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[Just as a note, since this game is an AU, from here on out, Luca Blight will be referred to as Rider. He's one of the Seven Servants summoned in the Holy Grail War.]


[The time and location has been designated for a duel. ... Or rather, the situation was that Rider issued a time limit. If the time limit isn't met in time for it, then Luca threatened he would "grow bored". As misfortune would have it, that's exactly what happened.

Rider has chosen a countryside for the battle. Corpses of farmers lay scattered across the fields along with their families and livestock. It's safe to say that there are no survivors at this point. Rider is at the center of the village, sitting just on the stone corners of the well. He holds in his hand the decapitated head of the one, poor fool who tried to oppose him.]

... Hey. You made it on time.


[A meeting with the Master!

Wherever Rider is, he's sitting leisurely on a chair. He has a glass in his hand filled with red wine. The bottle is just next to him. Whether or not you drink, he doesn't care all that much. But even he has his simple pleasures, although the drink of spirits compares little to the taste of war that he's accustomed to.]

So, then, I don't think we've ever talked too intimately before. You've begun to interest me.

I saw inside your eyes a deep darkness. You see those pigs for what they are. And you're aware of it all.

... So tell me. What's your wish? What desire could be worth denying six other people of their dreams by slaughtering them thoroughly?


[The fighting has subsided for a while. The duel has finished and the results... have one way or another been undesirable. Rider left with his life... or perhaps, you've left with yours. The man is certainly difficult to kill and no matter how many hits that surely would have been fatal he took, he still stood.

The fighting ends, but... in the courts of whatever kingdom you serve, you see the same armored, imposing man walking across the same hallway you're in. Rider gives an evil smirk, certainly noticing you. But he says nothing. No. He wants to see simply... how you react.]
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[The Drought in Budehuc was so severe that the projected harvest will be smaller then previous years, to a point where it may not last the whole winter. Thomas has been locked away in his office for the last several days as he balances the books. Finally, he opened the door for you]

Please come in, If it's a...a...about the harvest - I'm sorry, I am still finding the best solution possible for the people


[Oh look, Lord Thomas is playing with some dogs... and now several of them are following him around like baby ducklings]

Ah... I don't have anything else, I'm sorry.

[he starts kneeling to pet them]

If I could take you guys home, I would...


Excuse me!

[The young lord from the podunk country burst out, interrupting a heated debate between two bigger factions over how to deal with some threat]

I'm so-so-sorry, but I cannot just continue to listen without speaking up. But... this argument is petty! As we fight... the enemy is gathering it's strength. I... I know we all do not always get along, but we must work together or fall.

[agree, disagree, tell him to stfu?]


[Where is Thomas? You were sent to find him when he didn't come out of the Library, and you discover him clinging for dear life on top of a ladder. Now what?]