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[Jake woke up without pain. It was so confusing to not have something wrong with him, it took him a moment to realise this wasn't his own bedroom. He jumped out of bed, and then up and down a few times. This was great! He ran to the bedroom door and yanked it open and stared. This wasn't even his house!]

Jenna! Marcus! Henry! [He yelled out as loud as he could, glad his back didn't ache, and bounded down the stairs still calling out the names.] Is anyone there?!

[Seeing the front door, and no one around, he walked over, grinning that he could, and opened it. What he saw made him stare even more, wiping the grin off his face.]

W-Where am I?!
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[A - Action - Park]
[It's been a few weeks since Harry arrived in town and he's enjoying the idea of having an older brother as well as a family that doesn't keep in him in a cupboard. He has his own bedroom and everything! So today he's out in the park, just realising what it means to be happy.]

[B - Action - 754 Partridge Drive]
Um...Akira? [He was still getting used to having people he can ask for help.] Do you think you could help me with my homework?
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A. Action for housemates: [Congratulations. You're an adult female and suddenly have someone not a drone in your bed.

Or you're a kid in this house, and you've got a new dad wandering though the house, confused and in his pajamas.

B. Action for anyone: [Is that Edward Elric, walking (slightly lost) down the street wearing some default adult male clothes? NOPE. Chuck Testa. Probably not, he's too thin, and the expression isn't right.]
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[A young boy's voice comes over the phone, sounding bored and English.]

Does anyone play cricket here? There isn't a single book on it in the library-- I've looked everywhere. Twice. It's nearly as bad as the castle.
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A. Action | The Park


But Toothless is making do.

Right now he's tromping around the park. There's gotta be a lake somewhere around here, right? And where there's a lake, there's fish.

Proceed with caution, this dragon is aggravated. ]

B. Action | Home

[ Now he's lurking around the yard. The silly people in the house won't let him inside. But he's totally an inside dragon. Or he'd like to have that option, anyway.

Whatever, outside is cool, too. He's just going to try to climb in this tree because why not. ]
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[Action A: Abed's house]

[Abed is hosting a movie night at his house.]

So what do you guys want to watch, we could go for a classic like The Breakfast Club or we could watch something crappy and joke our way through it. Any suggestions?

[Action B: the park]

[Abed is in the park dressed in a bathrobe and a bowler hat. He speaks in an over dramatic British accent]

Greetings, I am Inspector Spacetime and what sort of life form might you be?


I'm not sure exactly what type of main character would be more appropriate for this town. It's a toss-up between a classic 1950s situation comedy character like Ward Cleaver or a last sane man type like the cop in the Wicker Man. The original Wicker Man of course not the Nicolas Cage version. So what do you think?
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[ Rui's annoyed. And when she's annoyed she wants to drink (among other things). And today, just her pocketflask isn't enough, so she's made her way to the tavern, sitting by the bar where she downs another drink. ]
Give me another.
[ And to herself, she mutters; ]

Stupid gender roles.
[Home, and you're now her housemate]
[ It's hot outside. Really hot. And so Rui decided that she was going to put on something lighter.

And you just barged through the door while she was changing. Why does this keep on happening to her?! ]

[the park]
[ She misses home. Can you really blame her? She misses her friends. Sure, Yukihina's here, but without everyone else it's not the same.

With a sigh, she looks up at the evening sky. ]

 I wonder if they're taking care of themselves properly...

[grocery store]
[Rui is shopping for dinner for her not!family. It's one of her not!children's birthday today, and she's taking great care when picking out her groceries (not that she doesn't always care about that, it's just that today is special). Even if they're not real family and just assigned, she wants the kid to have a good day.

She looks like she has a hard time choosing between what to choose for desert though. ]

Maybe something with melons..?

[ She eyes said melons. ]

Or maybe ice cream.. or both...?
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(OOC: Yeeaahh going to put this under a cut. So many prompts.)

For Mayfield Intro (and lots of freaking out!) )

For General Mayfield Prompts )

For Crack Prompts! )

(OOC: Got any ideas for prompts? Throw them at me! Make up your own, combine a bunch of the above prompts into some freakish Frankenstein, whatever! I don't even care! ... sure is starting to sound like a meme rn.)
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Hey, hey, Mayfield! Tell me what makes you happy. Maybe we can get ideas together to do nothing but happy things.



[ Say, neighbor. Did you want to be helped today with whatever menial task you have? Well, expect Saki to at least offer a helping hand. ]

Need a hand or something?


