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1. [Space.  You have only to look up into the sky on a clear night to witness an insignificant fraction of it.  And Flit's doing exactly that.  Not even trying to find constellations... just try to take in the unimaginable size of it.]

Look at it up there... just... everything.  So many stars... and even more planets we can't even see.

[Of course this is Flit we're talking about, sooooo...]

... So many planets.  How many do you think are home to aliens we'll have to fight?


[For one reason or another, during a trip to the hangar you've wound up looking closely at or inside of the Gundam AGE-1.  Normally nobody would really pay any mind, especially since it won't turn on without the AGE Device plugged into it.  Well, except...]

What are you doing with my Gundam?!?  Get away from it; whatever you're doing with it I didn't give you permission!

[Oh boy.  Overprotective kid is overprotective.]


This... this is... amazing!

[As someone who spent much of his life on a colony and helping construct a kickass Gundam, there are some things Flit's never gotten to experience first-hand before.  Such as a big, fancy amusement park with Ferris Wheels and rollercoasters and arcades and everything.  He's just standing in awe, wondering just what he should go and experience first.]

I saw commercials about these places... I just... didn't think it'd be so BIG!
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... The weatherman lied today.

[Well, technically no.  The forecast had just called for cloudy skies all day, but lo and behold, the sun was shining and the sky was free of obstruction.  Normally that would be cause for celebration... but for Mizuki, well... she hadn't thought she had needed to bring her umbrella along today and now she was stuck without it.  Great.]

If this doesn't let up and I can't find some shade, you're buying me a hoodie.

[And yeah, she's realizing how demanding she's being, which is enough for her to sigh in frustration.]

... I'll pay you for it when we get back, though.  Promise.

[Such was life for the Abyss Empress.]


Whoo!  Dinnertime!  Been looking forward to this all month long!

[Indeed she has been!  And from the food lines, Mizuki picks up a particular meal that had been prepared for her, right before going, sitting down, and preparing to dig in... with her meal now plain to see for everyone.]

... What's everyone looking at?  You've never seen cooked anglerfish before?


[It's late at night in the hangar, and most of the mechanics and pilots have already called it today.  Mizuki, however, is perched on some railing, looking at the feminine-looking, winged and black humanoid standing still like a statue.]

I heard that the Illuminati are opening up talks again about canning Project Sol for good.  We're not going to let that happen, alright?  If we kick enough ass, they'll reconsider.  Or at least they should.

[For whatever reason you're still in the hangar, Mizuki doesn't honestly care.  She needs someone to talk to and she's not going to be taking no for an answer.]

Things are looking up for us finally, I mean.  For me, Sara, the Director... everyone involved.  Sol's still got a place in this world, all of us do!  We've just... gotta prove it to them.

... Dammit, how does GGG and everyone else keep their financiers from breathing down their necks like this?

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[It's anchor-dropping time for the Chalice, though if anyone were to take a look outside where the Chalice is docking a horde of angry protestors can be seen.  No rotten eggs or tomatoes are visible yet, but there's more than a few signs being held aloft calling for the head of the "Icarus Bomber".    Said "bomber" can only stare for a little while before skulking off to her room.  At least she has some degree of protection on the ship.]

It might be best for me to stay on the ship until we leave here.  I didn't even really need anything out there anyways.

[Being a hero with terribad publicity sucked.  It was worse when it was mostly warranted.]


[Lynn'd made the transfer to pilot, sure, but that hadn't kept her from her mechanic duties.  Far from it in fact; now that her status as a wanted woman was known to the command crew (and everyone else on the Chalice for that matter), one of the only reasons she could stay on the ship was because she was worth more to them this way than as a bounty to be handed in.  And so she was currently slaving away at getting a half-trashed mook in working order, working away at getting its reactor working.]

What do you think, R?  The thing was overclocked to kingdom come, but there's a good chance that faulty conduits are what's keeping it from working.

[And with that she glances to a little digital camera hooked up to a laptop computer, the screen completely blank before lines of text begin to appear all on their own.]

You're more familiar with these kinds of things than I am, Lynn.  Still, working from the top to the bottom might be the best way of doing this.

Good point.  If we know the reactor's in working order, if all else fails we can always just transfer it to another machine.


[BATTLE!  A particularly hectic one, with mooks coming at everyone non-stop!  And that lowly customized security robot's doing what it can to keep afloat in all of this craziness.  Unfortunately, Lynn's still new to this piloting thing and a nearby explosion rocks it, causing the REVIVAL to stumble towards the ground.]

Not good, not good...

R!  I'm going to go for the penetrator rifle!  If we can snipe from a distance-

R, there's too many of them out there and this isn't open to debate!  I can't keep up with everything if we're front and center!

[If you didn't know any better you might think Lynn's arguing with an imaginary friend of hers.]