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[A – Action - Wherever Riku's house is. During the 2010 Thanksgiving event]

[It’s Thanksgiving, family! That time when everyone is locked inside their house and are forced to have dinner like a normal Thanksgiving family? Well, your ‘son’/’brother’ is busy shoving the turkey that Mayfield gave him into the bin. You don’t really need to ask why – if you look closely, you can see several turkey heads with no eyes sticking out of where the neck would be]

[B- Phone (During the ‘Careful For What You Wish For’ Christmas event 2010]

A warning about those mailboxes in Santa’s town - don’t approach them. If you’re not careful, you’ll feel somehow.....let’s say compelled to write one. It’s happened to me and it’s happened to others, too. I can’t say what this means but knowing this town, it can’t be good.

....Besides, Santa isn’t real. [Way to be a spoilsport, Riku. Kids might be listening to this. :/]
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This place is Hell. Or some sort of purgatory. The only way to escape is to purify this town. And without my gift as an End, I need the next best thing... where can I acquire flammable or explosive material?

All so I may rejoin the holy conquest of The Black King!


[An extremely furious looking woman in a dress emerges form the local hardware store with gasoline, some propane tanks and what appears to be an industrial size box of matches and lighters. Dare you question her of this massive purchase that she's lugging in a wheel-barrow?]