[ Guess there's another one of those bad events going on. Regardless, Saki is standing ready to fight or even to protect you, even if she doesn't have her Go Phone with her. ]

We'll make it out of here. I promise.
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[Action A: Rarity's House.]

[It was a bright afternoon and Sweetie Belle as on her way to her sister Rarity's house in order to get supplies for her latest attempt to gain her cutie mark. When She arrived at her sister's house Sweetie Belle began calling out for her.]

Rarity. Raaaarity. RAAAAAAAAAARITY!

[Action B: The Park.]

[After the events in the house Sweetie Belle had come into possession of Tsukasa's camera. Climbing the jungle gym she began taking candid snaps of the drone children. Sweetie Belle soon realized that she needed better pictures and began trying to get the drone children to pose for her.]

That's right, now move back a little please. now give me a big smile.

[Trying to get a better angle for her picture Sweetie Belle began to back up. Unfortunately she wasn't looking where she was going and fell off the jungle gym.]

Whoooooa. Well that sure didn't work. Darn how am I supposed to get my picture taking cutie mark without better subjects.


Hello everybody. I'm trying to get my cutie mark but I'm running out of ideas. Can anyone help me try something new?
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1 [Drone school is boring, which is why Audrey has decided to play hooky and spend the day playing in her favorite place in the whole wide Mayfield: The park!

Hanging off a tree branch by her legs, she gives an upside-down smile and waves at you, whoever you are.]

2 [Obviously, one of Audrey's regains would be some big cans of O'Hare brand paint, which she will use in the most constructive way possible: Brightening up that dreary old house she lives in!

She's almost finished with the first part of her sunny sky, leaning rather precariously on the edge of her ladder. Just need to paint that one little corner and not fall off and die...]
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 I - phone call, let's say after Nukefield/November 2011 event

So does crap like this happen often? Do you guys live in fear, every day, that cannibals might eat your ear while you're sleeping? Tch, what a bad hand to be dealt. Radiation poisoning hurts like hell, though. Never doin' it again, thanks.

II - action prompt, let's say the movie theatre

[Kyouko happens to be sitting on the back hood of a convertible parked in one of the many theatre slots. She's munching on a bag of popcorn, yelling at the screen (much to the irritation of the drone boy who apparently drove her there.]

Oi, can't we get something new? I saw this twice already! Timmy's in the well, we freakin' get it!

III - action prompt, Church of Salvation

[Dancing ain't odd for her. She's a DDR queen, after all. Except she usually doesn't dance in a church. She doesn't ever really want to step foot in a church, for all her friends know. Except she seems to be playing out the steps to some slow-paced yet complicated hopping dance, timing her feet to the flicker of the candles at the alter, a somber expression on her face.]
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1 - Neutron Diner

[Uh-oh. Someone's tried to pull a dine-and-dash while Amelia was on duty! While they attempt to flee the scene, Amelia's not far behind, skating as fast as she can manage - and maybe grumbling a little to herself about her lack of magic - while shouting at the runaways.]

No matter the the amount, stealing is wrong - and those who steal under the watch of Amelia Wil Tesla Seyruun will feel the might of the HAMMER OF JUSTICE!

[Are you the thief, or just someone witnessing the event?]

2 - High School

[Amelia's usual chipper demeanor is a little lacking right now - she's not really sure where her next class is, and it seems that no one's been willing to lend her a hand. And much as she'd like it to, one cannot simply just power through something like this like she's used to.

Give the poor girl a hand, would you?]
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1 - Cafeteria, afternoon!
[ It's lunchtime, and Nitori has wiggled her way into a corner, sitting at a table no one is using. Sooner or later she looks up from what she's doing to see someone shuffling by. She swallows hard. All the color drains from Nitori's face, but she puts on an odd smile regardless. ]

B-Bwuh - oh, ha ha. If you want to sit here, you can! I don't mind!

[ ... and yes. Her lunch consists of solely cucumbers. Why do you ask? ]

2 - The Pool
[ Nitori has gone out swimming! It's odd, how she swims in the pool fully clothed, but she speeds through the water regardless of the extra weight.

Eventually she'll have to come back up for air, and when she does she sighs, before mumbling under her breath.

It's just not the same...

3 - Open~
[ Eventually, eventually, you may find yourself a victim of Nitori's quests for knowledge. By that, she has actually taken apart something of yours without your permission. She's quite a compulsive little bugger, and you've just caught her red handed!

