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May. 28th, 2013 06:37 am
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[After a catastrophe - a battle, perhaps? Someone was helping in an impromptu set up volunteer hospital. That someone just happens to be Coztik. It's late at night and patients don't need help anymore - one way, or another...]

This world... so much everyday tragedy.
I'm sad that you are forced to live in a place like this. If I could, I would make it so much better. For everyone.

[His hands are red with blood - blood of people he tried to save, not kill.]

[Battle prompt! Whatever enemies you face, suddenly one of them is skewered on a long, golden lance-like tendril. No it's not the Festum - Coztic Pilhua to the rescue!]

You have your objective. Go! I will handle these ones in your name.

My opponents - you fought well, but I am afraid this is over!

[You just noticed that his attack deliberately hit away from the cockpit, to disable but not kill. Will he really be alright alone? That's a lot of bad guys...]

[Relaxation time! Maybe you're out for a few drinks. Maybe it's even a date! One way or another, it's time to have some fun together, and you have the awkward alien to accompany you.]

H... ha ha ha. I am not really good at such things, I must warn you in advance...
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[There's a mission soon. Felicita volunteered to sortie, but the request was rejected. The reason - who knows? Maybe she's sick or wounded. Maybe her unit is damaged. Or maybe the side-effects of combat drugs are increasing and it was decided she should take it easy for a while - or forever.

Either way you are the one to deliver the news to the bed-bound girl, and she does not look happy about.]

No. No, no no no. You must reconsider, please.
I must pilot.


[Whatever you're doing, you are being followed by a small levitating robot. Maybe you know it belongs to a certain ill girl, maybe you don't. Either way, it's not going away soon, taking it your actions and movements with curiosity. What do?]


[Combat prompt! The situation was looking really bad there, but Felicita ran in with a defensive support - and her agile mobile suit Deva tackled an enemy out of the way, an enemy that would deal you some serious damage otherwise.]

Don't worry. I'm here now, I'll beat them all up.

[Regardless, you are still outnumbered. Considering what you know of Deva's capabilities, Felicita can NOT take all the bad guys just by herself.]


[And... she screwed up. It's not necessarily related to prompt #3, but whatever Felicita was trying to do, she failed. And there are consequences. Maybe a mission failed or an important target fled. Or maybe even innocent people got killed.]

I'm sorry...

I didn't mean to. I... tried my best. Just please...

[Either way she fully realizes it, considering she's on the verge of tears now.]