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1. [Jack is sneaking down the street, an armful of various things he's grabbed and disassembled that either looked valuable, or looked like he could use it in his tech. Is some of it yours?


2. [It's a big, elaborate lab. The sound of crackling electricity can be heard, and the hum of computer fans, and all the walls are lined with complex walls of computer panels. Jack, of course, was naturally drawn in.]

Oooh, what's that do? [he asked, pressing a bright red button.]

3. I'm bored. [He says this while lounging around in the ruins, leaning against a statue of a dragon and wondering if monsters were going to pop up or someone was going to find something useful out here or something, when the statue suddenly shifted, revealing a hole. Jack, not expecting the statue to move, lost his balance and fell down the hole, screaming.]

For Anemoi

Mar. 28th, 2012 08:00 pm
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1. (Action)

Jack had regained a few of his memories through gathering anemoi, and had started making it a habit to tag along on expeditions going out to find these small but valuable gems, which he’d found fairly useful. He’d taken half to the lab to restore his memories, which is what allowed him to remember what that strange backpack he’d arrived with was really for, and he stashed the other half figuring he’d need funding for things. However, Jack had gotten impatient with this, and decided he wanted all the anemoi. After intentionally falling behind the others, Jack activated his heli-pack, hovering in the air, watching his teammates. Whenever he’d see one closing in on an anemoi, he thought, he’d swoop in and snatch it before they had a chance to.

Looking, Jack saw one of the others approaching one of the anemoi. As planned, Jack made a dive for it, grabbing the anemoi...and crashing as he miscalculated and crashed, tumbling into the ground.


He really needed more practice with his heli-pack, he thought. He’d gotten a bit unused to using it during the time when he didn’t even remember what it was. Looking at the person he’d been trying to snatch the anemoi from, Jack screeched, “You can’t have it, it’s mine!”

2. (Video)

[Jack is sitting in a chair, leaning forward, looking a bit frustrated as he begins whining.] How do people even get stuff around here without ebay? Whatever. [Then he shifts from whining to simply asking, sitting back further in his seat and relaxing a bit.] Does anyone know how to get useful stuff around here? Like...welding guns? Car motors? Bike chains?

3. (Action)

Jack had the monkey staff. Jack was using the monkey staff, giving him a monkey tail and monkey-like facial features, and he was screaming with distinct monkey-like screeching as he swung from street lamps, scrambled up drainage pipes, and generally ran amok. He wondered if there was a tire swing somewhere around here...