At best, she's only taken apart something small. At worst, it's everything in your house! She's very thirsty for knowledge! And no matter what, she will be unusually upbeat and positive about the situation!

I-I don't see why you're so upset! I was only looking to make things more efficient! That's all!

I'm quite good with my hands, I'll have you know! I was planning on putting it back together once I was done!
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➥ I.

[ Good morning Mayfield. Looks like there's a rush of newbies flooding the phone lines and wandering the streets. Amongst them is a girl with red hair in what appears to be a yellow nightgown. While many of them appear disoriented and out of place, this girl's demeanor is anything but. It's almost as though she's used to the town. ]

Waking up in a new place is different. Strange, but different. I'll have words with that foolish man later. [ Also, she's apparently used to just chatting away with herself. ] Abandoning me here while he's off to some other adventure. He could have at least left clothes for me that were a bit more me.

➥ II.

[ Amy Pond is starting to realize that Mayfield is a strange entity all in itself. It's in this not-quite-simple town that fairy tales and heroes from throughout time and other worlds spring to life. In fact, your character just got done telling her something so absurd she brings her finger and thumb to her arm. ]

Ow! [ She felt that pinch pretty good. ] Could you repeat what you just said? I think I misheard you because there's no way I can believe that.

➥ III.

[ It's been a few weeks since this Pond's arrival in Mayfield and she's starting to get the hang of things. Today, she's even bold enough to make a public phone call with the obvious drone filters in place. ]

Hi, Amy here. [ Well, that's one heck of a greeting. ] It feels as though it's been forever since I've been in the same place for more than a month. You see, I traveled a lot before coming to this town and I'm starting to miss it. A lot. So let's talk about the places you've visited.
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A) Phone Call

Hey! This is a public service announcement, so listen up! For anyone who doesn't know-- I mean, if you've been sittin' around with your fingers in your ears or something-- Elvis Presley's gonna be on Ed Sullivan this Sunday! This kid's gonna be big. I mean, really big, I can tell! You're not gonna want to miss it! Everyone's invited to my place if you don't have a TV of your own!

B) Action: Olney's Tavern

[It hadn't taken America long to scope out the town and get a feel for the layout of it-- it was very much one of his, after all. And as such, it hadn't taken him long to find his way to Olney's Tavern. It was nice to kick back with the guys after work and actually, for once, feel like you were truly one of them. For one thing, he finally had a wife to complain about! EVen if she actually seemed pretty swell so far.]

Hey! I'm in a good mood tonight, so drinks are on me! As long as you can tell me what you're drinkin' to.
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[Action | Mayfield High]

[It's another lovely day at Mayfield High School! Children chatting and laughing, diligently learning and paying attention to the teachers so they can excel in life!

Except for one child. It seems, in one particular classroom, that Crona is completely unwilling to leave the safety of the corner of that room. The drone teacher stands over Crona, scolding and attempting to pull the child up by the arm so that Crona may be returned to a proper seat.]

If you don't get up off of the floor, you're going to be expelled! Now what will your parents think if that happens? Why, golly you won't even be able to make it in the world without an education!

[Crona sits with knees pulled up, bound by the arms wrapped around them. Crona's head is resting against the knees, speaking quietly in response to the drone. Crona seems to be trembling, curled up as small as possible.]

I'm sorry...I...don't know how to handle this. I can't. I want to stay with Mr. Corner. Please don't make me. I'm sorry. It's just too scary.

[Soon, the drone finally gives up, leaving Crona to quake in fear in that corner. Though, between classes, Crona takes the next opportunity to flee the school.]

[Action | The Park]

[Instead of going back to the strange house that seemed to be Crona's assigned home, the darkest and most tucked-away corner of the park will be chosen for the continuation of Crona's moping. Crona didn't much like being outside, or being anywhere nearby the wandering people, but the hiding place was somewhat comforting. Talking to oneself also seems to be comforting, as well.]

I can't...handle this place. I don't know what to doooo...

What would Ragnarok say? "Don't be a baby and find me something to eat." Then he'd hurt me.

...I miss Ragnarok.

[Action | The Church]

[There seems to be one androgynous looking child sitting in one of the pews of the church. Crona has been sitting there for a number of hours, simply staring at the ground. Crona didn't seem to be there for worship, but for another reason.

