry on as if nothing had happened; it was going to take her a little while to get a hold of her thoughts, but she was positive things had taken a turn for the...unexpected. And maybe for the best, but she didn't want to go there yet, Popola couldn't risk herself to become comfortable too soon. There were a lot of people she had to see, and a lot of things she had to understand, but for the time being...yes, she was going to enjoy the sunset and let the worries for the next day.
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[There is a rather confused young woman, standing just inside of the entrance to Prospero's hotel, and she is holding a cellphone. She is gingerly pecking at it, as if the thing could explode should she not use it correctly. She frowns in concentration. She can see posts by other people, but she can't figure out how to respond or how to make her own.]

Umm... Hello? Phone people? Can you hear me?

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Jan. 13th, 2012 10:56 am
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U-um, excuse me, but have you seen a blonde little girl going through here?

[...Whoa, where did that little voice came fr- oh, its just a kid standing there and looking at you expectantly.]

[So, you were just chillin' and hangin' out when you find your peace disturbed by a knock on the door.

When you open it, you're probably going to find a kid with a mailman bag handing you a letter.]

...Letter to Mr/Mrs. *Insert name here*!, I hope I'm not too late in delivering it...


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[Behind the counter and standing next to the cash register was a girl clad in the uniform of the karaoke cafe. Alternating her posture from crossed arms in front of her with accompanying impatient tapping foot to rather angrily drumming fingers on the counter, the girl's body language conveyed a simple fact:

Madoka. Was. Pissed.

The reason for this was not the rather silly and embarrassing uniform though. No, she has worn, and was forced to wear, worse than this getup.

Nor was it the work she had to do herself. Serving drinks or food and ringing up customers for their time in the karaoke booths was not too difficult or troublesome.

No, it was the fact that she was working in a karaoke cafe. Such establishments have, for Madoka, inadvertently always led to disaster, embarrassment, or worse. As if the buildings and her were natural enemies, whenever the two met, trouble happened. And Madoka was keenly aware of this, having decided instead of worrying about what unavoidable embarrassment she was to receive, channel the nervous energy into anger. At least when no customers were around.

Speaking of which, the front door opened with a chime and Madoka instantly put on her best smiling face.]

"Welcome~! Can I help you find a booth to sing in today?"
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➥ I.

[ Prospero, say hello to the latest social link of the Death Arcana. Despite her obvious young age, she doesn't wake up in one of the dorms assigned to school appropriate students. Instead, she finds herself wandering the hotel lobby with an expression torn between complete boredom and shrill excitement over her new surroundings.

Shall you obtain your first rank in this social link? ]

➥ II.

[ Despite it being winter, one can happen upon this young girl skipping through the blue water of the shore, her shoes and stockings in hand. ]

So this is what the ocean really smells like! [ It's almost as though it's Christmas morning and she's had everything she asked for under the tree judging by her joy. ] I always wondered what it would feel like to run through the sand like this!

➥ III.

[ Oh no, a young girl is surrounded by shadows! But wait, she doesn't appear to be frightened in the least. No, in fact she seems to be drawing the attention of as many as she can by shouting gibberish in between shrieks of laughter. As soon as they begin to approach though, she falters back a few steps in a manner identical to a drunken stupor. Throwing out her arm towards them, an intimidating Persona suddenly appears and wipes the entire crowd out with a single attack. ]

Heeheehee, let's get more and more! I don't want a single shadow to remain! [ Does she appear a bit manic or is it simply the imagination of any onlooker? ] Let's kill them all!