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[1 - Video]

Well, I guess I should thank you for helping me back there. That was an important facility; I'd have been remiss to let it be damaged.

I'm looking for a ship called White Chalice. I need to ask for help with a problem that's a little too big for me to solve. And the world's at stake. Anyone have any ideas?

[2 - Action]

[Will's in the mess hall, stopping for a break after a long day of work keeping the ship in order. But he's looking a little bored. Luckily, you've walked in at just the right time.]

You'll do. I've been working all day, and I'm bored. Talk to me. Maybe it'll be interesting.

[3 - Combat]

[Well. Those are definitely Zakus. Lots and lots of Zakus. They wouldn't be a problem if they weren't all forming a killing jar all around, standing in a ring with every weapon a Zaku can actually wield... which means it'll take some creative dodging to get out of this one.

In your corner? A huge, blue, well-armored robot with a machine gun and... oh boy, that's a beam chainsaw! Will's all business.]

You, cover me. If we get out of this, you're officially on my nice list. [And he runs straight for the nearest Zaku, machine gun blazing and chainsaw spinning up!]

[Bonus - Combat? | Female characters only]

You seem to be in trouble. [There seems to be a Will here that's just jumped in to save you, tanking something that would kill you. He then turned back with a pleasant grin.] Would you like some help?
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[1 - Action]
[There's a rather disoriented-looking girl in the standard-issue white shift, taking unsteady steps in your general direction. She's looking all around with an uncertain expression, quickly giving way to fear. She is holding a few items and a scroll, and there's a cat apparently leading her. When she gets close, her eyes lock onto you.]

Do... you know where we are? Or how to get out of here?

[She does not sound at all confident, but she's trying hard to keep herself together; that much is obvious from how she's carrying herself.]

[2 - Vine: Video]
[Itsuki's in an outfit you've never seen before that looks like this; the thing you most notice is the sunflower motif. And the yellow. But there's a bright smile on her face, and she looks relieved.]

I'm glad I got everything right... This is the first clothing I made, back home. Tsubomi and Erika helped me get it put together back then, since I hadn't done anything like it before, but... [She shakes her head.] I've missed having it. It reminds me of home.

[3 - Action]
[There's some kind of crisis; seems like a fire, given the smoke rising from the nearby building. In any event, when you notice and arrive, or perhaps when you get out of the building if you were inside, Itsuki is already directing people, and seems pretty well at home.]

Come on, it's safe over here! You three, check this front-most room and see if there's anyone still in there, but don't go any further than that, I want a report on how bad it looks from there! Someone figure out how we'll put a fire like this out; I don't know how much water we have, let alone advanced equipment!

[Perhaps you can offer her some kind of assistance? Information? Maybe you just want to know why she's stepped up?]