Indeed...this church reminded Crona of the first time that Maka had been seen by Crona. That meeting didn't end well, but it later turned into the first friendship Crona had ever known.

Still, the child had a reason to repent. Crona had done something horrible before coming to Mayfield. Something, Crona was sure, not even Maka could forgive. So, the child simply sits in that pew, hands folded together on bent knees, and stares at the floor, muttering quietly. Finally, it seemed Crona had found a place nice and quiet where even people passing through didn't seem to bother the fearful child too much. Memories were nice. Crona could cling to memories.]
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A] Action!

[There is an old man at the school gym, after hours.

He is practicing basic martial art stances and basic katas.

Complaining to no one in particular.]

I have been old for so long, I forgot what it's like to actually feel old.

B] Phone!

I am attempting to entertain the child I have been put in charge of.

Can someone kindly explain to me how American Football works?

C] Action!

[It is cold, raining and windy out today.

A friendly old man notices you heading to work, or to school, and pulls up along-side you.]

Need a ride? It is a miserable day for walking.

D] Action! - After regains.

[It's nice out. There isn't a cloud in the sky. The day looks to be a peaceful one.

Except for that large, flaming, wooden cart wheel flying down the road. Is that a face on it, screaming in anger?]

(I could not find a good pic of Hell Girl - Wanyudo's wheel so this will do for now.)
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A Flower shop

[It’s closing time at the flower shop, but on such a warm evening Yuyuko’s taking her time. While she’s finishing up the preparations on the store front she forgot to display the ‘closed sign’. The door is still wide open to let the air in but the sound of approaching footsteps is audible within the small shop]

I’m sorry, we’re closing. It seems such a shame now that you’ve come all this way though. Would you perhaps like some tea instead?

B Event

[Living in a place like Gensoukyou it isn’t unusual to occasionally be thrust into danger. So dangerous situations in Mayfield make it feel a little more like home. Of course it’s a little different which is slightly alarming, but Yuyuko knows that death is nothing to fear. Instead she focuses on protecting people who don’t quite realise this or can’t defend themselves]

This really is troublesome, isn’t it? You shouldn’t be so worried though, I’m sure someone’s already sorting out the incident. Someone normally is.

[As their attacker approaches she fires a short burst of bullets with the flick of a wrist. Things would be much more convenient if she had her spell cards but this would have to do for now]

Trust me, we’ll be fine.

C Post-event

[Even though it seems like the worst is over most people would be wise to stay inside. Yuyuko isn’t most people though, and she walks through the park at dusk with a covered basket in one hand and a lantern in the other. It seems as if she’s looking for someone, or perhaps something]
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A [Action Mayfeild Downtown]
[Shinjii had never cooked for himself in his life, when he was captain he had all his meals cooked for him by his subordinates, when he was exiled from soul society he and the other visoreds had just bought meals from the local fast food places,

So why hold a barbecue if you didn't have the first clue how to cook?

In essence it was Shinjii's natural leader ship instincts kicking in if Mayfeild was a prison to escape from he couldn't do it himself, and he couldn't  just come out and say " hey Mayfeilds most powerful prisoners! come and form a gang to bust outta here :DDDD"! Otherwise he might be "droned" as they said. So instead Shinji had decided to pass off this "meeting" of sorts as a barbecue to better get to know his neighbors better, truly a great and excellent tactical decision

What the heck is pumpernickel! And where do i buy meat!

[he's probably gonna need some help.]

B [phone ,343 example street, locked from drones]
[the voice of a man in his late teens speaks on the phone, he is sounding suspicious of his surroundings.]
Hey! i was holding a barbecue to... uh .... get to know my neighbors. Please RSVP now!
unless you're weak and stupid and in that case we don't want you.

[well that's rude! Reprimand him!]

[Shinji flees from the incoming terrors, really wishing that he had his Visard powers  back]

typical! All hell breaks loose and what power do i get back from this godforsaken place? My tongue ring!, well jeez! I can do soooo many things with this! 
[sarcasm doesn't suit you Shinjii.]
We'll i i'm gonna' die today may as well do it cool
[Shinji picks up a baseball at lying on the stadium, he doesn't have time to question where it came from... And neither should you!]
Batter up!
[Shinji realizes how stupid that sounds and sticks his toung out]
Come get some!
[he's wielding the bat like a blade ready to take on anythi...]
OW! no fair!
[Shinji takes a blow to the face, Realizing how much he needed his Visard powers.]
Ah, Crap! i'm gonna need some help

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