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[Whatever the reason you've come here for, you've found the kitchen engulfed in a distinctly sugary smell, all centered around the green...thing sitting on the middle of the table, surrounded by dirty bowls, whisks and other kitchen equipment. It has a candy cherry on the top suggesting that it might be some kind of dessert. Maybe.

Kei returns to the kitchen just a little bit later, giving you an awkward smile.]

Oh, I thought the kitchen was empty...Did you need something?

[A recent operation has brought a lot of attention on Team Rabbits and now Kei has been cornered by someone wanting to hear about it. Perhaps a fan or someone interviewing. Maybe it's you or maybe it's someone else. Regardless, she seems not to have an easy time dealing with it and is practically looking for an escape.]
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1. [It's a calm, beautiful day. Asagi makes sure his bonsai trees are okay, stretches, and leaves his room. This music might as well be playing in the background. Everything is going alright! Maybe for once the day will be relaxing and not full of stress!

And then he steps right into some kind of pandemonium. The music reached the 2:38 part. Calm is replaced by shenanigans. And you're right in the middle of it.]

What is this...

2. [Asagi messed up. Why, exactly? It doesn't matter if it was something big, or something that's irrelevant in the long run, he's beating himself up over it.]

Damnit... Am I going to be one of the Fail Five forever? Urgh...
[He grabs his stomach from stress.]

3. [This time, it's you who looks like you're in trouble! Be it a tough situation in a mecha battle, a personal crisis, or something small, Asagi's big brother instinct flares up and he rushes in.]

Hey! Are you okay?